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The Round table discussion on Global Ethical Framework with a vision of Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam : One Family under God  was held  at at O.
The project “One Family under God: A Global Vision and Framework for Peace and Prosperity” of the Global Peace Foundation (GPF), India  was launched by Mr. Humanity is faced with common enormous social & environmental challenges (relational problem, moral, victimizes all, threatens dignity, life and existence, caused by culture).
The majority of people in the world lived through the culture of conflicts & violence during the twentieth century. Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam is a philosophy that inculcates an understanding that the whole world is one family.
1st Principle of oneness: All people are connected to the Earth in a common and interdependent whole. Prime Minister Narendra Modi addresses the 69th United Nations General Assembly at the U.N. Prime Minister Narendra Modi addresses the 69th United Nations General Prime Minister Narendra Modi opened his historical Message of “Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam” for Solution to the World Crisis of Poverty, Population & Sustainable development  at   United Nations General Assembly with a tribute to India’s ancient civilizational traditions, telling a packed Assembly hall of delegates that India’s philosophy, which was not an ideology, was the Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam, or world family, and this has guided the nation since Vedic times”. Conclusion: “Vasudheva Kutumbkam”-The world is one family The whole of humanity is…one human family. Beneficence (ethics), and check out Beneficence (ethics) on Wikipedia, Youtube, Google News, Google Books, and Twitter on Digplanet. Beneficence is a concept in research ethics which states that researchers should have the welfare of the research participant as a goal of any clinical trial or other research study.
The concept that medical professionals and researchers would always practice beneficence seems natural to most patients and research participants, but in fact, every health intervention or research intervention has potential to harm the recipient. Ordinary moral discourse and most philosophical systems state that a prohibition on doing harm to others as in #1 is more compelling than any duty to benefit others as in #2-4. Morality and ethical theory allows for judging relative costs, so in the case when a harm to be inflicted in violating #1 is negligible and the harm prevented or benefit gained in #2-4 is substantial, then it may be acceptable to cause one harm to gain another benefit.
Many people share the view that when it is trivial to do so, people should help each other. Telefonica is an operator of telecommunication services (fixed telephony, mobile telephony and DSL) multinational with headquarters in Madrid, Spain. Telefonica is one of the leading integrated telecommunications operators worldwide in providing solutions for communication, information and entertainment, with presence in Europe, Africa, Latin America and since 2010 in Asia. In Spain, for the retail public distributes its products through various subsidiaries and several trade names: The Land line under the brand before Telefonica, the mobile phone through Telefonica Moviles subsidiary under the brand named Movistar.
Telefonica is one of the world’s largest fully integrated telecommunication providers. Telefonica utilizes an ethical code as business principle guideline that is practiced in its daily business activities.
In addition to Ethical Code, Telefonica sustains to follow general principles, based on: honesty, integrity and trust, respect for the law and for human rights. Furthermore Telefonica has developed a manual towards commitment to its stakeholders, which consist of good practices with stakeholder’s engagement. Telefonica appears not being affected by the current crisis situation context, according its overall financial performance.
That is because during 2009 Telefonica strategically took the chance to increase its acquisition and capacity to innovate in the telecommunication sector in this period of significant financial market uncertainty. While Telefonica?s decision makers and shareholders appear to be the bigger winners of the company strategic action, the extent of how workers from companies acquired by telefonica have been affected by these business transactions is unknown. Telefonica believes that beside the legal obligations, there is need for voluntary integration of stakeholders concern in management.
Apart from the leave of the previous director in 2000, the company hasn’t been affected by scandal recently and as it can be seen, this scandal did not affect to their sales and reputation in the following years.
Telefonica has a study called “Analysis of materiality” that allows the company to identify relevant issues and how to prioritize them, as they evaluate the issues against two variables: its strategy and the expectations of its stakeholders. Moreover, Telefonica established the attributes required to evaluate the efficiency or the services to the final customers, such as intelligent buildings, Virtual Hosting and fleet management.

In the areas of business and innovation they are working to define a range of energy efficiency services for its customers. Telefonica had intensely worked to reduce internal greenhouse gas emissions since 2006, focusing above all on energy efficiency and the reduction in the consumption of fuel in fixed and mobile networks. Paper management: Telefonica implements practices aimed at reducing consumption and promoting the use of recycled paper which, year by year, will spread across the group, extending the “paper-free office” model. Waste management: Waste types are varied, but all are managed separately based on the danger they represent, and treated by authorised companies. Telefonica is putting a lot of effort on how to respond to its stakeholders and gives a great importance for its CSR policies. We think that Telefonica should not remove any policy due to the extension of its business activity.
Uso de cookiesEste sitio web utiliza cookies para que usted tenga la mejor experiencia de usuario. It is unfortunate that the twenty first century too has started in an environment of hostilities and holocaust. It is a philosophy that tries to foster an understanding that the whole of humanity is one family. Principle of Understanding &  Tolerance - Understanding  self, Creator – God , Allaha or Ishwara ?
We are part of a global whole, everything in the universe are interconnected & interdependent through the principle of integration.
The antonym of this term, maleficence, describes a practice which opposes the welfare of any research participant. There are many different precedents in medicine and research for conducting a costa€“benefit analysis and judging whether a certain action would be a sufficient practice of beneficence, and the extent to which treatments are acceptable or unacceptable is under debate. One is that there should be community consensus when determining best practices for dealing with ethical problems.
This makes the concept of "first do no harm" different from the other aspects of beneficence.[1] One example illustrating this concept is the trolley problem.
However, there is debate about the extent to which the interests of other parties, such as future patients and endangered persons, ought to be considered. Since May 1, 2010, the company changed in Spain the name of your trademark by Telefonica Movistar, which until then had only been the trademark of Telefonica Moviles, beginning to distribute all its products under the brand name and adding depending on the service corresponding suffixes “Movistar Fixed”, “Movistar Mobile”, “Movistar Imagenio”,, etc. We have presence in 44 countries, with full operations in 21 countries, commercial and operational offices with network infrastructure in China, the USA and 16 European countries, and Network Points of Presence in 5 more. The company affirms that ethical codes are applicable to all of its employees in all countries in which they operate. Telefonica identifies an effective commitment with stakeholders as main reason for business sustainability, in special towards given the right of excluded groups to be listen, as a way to answer stakeholder requirements, as tool for risk management and as an element corporate strategy planning. For an instance in 2009 the company has acquired Portugal Telecom’s stake in Vivo and as result strengthened their position in the Latin America market and increased its world customer base. This implies that the companies needs to recognise and manage the impact of their actions through specific business management processes.
Capacity of to meet the demands of the stakeholders: The capability of the company to meet the demands of the stakeholder will determine the trust the stakeholders will have on the company. This analysis is carried out both on a global and local scale, and also allows the company to agree on a single index for all of the reports. In July 2010 was created the Social Innovation and Inclusive Businesses Department to explore new business opportunities through innovative Information and Communication Technology (ICT) solutions for elderly, disabled people and those with limited or no economic resources.
In 2010 Telefonica achieved a satisfactory level of personal data protection in all of its operations, irrespective of the country in which they are operating.
Telefonica has worked during the past year to simplify and clarify the product offering, to develop their multi-channel strategy and above all, to translate such progress into customer satisfaction in each country. In 2010, new communication and dialogue channels available to the customers were made, taking advantage of the new opportunities offered by social networks. In 2010, Telefonica achieved over half of the target 30% reduction in electricity consumption in the networks established in 2007.

Telefonica also support freedom of association and rights to collective bargaining indirectly through its suppliers.
Telefonica has an organizational structure in place, which goes under the title of the Office of Climate Change and Energy Efficiency.
One of these services is the global smart city model, based on principles of connectivity, energy efficiency and dematerialisation. The most relevant are those coming from electrical and electronic equipment on the network and from offices (2,485 tonnes), and the dangerous ones, mainly batteries (1,870 tonnes). The company keeps on revising annually these good practices and correcting any unaddressed issues. Although the company gives a lot of importance to its suppliers and how they treat on their workers, we found that higher security on Telefonica workers itself could be enhanced. Aya Goto (Japan) Vice President Global Peace Foundation , Japan on Thursday, December 17, 2015. It is a Social philosophy emanating from a spiritual understanding that the whole of humanity is made of one life energy from one higher source-Creator, God, or Allah.
The sense of differences & separateness is the fundamental problem in the minds of the people. At CSR strategy varies regionally and is integrated but its integrated in all its function; company product, marketing, corporate positioning, communication, company strategy and suppliers. In situations where there is evidence of incapacity, then the company will face loss of trust and hence a risk of loosing reputation.
They have also a lot of tools in Europe to control access to Internet content, such as those based on age veri?cation. Moreover, they gave classroom and on-line courses to train its employees in data protection. These channels act as customer service through which the company listens to them in order to build their relationship.
They also launched the Green Customer Experience programme and achieved leadership in the rankings of the independent Carbon Disclosure Project.
As part of the inscription process, its suppliers should accept the standards covered in its responsibility policy in the supply chain. This Office, represented by corporate and business units, is responsible of managing, controlling and promoting all projects by Telefonica related to energy, climate change and green services. In 2010, Telefonica R+D developed a pilot smart city project in Santander (northern Spain) which will serve as a base in defining Telefonica’s smart city model on a global level. In special when it involves business acquisitions by Telefonica, which may generate job losses.
Crisis of Peace & Humanity, crisis of poverty, educational crisis, economical crisis, crisis of environmental degradation, cultural crisis and crisis of human values. However we have to live with differences and we have to understand the differences by elevating the level of consciousness. On July 2010th is the first largest telecom in size and importance in Spain and the fifth in the world. Telefonica has a special department to oversee the CSR projects which is supported with a special budget. Finally, they have continued the work begun in 2009 to establish contractual mechanisms for compliance with personal data protection regulations by the Group’s subcontractors and suppliers. These standards are drawn up in accordance with the UN Human Rights Declaration and the agreements of the International Labour Organisation.
All with the same aim in mind: firstly, to reduce internal emissions through energy efficiency initiatives and secondly, to provide products and services that facilitate the reduction of greenhouse gases among its customers and in strategic sectors within the economy.

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