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By clicking on the button above, I confirm that I have read and agree to the Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy. In any loving relationship, individuals need to maintain rational thinking and clear mindedness all throughout the dating experience. The best relationships involve two people who have worked hard to let the emotional, intellectual, spiritual, and physical aspects of their union develop at the same pace. If a couple genuinely loves each other, they will want to hug, kiss, and express themselves sexually.
Every progression of physical activity establishes a new plateau—and it is extremely difficult to retreat once it has been reached. Every level of sexual experience is so immediately gratifying that it’s nearly impossible to be satisfied by previous levels. Strongly defined boundaries need to be agreed upon, and there must be self-discipline to stay within those limits.

I simply cut out all the bullshit and help you find and create the kind of relationships most only read about in fairy tales. Like a chef in a kitchen, I create the recipe for your perfect, once-in-a-lifetime, "can't wait to tell all my friends about it", "can't believe it's here" relationship. I've searched for answers for many years, and am finally proud to say that I've "cracked the code" for relationships.
A couple’s relationship gets muddled and off-kilter when they allow one aspect (most often, the physical) to get far ahead of the other aspects.
So the critical question becomes, how far along the chain can you go and still maintain full control of your sexual expression? That’s why every new step of sexual expression must be carefully decided upon by both people. Otherwise, sexual expression can take control of the relationship and blind the couple to reality.  When sexual expression is not kept in check, the emotional, cognitive, and spiritual aspects of the relationship become slaves to the physical desires.

Therefore, it’s important to think through a few principles of physical passion before you find yourself in a serious relationship. In fact, if you don’t feel your partner’s strong physical desire to be close to you, a crucial element may be missing. This may sound too rigid to many because it runs counter to the popular thinking in our society.
Let us say it again: Physical attraction is critical, but it needs to develop in a coordinated way with the other aspects of the relationship. But if sexual expression is allowed complete freedom, and if spontaneity is treated as a primary virtue, this expression will develop “a mind of its own,” without any concern for long-term consequences.

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