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Our intimate relationships are fundamental to our wellbeing.  They are an environment in which we unfold throughout our lives, and which stimulate and support our growth as human beings. You will be supported to rediscover or create anew the meaning and purpose in your relationship or marriage.  Over time you will open up, refresh and enliven your connection to each other and dissolve the barriers to intimacy with care and respect. Most commonly the people who come to relationship counselling are couples in a romantic relationship or marriage who are having difficulties and want to remain together.  However this counselling process is also effective for other circumstances or types of relationship, where many of the principles and basic processes described above still apply. Where the couple ending the marriage or relationship want to retain as much of the friendship, connection and love as possible through the transition of the relationship.  This is often particularly important in a marriage where children are involved.
People or couples who are exploring non-monogamous relationships can have particular support needs in relation to these choices. Some couples may choose to come to counselling not because their relationship is in difficulty, but in order to explore its full potential.  The relationship can become truly wonderful and  a vehicle for personal and spiritual growth. Some of the most intense relationships we have are with our family.  It can often be helpful to seek the support of someone who is removed from the family dynamic and can equally support each of its members.
Friends can also pass through times of hurt, loss of trust or connection.  It is a sign of deep value for the friendship that friends are willing to seek help to heal the relationship. In Eltham I offer counselling to those in Greensborough, Warrandyte, Montmorency, Kangaroo Ground, St Andrews and surrounding areas.
The Thornbury practice supports people in Melbourne inner north, including the communities who live and work in Coburg, Brunswick, Northcote, Thornbury, Fitzroy, Alphington and Preston.

My Warburton practice services people of the Yarra Valley along the Warburton Hwy, including Yarra Junction, Millgrove, Wesburn & Launching Place. Since I did my gratitude for 2012 last week, I thought I’d end the year this week with some of my favourite gratitude and happiness quotes. Individual Personal Counselling involves the management of problematic issues that block progress and satisfaction in one’s life.
Counselling is designed to help you, your partner or your family understand the problems in the relationship. The more actively you involve yourself in your counselling sessions, the more you can expect to achieve. If you’re looking to separate, counselling is a great way of getting your thoughts out in the open.
Let me explain – a few minutes before the fire alarm went off, I was sitting in the therapy room with my client engaged in a deep and meaningful dialogue. I was offering the core conditions, being empathic, and valuing the autonomy of the client, working hard to equalise any power differences. Any vestige of equality disappeared, just as quickly as my client became one of a sea of students making their way out of the building.
As a trainer I spend a lot of my time banging on about ethics, reducing power differences, client autonomy – as my students would tell you ,however there are some occasions when I have to retain power.

Have you had any experience of what you were taught and what happens in the real world 'bumping' in to each other ? It can be difficult to find counsellors who offer not only a non-judgemental space, but also truly respect the deeper themes and values that often accompany this path. It may include strategies for effective communication, confidence building & self esteem, anger issues, changing self defeating habits and behaviours. Not only can it help save your relationships, you’ll also learn more about you and your loved ones.
It will also help your children and other family members by keeping your home as stress-free and argument-free as possible. We offer a range of counselling services for those who are having difficulties with their relationships. Whilst currently in a monogamous relationship of ten years, I have personal experience of open relationships and have many close friends who choose this way of relating. I offer support for polyamorous individuals, couples and lovers to work through their relationships in conscious and loving ways.

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