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You’ve made your website in Dreamweaver and want to upload or publish it to your host webspace. To all the valued members of the Mad Spaz Club I look forward to learning more about you all for many years to come, sharing with open hearts our experiences through the freedom of speech empowering us and making all our lives meaningful positive and the richer. Folder (in this example click the folder which has the caption "C:\Windows\Desktop\swish").
Do not use special characters (such as “,*, or $) or punctuation, such as colons, slashes, or periods, in the names of files you intend to put on a remote or testing server.

As an advocate and keynote speaker for spinal cord injury awareness I am not afraid to discuss tough and controversial subjects. I have become a better man for listening to you the Mad Spaz Club members, and I thankyou one and all. So willing to bare your soul and share your precious thoughts many of you have touched me deeply.
I have cried and laughed along with you, it has been humbling, empowering, and will always be my honor.

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