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No matter how old I get, no matter how experienced I become, ending a relationship is agonizing. Deep down, I know if I go through with it, I’ll feel freer—well, not right away, but in a little while anyway—but I’d rather crawl under a rock and ignore the whole thing.
When I was a teen, I went out with a guy who had a major crush on me, although I wasn’t attracted to him. Another time, I hoped that my boyfriend would cheat on me and get caught so I could find a good enough reason to end things, which eventually happened.
Think about your past relationships—the one you had fifteen years ago, the one you had ten years ago, or the one you had five years ago. Whatever current reality you’re living in will also become a memory five, ten, or fifteen years down the road.
When I projected myself into the future without the other person, I imagined an alternate life where both of us were with the right person. Of course in the present moment, we’d be regretful, but in a different time of our lives, we surely would be thankful that someone decided to end things so we could be happier. And if you have nothing else to learn from someone, it’s simply time to take the other person’s lessons gratefully and continue to walk your path.
Meditating on your past relationships makes you grow, and learning from them improves future relationships. If you can’t stop thinking that you’d destroy your loved one if you left, think about how you’d destroy yourself if you stayed. Sure, it takes courage to break the news to your soon-to-be-ex that you no longer want to go on. A cowardly disappearing breakup doesn’t give one real freedom no matter what or how you see yourself in the future.
Why, our whole life purpose is to remain, suffer, pretend and supply energy, boosts of self-esteem and cuddling. The subtext I always observe in this is our pain is never recognized, or even acknowledged. You’ll probably receive a lot of angry comments from men, because I notice while women can handle being dumped, and deal with the anger and rejection fairly quickly and fairly then move on, men seem to carry this How Dare You assumption and hold on to vengeance, hate and rage far longer. I wish you people didn’t write so damned well because the day is going by and I am getting very little work done here because I keep reading, and going to the next.

I stumbled across this article in a round about way and i have to say, that if you are always the one moving on ,rationalise it any way that brings comfort to yourself . As the person who was dumped but held on- it may have seemed like a horrible relationship to you, but what if your relationship was something this person needed as this time in their life- I was in a depression and not acting like myself and my spouse left when I desperately needed to feel loved and accepted. As the woman- I am the one who is holding on to hate and pain and fear far longer then he is. DisclaimerThis site is not intended to provide and does not constitute medical, legal, or other professional advice.
And in my twenties, since I lived with my boyfriends, I would just keep quiet, letting things drag on. But if you think of the action of losing someone who makes you unhappy and wonder what it would feel like, it changes your perspective on things. Just as teachers came and went in school, other people will also come and go as life, or the school of life, goes on. This approach really helped me get excited for my next adventure—which I admit, might be a little scary too. Whenever you’re not honest with yourself, whenever you’re not true to your feelings, you can’t strengthen your bond with your loved one. Bring the focus back to you and picture yourself in a distant future being in this exact situation. So I understood that I should only worry about how I feel about myself in the present and that I needed to stop worrying about others so much.
Its purpose isn’t to bring you down, but to elevate you and make you accomplish things that are so great and unimaginable that you can feel gratified beyond belief. It will always express your deepest truth and guide you with the most precise discernment of what will serve your highest good—even if that means getting out of your comfort zone and taking risks. Whenever you feel stuck and unable to break free, bring up one of the above thoughts to give you strength.
As she’s also a vegan chef, she’s on a mission to help people add more plant foods to their diet by giving tips and tricks to make quick, easy, and delicious recipes so they can maintain the lifestyle permanently. I feel it’s always best to be respectful and let the person know so they can have peace and move on easier. People who take the easy way out to avoid an unpleasant experience are not honoring another persons dignity.

If two people are not meant to be together they wont stay together and if both are meant to be together they will find their way. But i don’t buy it , own your reasons for moving on ,as your own , as originating from inside you , not as reaction to another . He replaced me with someone who is similar to me but without all the baggage, which really hurt my self-esteem.
The content on Tiny Buddha is designed to support, not replace, medical or psychiatric treatment.
We have the gift of sharing time with others and it’s no way to free yourself by littering a human or their feelings. You know you are making that person suffer even more by wondering what happened or hoping you’ll contact them. She left me because I made mistakes in the relationship but I also realized that she was the one when she left so I changed everything about myself and I feel good doing it but later on I realized she was dating someone that was older then us answer I realized that it really is time to move on and so I read this to get me though things and honestly it works.
When i talk about trying to make things work, he gives nothing in return in the form of hope. But with time, I developed a few thoughts to give me strength to truly voice my unhappiness in my relationships, and they should help you too.
I learned that I had to give myself emotionally if I wanted to have a stronger relationship. You may be ok with leaving because you are not “in love” anymore, but what if they need you more than you know- what if they are in a tough place and abandonment will cause them more pain then you yourself are in? It will be the hardest thing in the world for me because I have no friends or family, he is all I have had all these years. But what we once had, something so amazing and wonderful, has evolved into something that leaves me in pain every single day. I am tired of crying, tired of feeling so lonely and tired of waiting for him to meet me halfway. I have no idea what my future will be like (I have never had friends and he was the only boyfriend I have ever had in all of my 39 years) but life is short and nobody should live in tears.

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