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There’s the initial poke and wink, the kissy face emoticons, and before you know it you’ve engaged in long and heart felt conversations with someone that you honestly might start to really like and even love, all in a space of virtual reality, never knowing if what is being said online honestly depicts their true story. It’s generally much safer in terms of you actually get to have long and detailed conversations with your person of interest before you have to meet him or her face to face. So the “yay’s” seem to be great, but remember there’s also a down side to the world of online dating. You might just find yourself falling prey to some online con artist who is trying to either mess with your emotions or worse, rob you of your money.
Photoshop is magical and meeting your dream guy after months of dating could still leave you surprised when something such as an added 50 pound around his waist suddenly appears before your eyes.
That being said, if and when you do decide to engage in the world of online dating there are a few things you should consider to keep yourself safe and to make the experience as positive and fun as possible. In conclusion, when done the right way and with the basic know-how online dating can be a very safe and rewarding experience that just might help you find the love of your life or your perhaps just a great new friend. Since you really don’t know the characteristics of the people you meet in dating sites, you cannot say that it is safe.
If you are into this kind of dating, it is important to look into the following dating tips for your safety. Keep a close friend, or multiple friends, informed of where you are planning to go and the time of your date. Unlike most dating sites, OkCupid lets users set up profiles and contact other members without having to pay fees.
As a result, OkCupid has garnered a younger, more technologically plugged-in audience than conventional dating sites. Jesse W., a graduate student in Southern California who's been active on OkCupid since shortly after it launched, says "my heart was broken when I heard the news. OkCupid's fans were not reassured by the immediate disappearance of an OkTrends blog entry from last April (you can find a cached copy here). OkCupid's CEO, Sam Yagan, says that he decided to remove the blog post on his own, deeming it to contain inaccurate assumptions about the other sites' data. The question then becomes, what happens to the trove of personal data that OkCupid has amassed? As on some competing sites, data is what feeds the algorithms that OkCupid uses to suggest good matches. A lot of this data comes from aggregating clickstreams on the site, measuring which kinds of profiles or pictures elicit the greatest number of responses. Answer honestly, if you dare.Largely created by the members themselves, the questions range from the mundane ("How do you feel about kids?") to queries about religion, politics, sexual practices, drug use, STDs, and more.
Though you can mark your answers as private and thereby make them inaccessible to anyone else, by default they are public.
Answering publicly is what helps you find good matches, says Katherine L., who joined OkCupid a year ago.

However, Yagan insists that OkCupid's privacy policy--which limits the amount of data it shares with third parties--will continue to govern the data that the site collects.
Most OkCupid users contacted for this story said that they would consider leaving the site if it mined their personal data for marketing purposes.
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In a world where just about everything is being done online for the sake of convenience, many people have found comfort in the world of cyber dating. Gone are the awkward and sometimes uncomfortable blind date scenarios, you can literally make your pick about who you want to spend your online time with. There’s literally also a wide open door to the countless amount of singles just waiting to be discovered with the mere click of a mouse button.
Browse and explore your options to your heart’s content but beware of becoming stuck in the window shopping mode, you might be looking too hard when you could have focused on an individual to find out if they are who they say they are.

Lastly if you are setting up a face to face meeting, doing a background check to verify your person of interest is always a good idea. As much as possible, meeting up is not even recommended knowing that there a lot of internet schemes. I immediately posted about it on Facebook and called and texted my friends, who sent me their condolences.
Last June, for example, the site introduced a feature making it possible for people who are rated attractive by other members to receive suggestions only for similarly attractive members.
When you view another member's profile, you can see which public questions they've answered and how their responses compare to yours. Our parent company, IDG, receives advertisement revenue for shopping activity generated by the links. If the idea of communism had not taken root, there's a good chance the world would not have spent decades on tenterhooks due to the threat of imminent nuclear destruction. You really can bail out at any given time, there’s no need to fake some kind of emergency or have to call a friend to come and save you from a nightmarish date.
Doing this might put your safety at risk and you could fall victim to online scams, or worse, attract the attention of the bad boys that you really don’t want bothering you.
Launched in 2004 by a quartet of Harvard mathematicians, OkCupid has attracted more than 7 million users thanks to its low-cost, social-media-savvy, statistically driven approach to dating. The company's popular blog, OkTrends, mines site data for trends and offers tongue-in-cheek relationship advice.
While nearly all dating sites employ some kind of questionnaire--and some, like eHarmony's, are notoriously extensive--few can match the depth of personal information that OkCupid members reveal via their answers.
You can also change your answers later, make public answers private, or delete them entirely. Because the buttons are attached programmatically, they should not be interpreted as editorial endorsements. In a day and time of #filtersareourfriends and #modellook pictures really can say a thousand words bit you can never be 100% sure that that is really what the other person looks like. Statistics show that many singles and even married men and women are into this kind of dating. Some try this for fun; others do it with the hope that they would be able to find their perfect match in love.

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