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Even if they don't go to your school, you might run into them a month or a year down the road. The longer you stall, the more painful the breakup will be for both of you.Always break up in person. Some people believe that the way you treat people will determine the way you're treated in the future. You did the right thing.Why Should You Care?You might wonder why your breakup method matters much.

If you need to break up with your sweetie but might want to try things further down the road, be sure not to burn any bridges. Being honest with somebody you once loved isn’t always easy, but it does give you a very clear path to getting closure and moving on sooner rather than later.
After all, if you don't want to date the person anymore, why do you have to worry about how you say goodbye to them?
In my experience even the most expertly crafted set of lies will backfire on you, whereas being honest never can. Things you really need to avoid doing are breaking up by email, by text message or just leaving him a note.

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