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In many relationships, it's the woman who first realizes that things aren't the way they used to be.
In this article we will attempt to provide an understanding and recommendations from a slightly different point of view. In other words, in order to achieve a relationship in which the bond flows smoothly and requires less waste of energy, it's worthwhile learning what is holding you back from creating the right self-image.

Because of this, GALAMIND developed the My Coach application, an application which, in just a few minutes, will give you access to the answers that are hidden in your sub-conscious, the reasons why you find it difficult to create a suitable self-image.
When this knowledge is internalized and understood and each side in the relationship respects the characteristics and behaviors of the other (even if they contradict their own world view) as the foundation of the relationship – then each person in the relationship will be ready, in their own way, to seek out the common denominators from choice and not necessity.
For this reason, GALAMIND created the My Relationship application which helps you identify those characteristics which you need to bring to the forefront of the specific relationship and also, what your partner is willing to invest in the relationship.

Sо, he’ll wish tо be absоlutely cоmmitted tо yоu, and need tо enter intо a very lоng-term, deep and fully cоmmited partnership.

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