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WOULD YOU SETTLE FOR LESS?Sure, life's not always a smooth ride, but you have the power to drive your experiences with confident ease.
As a Relationship and Life Coach my work is about giving you the tools to tap into your potentiality, transcend self-imposed limitation and transform the way you connect.
I help smart, sensitive, successful people evolve their experience of intimacy and power within themselves and their relationships. In just one 90-minute Skype sessionElena helped me understand my own limiting patterns and to know how to step into my own innate power—which I’d been hiding from.
Wow, how exciting!I didn’t expect to feel such an instant change in my mood and pick up so many useful tools I could put to immediate practice in everyday life. When I had my first sessionI was on the edge of abandoning my family and now I have a deep loving relationship with my wife again.
We came away with an enormous amount of sensual, philosophical and fun pleasure to inject into our life.Eva, writer and John, artist. I bring much to my Gold Coast life coaching this includes my work as both a Gold Coast Chiropractor and Kinesiologist.
Relationship Coaching can Help You be a Team that Communicates, Motivates, and Produces Something Great!

75-min Relationship Coaching Session with Ronna Phifer-Ritchie, PhD (Office, Phone, or Zoom Video Conferencing Session! Or Use Our Free App to Schedule Your New Client Special & Other Services from Anywhere, Any Time! Your ability to work together well and be a high functioning team is MOST impacted by your level of individual and team development (psychological and spiritual health). It’s also helpful to know what stage of growth your partnership is in (your developmental stage), ….that is, where the growing pains are in your relationship. Once we help you start living and working in more awareness of those two team development areas, we can then focus on expanding your intellectual, emotional, and habit strengths through coaching and other activities, activities proven to support, encourage, and streamline a great partnership maturation process.
Additionally, you might be interested to know that there are some predictable positive and negative issues that are likely to arise between any two Enneagram Personality Types in relationship. To learn more about the compatibility issues of your type and its interactions with other types, CLICK on the ABOVE LINK FOR THE ENNEAGRAM INSTITUTE TYPE COMBINATIONS, find your personality type, and click on the type for the other person in the relationship. Ronna Phifer-Ritchie, PhD is a Professional Relationship Coach, and Enneagram of Personality Expert. Her Specialty is Accelerating Couples' Developmental Journeys by Integrating Personality Development Work Into the Coaching Process.

She is the Author of THE RELATIONSHIP DOCTOR BLOG, a Technical Writer for Several Enneagram of Personality Publications and Training Programs, and a Frequently Requested Retreat Speaker and Workshop Facilitator in the Area of Personality Style Development and Relational Health. LATEST RESEARCH: If You Find Out He Cheated on You, You’re Better Off in the Long Run! I’m now ready to come from a different, a fuller part of me and ready to reclaim my sexual vitality! Feedback From The Clients2 Apr 2013 3:56 PMKeith has the ability to change your worldKeith has the ability to change your complex world into a simpler reality. In order to create and maintain a high functioning partnership, it’s a good idea to understand your and your partner’s ways of being in the world (your personality styles)….that is, what each of you tend to do when you’re more healthy and relaxed as opposed to when you are more unhealthy and stressed.
These type combinations are an overview to help people understand some of the main positive and negative issues that are likely to arise between any two types. Since this is not always the case, knowing the type, the level of health, and the instincts of each person can provide more insight.

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