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My question to skaarsvaag, if you dont like foreign made stuff, then why the hell are you into AK's?
Four boxes keep us free: the soap box, the ballot box, the jury box, and the cartridge box. I also have several women I've met through russian bride sites in the last eight or twelve months so I do have some overseas connections if you know what I mean. Have your overseas connections get in touch with my secretary in Cleveland and we'll work a deal.
Thanks for the link, the AK12 looks like it has allot of good updates to the original design.
If there were the Death Penalty for Corrupt Politicians and Corrupt Bureaucrats we would have the Government our Founding Fathers intended. No, but its pretty obvious that the ak12 is an attempt to make an ak as ergonomic as an AR. I dont know what you mean the 'piston is much better' The piston is old but its 'new' again your example, the hk 416 you cite is a great example. I believe that I am an honest, faithful, tender, romantic, sensitive, cheerful, joyful, reliable, responsible and thoughtful person.

As far as my hobbies and interests concerned I must say that I like reading (especially poetry, detective stories and phylosophical books), listening to a classical music, going to the nature or for a walk and doing some sports (shaping, aerobics and fitness).
I am dreaming of meeting a kind, romantic, tende,r reliable, responsible, independent, attentive, caring and understanding man to become my husband. My perfect match is a man who has the following features: masculinity, kindliness, sensuality, romanticism, education, and open mind.
I am charles- I will be in eastern Europe durring april of this year -I will be in Odessa durring the first week of April.
I like to be your penpal and email you and chat with you – I am in Melbourne and am working as an engineer. Just o say Hi to beautiful Salma_Hayek and I think you are gorgeous and more beautiful then real Salma Hayek. Seeing the grave deficiencies of a product manufactured in China (where else) I immediately procured a Tapco polymer folder, UTG quad rail, BSA 42mm red dot, UTG laser sight, Tapco grip, several polymer pro mag brand magazines, UTG flashlight and a vertical grip whereby the bipod is concealed there within. Of course I’m obviously an attractive woman who can catch someone’s eye with my appearances. I’m cheerful and funny, I like people who have good sense of humour because we can have a lot of fun together!

I have already mentioned that I’m searching for a kind partner because I am a vulnerable woman.
However I’m not just skin and bones, I am a strong personality and I’m described to be kindhearted, sensual, responsive and cheerful.
I’m against any kind of evil and I want to come across kindhearted people who will never betray me or treat me as if I was their property. I have mentioned education as a needed feature because a person who is well-educated is very interesting in conversation. I also think that my perfect husband has to be open-minded because I’m against of any kind of prejudice.

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