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All-natural chicken, all-natural mozzarella, Italian 3-cheese blend, seasonal lettuce blend, tomatoes, smoky sundried tomato and basil pestos served on your choice of Artisan breads (options include whole grain flatbread, white, wheat, rosemary parmesan or garlic focaccia). I haven’t been to Quiznos in years because (like Chefprotoss) I found the quality had degraded, but this sub redeemed the chain for me. I went to Quizno’s for the first time in about 6-7 years a few weeks ago and also had this sandwich. Doesn’t look like there is anything there but a few chunks of bag salad lettuce, tomato shavings, and a hunk of bread.
After watching this spec spot for Quiznos which compares the chain's subs to Subway's, we never want to eat at either establishment ever again. The sundried tomato pesto tasted like a very thin marinara, which gave the sandwich some depth, while the herbaceous basil pesto brought a touch of salt, which perked up the other flavors. Where did you find the nutrition info because the Quiznos site doesn’t have this sub nutrition info listed.

My greens also look way better than yours did – there was nice color and variety in the ones on my sandwich that added great flavor. I wish they had a slightly better assortment of toppings(mainly spinach), but I thought it was very good. It does not seem like a good value when compared with other sandwich purveyors, and the LAST time I went to my local Quizno’s, they rudely yelled at you for altering the toppings on a sandwich and charged you for them or for different bread. With the exception of the tomatoes (which were bland, as is usually the case at fast food places), every element of the sandwich was ridiculously tasty. Once the sandwich is sent through the toaster, the slices of mozz inside the bun melt into a blanket of creamy goodness, imparting flavor in every bite.
It’s truly amazing that a sub this tasty, with three cheesy elements, only has 450 calories. Did the pesto and tomato spread weaken the inside of the bread like every other sub there and rip it open by the end?

Luckily, I have Potbelly and WaWa within walking distance, and have a Wegman’s around to get a real sandwiches when I want them. One perk of writers accepting freebies (besides not having to pay out of pocket for an opportunity to share a review with the community) is that Grubgrade users also get the chance to win gift cards. Yea the price is pretty lame, I mean you can get a 5 dollar footlong at subway for around the price of a regular at quiznos. You won’t see these types of reviews often, I always feel better using my own money rather than having to defend the site against accusations of favoritism. Quiznos does, indeed, have more meat which, um, will make you more fat which, um, makes using fat people to depict sandwiches a perfect sound creative strategy.

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