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Here’s a collection of 20 free ebooks that cover most of what you need to know about SEO.
SEO is a constantly shifting landscape, and information that might have been useful just a year or two might just be completely useless now. This ebook is a quick run-through of the history and development of SEO, including some handy tips for the future. This ebook guides you through how to write content that will not only encourage people to share and link it, but will also help boost your SEO at the same time. This ebook might not be the most up-to-date resource, but the information within is still worth a read if you’re just getting started with SEO. The intention of this ebook is to help you figure out how to identify the right steps you need to take in order to draft an SEO strategy that suits your website. This short and sweet ebook is a great introduction to how SEO in 2014 differs from past years. This ebook shows you how to optimize your website in order to boost your SEO and improve your site’s rankings. There might be better-looking ebooks out there, but content-wise, this is a great resource for anyone in charge of improving an e-commerce site’s SEO.
Backlinking can bring great benefits to your site, but it can also lead to your site falling foul of Google’s algorithms. This ebook aims to simplify SEO, turning what can often be a complicated subject into something that’s a lot easier to grasp.
This ebook is a valuable compilation of advice from six SEO experts, each discussing a different aspect of SEO. This ebook doesn’t waste any time highlighting 10 dangerous and potentially ruinous SEO techniques that you definitely should avoid.

This ebook discusses SEO practices and strategies, with a particular focus on strategies and methods that will appeal to small business owners. The title might give the impression that this is a very specific topic, but the information in this ebook should prove useful to anyone interested in SEO, regardless of your field of employment. This ebook is essential if you’re interested in finding out what some of the brightest minds in the field of SEO think about some of the key topics in SEO and marketing.
Old but gold; this ebook might be a couple of years old by now but the information in it is definitely still valuable for anyone struggling to make heads or tails of SEO and how best to go about improving it. SEO is a complex topic, and one of the best ways to learn about it is to take advantage of all the resources available on the Internet, including free ebooks. This ebook makes sure that you don’t fall into the trap of implementing outdated SEO strategies by highlighting and debunking 17 SEO myths that you should avoid in 2014. The ebook also comes with a Keyword Development Worksheet which will help you develop and come up with suitable keywords for your business or website.
The nearly 350 pages are packed with conversations with leading industry and SEO experts, featuring names such as Dennis Goedegebuure of Airbnb, Warren Lee of Adobe and Dixon Jones of MajesticSEO. The ebook goes from how search works all the way to why writing for people will help SEO, and everything in between. The ebook discusses topics such as title tag best practice, keyword density, internal links and unnatural links. It discusses search engines, content creation and social media and public relations strategy. It discusses Google’s algorithm changes as well as some ways to move on from old practices and adapt to the new SEO landscape.
The ebook discusses a variety of interesting topics, including keyword targeting, social media integration and content creation.

From the title tag itself to image SEO and ending with internal linking, this ebook is a handy all-in-one guide that covers the basics of optimizing your site. Learn how to create convincing content and avoid e-commerce pitfalls, amongst other useful topics, with this ebook. It covers one of the most basic aspects of SEO, figuring out the proper keywords, and guides you through the process in seven easily understandable steps.
This ebook shows you how to build backlinks properly while avoiding any negative consequences. Topics discussed include identifying and choosing a profitable niche to finding popular content topics, as well as a basic primer on keyword research tools. A chapter each is devoted to topics ranging from understanding keywords to mastering both on-page and off-page SEO, as well as increasing clicks in SERP. From worthless content to link exchanging, this ebook makes it very clear that SEO is no longer about gaming the system. Some of the topics touched upon in this ebook include keyword strategies, the workings of search engines and ways to track and review your site. Experts interviewed include Duane Forrester from Bing and Will Reynolds of Seer Interactive.

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