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We offer a wide selection of great products such as Surface, Office, Signature PCs, and many others that our team has hand selected to be right for you.
We stand behind everything we sell with a 30-day hassle-free return policy and we have a team of sales and support professionals available 24x7 to address any of your needs. Our dedicated business sales team can handle large business orders, Institutional purchases, gift giving, and Purchase Order payments. I mentioned Smart Shapes in the first review, and developers have extended their use in this version. For the more professional designer, you can now convert all text incidences to curves, or vector images, so you dona€™t have to worry about font inclusion when sending files to a print shop (PDF and EPS export). I could simply list more new features, but you can read them at the BeLight Web site or experience them in the free demo download. This is still the easiest page design program Ia€™ve used (and I work on publishing programs daily).
If you've ever wanted to be a star, baby, then you've probably already checked out Britney Spears: American Dream and are happily making your way up the charts.
A serious earthquake has struck a nearby town in ER Surgery Simulator - Emergency Doctor, and it’s up to you to save the victims. Gravity Switch takes a fresh approach, though, as you move a block, suspended in zero gravity, safely through a maze of shifting pillars.
To raise the stakes a bit, you’ll also have to avoid tapping any dynamite that is thrown your way - missteps can be deadly.

If you're new to the minimalist puzzler Dropple, you may find yourself struggling to make it beyond the first couple of steps before your ball falls into the endless abyss below. Set for release at the end of this month, real time strategy title Legend of War seems sure to delight with a veritable feast of sweet features to get stuck into. Traffic Rider, an Out Run-esque game in which your ride a motorcycle recklessly into trffic, might not seem particularly complicated. BeLighta€™s software engineers have been busy as little bees (sorry, I had to) with several new programs, but they made time for a nice upgrade to Swift Publisher.
Theya€™ve also added tables, which can include both text and graphic objects, and page thumbnails for rapid navigation through larger files. It makes the anathema of publishing programs, Microsoft Publisher, look like a terribly amateurish try at a program.
It is simply what Pages (Applea€™s competitor to this program), should have been, and at about half the price. In the spirit of games like Black & White, the GodFinger games will see you building bigger and better villages, developing more advanced technology and resources while keeping your followers happy. Crab 2 may look like a cutesy platformer for kids, but if you're the kind of person who likes to complete a game 100%, you'll soon realise that it's a tougher than a crustacean's shell. So we've got some tips to make sure you end up getting money for nothing and your chicks for free.
Developed by Game Craft, the game is due for release through both the App Store and Google Play on May 26th.

They didna€™t fix a couple of my nit-picky complaints about the program, but they added features galore a€” the most impressive of which is the integration of their own text-manipulation program, ArtText. ArtText is a program similar to TypeStyler to make fancy graphics and logos with type or shapes. And using the templates, just about anyone should be able to make professional looking flyers and brochures. Customers of the version 1 box version will be able to get the new templates, according to a post on the BeLight forum, but I couldna€™t find them as of the writing of this review.
Two remain unfixed: you still cana€™t group objects or relocate the zero point in the rulers. But instead of making your artwork in ArtText, exporting it as something like an EPS, TIFF or PDF and importing it into your layout program, here you can directly move it from ArtText to Swift Publisher.
There are other new features specifically suited to the professional designer included in the new version. But spend the extra $14 ($5 + $9 shipping and handling) for the box edition, which includes all the tremendous clip art and templates.

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