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In this article about sales techniques, I am only referring to the templates used to create sales presentations for sales meetings, not templates for written presentations, which for the most part are suitable enough. The goal of branding is to ensure that clients associate a needed product or solution with the company that can provide it.
What causes a message to be memorized is first and foremost its relevance, plus the fact that it is communicated in an efficient manner.
But it makes no sense at the sales meeting, showing up on every slide as though we were afraid the client might be suddenly struck by Alzheimer’s and forget it from one minute to the next. In the end, this third goal of promoting a visual identity runs counter to the first two goals, which aim to win the client over.
In audio communication, noise is all those unwanted, meaningless messages that add nothing to the main message, but that drown it out and make it less audible. Throughout the year: Cut-and-paste is fast, so fast that sales reps often copy the pages of their sale presentations to use for a new client, and forget to change the client logo. In fact, templates have worked for everyone for the past 20 years, because they eliminate the need to think. Instead, let sales reps and product managers explore and understand design techniques in general, and sales presentation design in particular, before even turning on the computer. Posts related to Sales presentation templates that kill sales techniquesWe are often called upon to provide numbers in our sales presentations, either in table or graph form.
10 most-read articles of 2011, then let's change the world of sales presentations in 2012!
Instead, it is a poor understanding of what “branding” is all about that leads to the design of templates that are generally unsuitable for face-to-face sales.
But it is a mistake to think that by bombarding clients with a logo and lines in the company colors on every slide, we can imprint the company’s image in their brains and make sure they memorize the message.

But templates are often designed not with these two goals in mind, but a third goal that equally important but entirely different: promotion of a visual identity.
There is also noise in visual communication: it is all those visual messages that templates automatically put on every slide, and that dilute and drown out the main message. Because in fact, sales presentation templates have served everyone well for the past 20 years, reassuring companies and saving time for sales reps. What counts –more than ever in this day and age – is better content, more tailored and compelling arguments, greater creativity, and the ability to understand and apply visual communication best practices.
All those colored lines, logos, bullet-point bullets and meeting dates that everyone knows, but that are nevertheless repeated on every slide.
PowerPoint and Keynote should only be used to reinforce messages and communication, when, and only when, they are the right tools for the job.
Yes, it means more thinking, but thinking will only make the lives of sales reps and product managers more exciting and ultimately improve the company’s results. Yet, this investment is often rendered useless by the failure of the sales presentation to deliver clear and succinct messages that convey value to the audience. But what they forgot was that they wasted much more time preparing a losing sales pitch than they saved by using a template. Narcissus was only ever truly popular with himself.  Writing a sales presentation that is audience-focussed necessitates understanding your prospect.
In some sales processes, this can mean using a first visit or phone call to fact-find, and only then presenting.
For others, a meeting can be used to question first and present later.Where prospects expect some sort of a presentation before they will open up and answer questions, then consider presenting opening slides to build credibility, stop to ask questions, and then present the rest of a sales presentation, emphasising those parts that will be of most interest. Where certain sections of the presentation are given more focus (the introduction, the value proposition), it can make sense when writing the sales presentation to write a script for those slides.

But writing the script is useful here not because it will be used (it shouldn’t), but because the process of writing  can help the presenter rehearse what they should say (even though they aren’t going to read aloud from a script).Less is MoreIt is important to realise your audience is limited in the amount of information they can actually take in. However, bullet points do not actually equate to succinctness – and shorter bullet points are not easy to process.
If your presentation has 30 slides with five bullet points on each, that is 150 pieces of information that you are asking your audience to remember. If your audience is particularly interested, they will hopefully write things down from your presentation, improving their memory recall further. Even so, your audience are not going to take in 150 pieces of information, let alone remember them.Value Proposition for StructureIt is critical when writing a sales presentation to create a hierarchy of information, with your value proposition at the top.
A sales presenter has one real shot at being remembered – and that is when delivering the sales presentation. A better leave-behind that printed slides or a document is a recording of the presentation being delivered, viewable on demand from the web.Eliminate Weak PointsUnder the value proposition, further information can be used as proof – but even then, more information does not necessarily make for a stronger proof.
Your audience has a limited capacity to recall and identifying no more than five key reasons that your audience should buy from you rather than a competitor will provide a far greater return than bombarding your audience with dozens of sales messages.
12 tips on sales presentation content and messages, drawn from the best presentation and sales books and blogs. Scripted sales presentations are essential.#2 Joby Blume3:06 pm, November 26th, 2009Care to explain your position Jim?

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