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QuizUp is an extremely enjoyable and addictive iPhone game that lets you challenge your friends to quizzes on a plethora of topics. The app prompts you to create an account before you can begin playing, but you can choose to login using Facebook if you don’t want to create an account. During the game, you and your opponent are asked 7 questions on the topic you choose and are scored according to how fast you answer each question correctly.
One issue I faced with the app was that if you constantly play within one topic, the questions start repeating. If you like reading Beautiful Pixels, you should Sign Up for our Membership.You get to support this site and also get access to exclusive perks and features. Support UsYou can support Beautiful Pixels by becoming a member or even by shopping on Amazon. Kristinn Hrobjartsson (everyone fondly refers to him as Kiddi) is the Support Lead and Scrum Master for Team Growth at Plain Vanilla Games. We have four people answering emails everyday, two doing support through social media and several more regularly answering queries in other languages than English (QuizUp is available in 6 languages now).
We usually start the day with breakfast, prepared by our awesome chef, Ausi, in our Canteen. The support team is spread across a couple of teams, but are in constant contact with each other through Slack.
The support team at QuizUp is very supportive (pun intended) of each other, so when one (or more) of us have a vacation, the others pick up the slack. We have a routine about this – we simply ‘check out’ of receiving tickets and pass on all unanswered requests to our colleagues. The two metrics we focus on are satisfaction (measured by the satisfaction survey Freshdesk gives us) and first response time because we believe users expect support teams to answer their requests in a very timely manner, especially on social media. We look at customer satisfaction surveys, as well as aggregate review scores from the App Store and Play Store, to gauge our users’ overall happiness. We try to give our users as accurate updates as possible, regarding updates or features that are being added.
We want our users to feel that even though it sometimes takes a while to deliver their feature, we don’t forget them!
Requests from our users are usually good requests, which makes it even harder to tell them when we don’t have any plans to build them. Which is exactly what we tell them – that we like the idea but don’t have plans for a feature like that.

As a mobile app, we sell only through the Apple App Store and Google Play Store – which means that all refund requests need to go through those outside sources. In my personal experience, I’ve always had outstanding customer service at Ralph Lauren, both on and offline. We started the Secret Sauce series to find out more about what makes the customer service of some great companies click.
Dunyan?n en populer bilgi yar?smas? oyunu QuizUp, dunyan?n dort bir kosesindeki insanlarla istediginiz bir kategoride yar?sabileceginiz, genel kultur seviyenizi olcmeye yonelik haz?rlam?s tamamen ucretsiz bir oyundur.
10 milyon kisinin oynad?g? gercek zamanl? bilgi yar?s? oyunu QuizUp, TV sovlar?ndan kitaplara spordan muzigi yuzlarce konuda 200.000’? ask?n soru ile en cok oynanan oyunlar aras?nda yer al?yor. There are an astounding 150,000 questions with over 250 topics ranging from Science and Business to your favourite TV Shows. Connecting to Facebook might be a good idea for QuizUp though, since you can challenge your Facebook friends within the app.
However, the developers are constantly adding new questions to all topics so this problem should be fixed as time goes on. When you initiate a game with an opponent, you can start playing your turn before he becomes available. However, everyone in Support isn’t just exclusively on Support; we also do other things like QA or topic curation for quizzes that people can play. We have daily stand-up meetings with our teams, and very regular sync-ups where we go over our metrics – mainly first response time, customer satisfaction and ticket backlog. When users request a feature that’s in the works (or reports a bug that’s being fixed), we usually add them to a list (tag their ticket) and then send them a follow-up once the feature or bug-fix is out. We make it a point though, to float the ideas from users as often as we can in meetings with developers and product people.
This makes our job a bit harder – we have to tell the users to go elsewhere to get a refund. Android ak?ll? telefon ve tabletinizle oynayabileceginiz oyunda sectiginiz bir kategoride rastgele kars?n?za c?kan bir kisiyle yar?s?yorsunuz ve en cok puan? alan yar?smay? kazan?yor.
The colours used throughout the app are vivid and the sounds add to the thrill of the game. On completing a match you can level up on a topic and also view match details, statistics and Game Center rankings. We also try to monitor other sources, such as Play Store reviews and other social networks, like Reddit.

I also like the fact that it offers a nice system of building up a database of solutions for our users that our agents can use to answer support emails. How do you handle requests that are in the works but will take some time to make it to the product? We find out what a typical day is like for these support rockstars, their personal work-philosophy, support process and what inspires them to go above and beyond the call of duty to make their customers happy. Know a customer support rep you’d like to see featured here? I love the music that plays during the quiz; It keeps me at the edge of my seat and supplements the competitive multiplayer experience very well. With Game Center, you can view your position and top rankings for a particular topic in the world, your country or even your current location. If you feel that the questions offered by the app are not sufficient, you can submit your own topics and questions through the app’s website. What we can do, however, is to reimburse them with additional in-app purchases, which we try to do if the users accept them.
You then have a choice to either challenge a friend on that topic or play with someone at random.
Since the game is social, you can chat with your opponents and participate in discussion rooms within the app. I’ve already spent several hours in the app, challenging friends from all over the world, levelling up and improving my rank. The idea of playing against a friend online has been successful since Loren Brichter’s Letterpress and Plain Vanilla maintains the excitement levels with QuizUp. Some days we end up spending a lot of time on several support issues, while other days everything is smoother – which frees up time for us to revisit knowledge base articles or follow up on requests from team members for internal tool development. Film, Spor, Oyun, Muzik, Sinema, TV Sovlar?, Kitaplar, Is, Egitim, Sanat ve daha pek cok kategoride yar?sma sans? sunuluyor. The game uses online multiplayer and is fully integrated with Game Center, so you can play in real time with your friends from anywhere as long as you have a decent internet connection.
Every little aspect of QuizUp, right from the colours and sounds to the topic and quiz UI has been carefully crafted and makes for a thrilling experience.

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