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Rick Brentlinger Answers - Here is the advice I wrote to a friend who was enjoying the wonderful beginnings of a new relationship.
By all appearances, Zooey Deschanel has moved on from her 2011 split from "Death Cab For Cutie" frontman Ben Gibbard. She's dating screenwriter Jamie Linden, whom she coupled up with six months after finalizing her divorce and with whom she has two rescue dogs, Dot and Zelda. What's more, the "New Girl" star covers Marie Claire's September issue and shares some solid relationship advice gleaned from her divorce. She also addressed the incident of her financial records being publicized after an income and expense declaration was attached to her divorce petition.
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We all imagine the first flushes of a new relationship to be trouble free periods of loveliness, but realistically every relationship has its ups and downs.
But if you find yourself thinking, ‘Should it really be this hard?’, then you should read our list of 7 new relationship warning signs that no one can afford to ignore. We’ve covered off the partner who wants to keep you at arm’s length, but how about the one who wants to keep you close at all times?
Maybe you’re the kind of couple who loves nothing better than to curl up on the sofa, watch rubbish Saturday night TV and get a takeaway  – that’s totally ok. After a certain age everyone is going to bring emotional baggage into a new relationship – it’s how they deal with it that counts. One big part of a new relationship is the desire to know everything about the other person.
Prince is a relationship expert, of sorts, in the new preview clips for the upcoming episode of New Girl. The legendary musician will appear in the Fox hit sitcom's epic post-Super Bowl episode, airing Sunday, Feb. Besides the relationship counseling, it was pure hilarity when Jess and Nick met Prince for the first time. I hope something here rings true for you.Dear C----I am so thrilled to hear of your joyful new relationship.
The odd disagreement in the first few months isn’t anything to worry about – you’re bound to come up against some issues as you get to know each other.

Whether you like to shout or fume in silence, it’s never going to be a completely smooth ride. But, if you find your loved one is often hard to reach, or you feel they’re avoiding you, then alarm bells should be ringing. Jealousy isn’t a pretty trait, and if you find yourself changing your behaviour because of your partner’s jealousy – not meeting up with friends of the opposite sex for example – then you should probably be concerned.
After all, being in a new relationship can be pretty pricey if you’re always going out and doing new things. If your partner always seems to be talking about their ex – whether in a positive or a negative way – alarm bells should be ringing.
Sure, there are certain things you probably don’t want to hear about in the honeymoon period, but if you are to forge a healthy, happy life together you both need to be open and honest with each other. Admittedly, sometimes our instincts will wrongly kick in because of the fear or insecurity we’ve brought with us from a past relationship. 2, and he is charged with helping Jess (Zooey Deschanel) out with her relationship vulnerabilities after her and her friends attend a party at his house following an accident. For one thing arguing means you’ve both aired your differences, and it can be a positive step towards working out any issues.
Of course people are busy, but it really isn’t that hard to return a phone call, or quickly type a text.
If they can’t get over their last relationship, then you may just need to leave them to it. If you feel like your other half hasn’t told you much about themselves, ask yourself why they might be holding back. But give your gut feelings a chance before you dismiss them as paranoia, as they’re more important than most people give them credit for.
Pull them up on it, and if that fails, ask yourself if you really want to be with someone who can’t be bothered to pick up the phone. It’s possible that there’s a reluctance from one partner to be seen in public with the other. After all your years of struggle and longing to be loved, God has brought the right man into your life. If the warm, loving feelings of the honeymoon period have been eclipsed by your constant conflict if might be time to re-evaluate your relationship.
Alternatively, maybe one partner just can’t be bothered to invest the time, money and effort to do nice things.

You're starting a wonderful relationship which we all hope will bless both of you for the rest of your lives so getting it started off right is important.
After emotions have subsided a bit and the nitty-gritty of daily life reasserts itself, your relationship will survive and prosper if you've grounded it on reality and shared spiritual values. If you can enjoy, love and support one another when the stresses of daily life press you down and emotions are not running so high, that is a good indicator that your relationship is on the right track. Honesty and integrity and your shared spiritual values are the cornerstones of a solid relationship. Take time alone with the Lord, to pray for the man God is giving you and ask God to show you what He is doing in his life and how you can be helpful in his spiritual growth. Acting too quickly, in the emotion of the moment, could sabotage your hopes of this becoming a lifelong partnership.I encourage you to ground your relationship on the word of God. Sticking with God's timetable for you is important.You mentioned to me that you enjoy reading out loud. I encourage you both to develop the sweet habit of quiet time together, where you read aloud to each other from the Bible and have prayer together. This will strengthen both of you spiritually and develop a wonderful spiritual empathy between you.
Perhaps verses from one of your favorite passages, like the Sermon on the Mount, Matthew 5-7 or the Gospel of John would be a good place to start.I know your heart is hungry for God, to know Him, to follow Him, to obey Him. And I know you want to be loved whole-heartedly, for yourself and not for what you can do for someone. If both of you are on the same page spiritually and you have shared spiritual goals, what a sweet, fulfilling relationship you will enjoy together.I encourage you to begin recording in a journal, the things God shows you at this wonderful time in your life. As God speaks to you through scripture and everyday life, write down your thoughts and hopes and dreams and what God shows you about your relationships. Every time you use your prayer list, you will be reminded of your need to depend on God and of His faithfulness in answering your prayers and meeting your needs.Through all the events of your life, in all the ups and downs, God prepared you and protected you. Everything youa€™ve experienced, good and bad, has produced the delightful man you are today. You deserve an equally delightful man who will love you without any reservations and whom you can love the same way.

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