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Learn how to integrate Skill Knowledge Drills into your sales meetings and one-on-one coaching. Too often, sales meetings are a round table on “what are you doing this week?” In this module, we focus on how to better motivate and enable your salespeople during team meetings. Meeting minutes are the instant written record describing the discussions, decisions and action items that take place during a meeting.
If you have ever searched for a meeting minutes sample, you may find various examples online from real life meetings.
Action minutes - decisions reached and the actions to be taken, though not recording the discussion that went into making the decisions. Discussion minutes - contain everything action minutes do as well as the discussion which leads to the actions decided on. The most common format of meeting minutes is Action minutes, though depending on the meeting type, you may need to adapt a different format of minutes, or even a combination of the 3.
Regardless of the chosen meeting minutes style, it is important that you note the start time, attendee's present and any opening remarks.
Since the meeting minutes follow the meeting agenda topics, it is important that the note taker has a copy of the agenda, or that it is made visible throughout the meeting.
Although many organizations use a standard word processing programs like MS Word, meeting management software is becoming more standard. When the meeting is adjourned, it is the note takers responsibility to review and finalize the minutes. Standard email systems or intranet environments make the distribution of meeting minutes easier; however there is no guarantee that the correct people will get the minutes. Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. Idea #1 Have each Sales Rep report on a selling situation outside real estate (car lot, furniture store, etc.) Write a detailed report on the sales process and how they felt as a prospect.
Idea #2 Have each Sales Rep take the last 60 days of registration cards and write as much information they remember about each prospect: kids’ names, employment, etc. Idea #4 Have each Sales Rep watch Home Shopping Network and report on the numerous selling techniques used. Idea #8 Have a Sales Rep discuss a difficult customer or situation and how they turned things around. Idea #10 Using a floor plan from their community, have each Sales Rep write down 5 benefits of each room and 3-5 questions they would ask to get the customer involved.

MeetingKing does all the administrative work for you so you can focus on selling your products. Try MeetingKing for free for 30 days and see how much time you can save creating your next sales meeting minutes. Of course you can create your sales meeting minutes with Word and send email messages, but can you afford to?
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The problem is that a meeting minutes document is based on an agenda, and agendas are usually more specific, relating the company that created it.
As the meeting progresses, it is the note takers responsibility to capture all important information covered during the meeting. The note taker may need to move forward and backward through the agenda to recap on import topics, or to tie new discussions to previously covered topics. Traditional programs like MS Word make this process tedious, and there is redundancy due to the note taker having to re-type the captured information into a more formalized meeting minutes document containing company logos, formatting, etc. Having all of the pertinent email address may be a problem if attendees are invited outside of your organization, or not present for the meeting. The attendee list is pre-made, attendance is taken at the start of the meeting, and all email address are logged into the system based on the initial meeting invitation or are added on the fly prior to starting the meeting.
Have team memorize it and bring it up early in the presentation as a way to differentiate your builder. Put office items or toys in a bag and have each SR demonstrate the BENEFITS of the item to the group. It copies all information from your meeting request that you created in Outlook, iCal or Google calendar to your sales meeting minutes document.
Meeting participants can (but are not required to) access the meeting space with a free account.

These are discussed later in this document; however it is important that in all scenarios, a note taker is designated prior to starting the meeting. Since all meeting minutes documents will then be specific to the company and that meeting agenda, here is a meeting minutes sample made by meeting management software called MeetingBooster. It is sometimes difficult to accurately capture these topics, which is why the use of software is becoming more popular. As decisions are made, it is important that the note taker document the decision, and who made them. Each topic can be selected, the corresponding attendee making a comment can be noted and any decisions made can be identified.
It must be easy for the meeting minutes document to be distributed, and in some cases must be archived.
It is important that the note taker review the proposed attendee list, the revised attendee roster taken at the start of the meeting, and be aware of any other non-attending parties that will require the minutes, such as a C-level manager. You can modify the minutes template to meet your requirements and every time you have a sales meeting you can simply load this template. Certain meeting types, such as committee meetings or board meetings require certain elements to be included in the minutes document, as well as a certain format be followed. If there are any action items, it is the note takers responsibility to clearly define the task, any expectations, timeframes and the person or team responsible for completing the task.
The note taker can navigate back and forth through the agenda as needed, and easily synch back up with the presenter with a simple mouse click. Users can distribute the minutes to attendees and teams with a few clicks and the documents are archived for future access and review.
With one click you can send the meeting minutes to all your sales people and they can even add comments and update tasks assigned to them. In some cases, the note taker will distribute the action items as a part of the meeting minutes, or directly to a manager or responsible party. Action items are easily identifiable, are dynamically entered into the meeting minutes document and even distributed to the responsible party.

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