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I am a smart, healthy 25-year-old female, who has been vaccinated (gardisil) for HPV, has never had an STD, and gets paps regularly.
In my research I found that the vaccination I had only protects against 4 types of HPV and there are about 90 types.
I haven't decided as to whether or not I want to date this gentleman regardless of this issue, so I will proceed with caution, and let me head & heart lead me, along with all of the valuable insight gained here. If you don't date this guy with HPV, you'll end up with another guy who has HPV but doesn't know it or won't tell you. I am sorry, I do not understand this man saying that he has HPV because from what I have read, men cannot be tested for HPV. OP to answer your question, I wouldn't have a problem sleeping with someone with HPV while using prophylactics. Just wanted to say that the vaccine does NOT protect against all strains that cause cancer or warts!
I say get to know this guy before you rush into anything -- dating, having sex, or anything else.
If you've been vaccinated for HPV, you're generally believed to be safe from the types that are dangerous to your health.
There is no test for guys, so he probably either has genital warts or has been in a position where a girl he was with had an abnormal pap and tested positive. Well, comedian Owen Gee in his Ogbuefi persona is giving you permission to kill him – yes kill him, but only with witchcraft.
I observe this frustrating reality and point out why it happens and what, if anything, you can do to counteract it. I hate spam as much as you do, therefore I will never sell, rent, or give away your email address. Well, considering the amount of effort that Lance is willing to put into the relationship (no matter who it’s with) is a 5, I think that’s probably what he can ultimately expect! I have always been pretty sure I will wind up with someone on the mid to upper end of the B range.
Evan is describing the all-around alpha male, while there are also good(enough)-looking omegas (which probably automatically no longer qualifies them as omegas, but you get my drift).
One of the reasons why I believe you have so many dating singles these days is because all of the men and women are pursuing 9s and 10s (to no avail). It’s nice to see that other people struggle with this as well, but I just want to confirm what you are saying Evan, because I think its important.
I find myself caught in that trap all the time, looking for the absolute best looking women I can find. We have to at least imagine being able to kiss them, and yes, sometimes having sex as well. I think starthrower68 made the (obvious) assumption that you were following your own advice. Just to be clear, you recommend that other people only pursue people who are 10s (on the outside and inside), but you don’t bother pursuing those 10s yourself? I think starthrower68 made the (obvious) assumption that people only seek perfection (and reject 7s) if they’re looking for a long-term relationship.
I am certainly not one to downplay the importance of physical attraction: I probably mentioned more than once already on these boards that I had a husband after only five years with whom I no longer wanted sex with him (which is not to say I no longer wanted sex). Moreover, at some point I became very aware of the fact that I didn’t want children WITH HIM. Granted, no one will excite you indefinitely, but five years is really nothing – I heard of people still wanting sex with each other after 20 years of marriage, or more.
However, as my question to Paul implied, what is most important to me is whether I find the man attractive.
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I also discovered it's transferred just by contact, even if there isn't intercourse, therefore, that condoms can't be trusted for preventing contraction of HPV. Post it, anonymously, to Group Therapy for advice, and check out what else is happening in the TresSugar Community.

I don't mind that I'm giving away my annonymous status by saying this, so far this site has shown me that it's truly a communiity of honest, caring individuals who are here to support each other, and I love that! The numbers are correct - 80 - 85% of us have had, have, or will have HPV at some point or another. Even if a former partner of his had it, it does not mean that he necessarily has it and he could not be tested for it anyway to my knowledge. While I'm no stranger to what HPV can do, I also know that there is only so much that one can do to avoid it outside of lifelong monogamy or celibacy (nothing wrong with those, just not my choice). If you've already been sexually active, even if protected, you've likely been exposed to HPV.
Many people who have it don't know it, and probably never will.I would go ahead and date him.
If the relationship does go anywhere just be sure to practice safe sex as you would with anyone else. If you've made the decision to never sleep with a partner who has HPV, I wish you luck, madam. Below are some body pains that we commonly suffer, and what they might mean.  PAIN IN THE SHOULDER BLADESA pain in between the shoulder blades may be a symptom of a heart attack. Some of that you might be able to pin down (for most guys it’s somewhere between slim and voluptuous) but tastes vary. Now, either not-especially-fit, balding guys are suddenly hot, or I’m getting a boost from my non-physical attributes. I have met guys I initially felt extremely attracted to, but after talking to them for 10 minutes, my attraction waned to zero.
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I've researched and can't seem to find an answer, so I'm hoping someone here might have a word of advice. Then I learned that an estimated 75-80% of people will contract it at some point in their life. I think most strains are beat by our immune system and disappear - so your boyfriend's HPV may well be gone in a few months. So that leads me to the conclusion that he has genital warts, and instead of telling you this, he told you that he has HPV because he thinks that it does not sound as bad. If he does not have genital warts, and the vaccination that you got protects against the type of HPV that causes cervical cancer, then it does seem like it would be a big deal at all if you got it. So you have to weigh the pro's & con's of any sexual encounter, and if the person is good enough, you'll overlook low-level sti risks.
Everyone is affected differently by each strain too, a strain that causes cancer in one woman could be completely benign in another woman.
As pistil said, many people don't know they have HPV, and of those people, most will never have any symptoms or signs. I think you need to talk to him about how he knows and that will give you a better idea of what you are dealing with.
That being said, if I could go back and choose whether to be with my boyfriend or not (I am pretty sure he gave it to me, though there is no way to know for sure) I would choose him in a heartbeat. They’re out there, you just have to look around and be the man that’s worthy enough to get with that gal. I can’t think of a better explanation about the fundamental flaws of online dating than this phenomenon.
I held on for four months of hot sex and bragging rights – mixed in with innumerable times of being insulted, emotionally abused, and left at restaurants, parties and weddings. And more importantly, a women with a smile, self-confidence, intelligence and warmth will look more and more attractive as you see more of those attributes.
I have also met guys I only felt a flicker of attraction for initially that I eventually (or shortly thereafter!) became extremely attracted. This kind of thinking just seems so simplistic and pointless to me because it assumes everyone is attracted to the same thing.
That was what made me conclude that if I want to start a long-term partnership with someone (not sure I believe in the possibility of a lifetime one) and especially start a family, I have to do it with someone who is more my type to begin with. And for me to find someone attractive he doesn’t have to be a conventional 10 (besides, I have a very specific type).
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I've had HPV a couple of times - different strains; and even though one of them stuck around for a few years (one of the high risk forms), I've been free and clear of it for a while and it's possible it'll never come back.

It's very true that there are couples where one has hiv or an sti like herpes & they have to be very careful, but they can keep it that way.
Sorry, I have personal and professional experience with this (worked in a biomedical research lab studying HPV) so misinformation bugs me. People place unfair and unnecessary stigma on people who have HPV and other sexually transmitted infections, so it says a lot that he is OK enough with himself to talk about HPV with you. Maybe just take things slow and get to know him really well first, make sure he is good relationship material before deciding to get physical.
Unlike the usual symptoms of heart attack, like chest pressure or numbness, women tend to experience jaw pain, nausea, short breath, and very sharp upper-back pain.
That is, unless someone compromises – and finds a lower paying job (a 7) that has much better benefits and quality of life.
If you disagree, then just ask a group of men and women whether they think Sarah Jessica Parker is attractive.
She usually sleeps on the floor, but now that she is in the later stages of her pregnancy, her mother has swapped places and allowed her to sleep in the bed. The average family has nine children, but Tzvika has just one sister and two brothers, with whom he shares his room. Irkena will then become a morani (young warrior), and live in the bush with other warriors. Lewis has Attention Deficit and Hyperactivity Disorder and has also been diagnosed with schizophrenia. I think my gut is telling me not to continue on with this guy because of this (and because if I am going to be in a relationship, sex is going to need to be a part of it). I can say this though, he was having some unrelated (as far as I know) heatlth problems and was seeing a doctor for those, it was something to do with his stomach, he had given me the impression that no matter what he ate he had an extremely upset stomach & spent lots of time in the restroom. Of course I understand the gross factor; but I don't know where I'd be if my boyfriend hadn't gotten over that when I got a new genital wart a couple of years ago - he stuck it out, I got rid of it, and after 5 years together he hasn't caught it (as far as we know, since guys can't get tested) - so I wouldn't overthink this too much and if you like him, give him a chance. If you have had a vaccine for HPV, I am pretty sure that that protects against only certain types of HPV. This is not to diminish the necessity of safer sex practices, but rather a reinforcement of how their proper application can keep you safe.
I do think it's great that he told you and it's great that you are educating yourself before jumping into bed with him. You want to spend 30 years on eggshells because the hot guy or girl is being selfish or doesn’t let you know where you stand?
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I have read that it protects against the one that causes cervical cancer, but not against the one that causes genital warts. STOMACH PAINThere are many reasons why you could feel stomach pain, could be Menstruation (in case of women), food poisoning or some other illness. When he is not out hunting, Joey attends school and enjoys watching television with his pet bearded dragon lizard, Lily. Lewis has felt happier since taking his medication but resents his curfew because he misses playing outside in the street with his friends. Alyssa's mother works at McDonald's and her father works at Walmart; everything they earn goes toward bringing up their daughter. Also, condoms may not protect against genital warts because they do not cover the whole area of the genitals (it is transferred through skin to skin contact). They have a lot of knowledge of STI's and can take the time to answer all of your questions.
However, if the stomach ache is the one that starts dull, and then builds into something more painful in your left lower-abdomen region, it may be appendicitis, and you need to see a doctor.
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I would like to say this man deserves props for telling you the truth about this and being responsible for his health. THUNDERCLAP HEADACHE This is an extreme, sudden headache that is like nothing you’ve had before, and could be as a result of aneurysm, a condition caused by the development of a blood-filled bulge in its wall, and this is dangerous, as it can burst at any moment. Many people have HPV (and genital herpes) and never know it, and therefore do not tell their partners. Would you want someone you were really interested in to discount you as a potential partner just because you unfortunately happened to get an STI? Another sign that it may be a kidney infection is when you feel a tenderness and soreness when you touch your lower back. Although like I said, I question his actual level of full disclosure, considering that it seems likely that he actually has genital warts rather than HPV. It seems unfair to completely rule out dating him just for this reason, but you have to make the decision that is right for you.
If you experience severe menstrual cramps that get worse and fail to be stopped by medication after a long period of time, they may be caused by a condition called Endometriosis. I did want to ask JuJu though if women have to be able to imagine themselves having sex with someone in order to be attracted to them? Endometriosis is when tissue that lines and grows inside the uterus grows outside of it instead.

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