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If there has been a drastic change in the way that your loved one keeps his home that may be a sign he lacks the energy or physical ability to pick up and clean. Just as cleaning and picking up the home can be physically demanding, taking a shower or bath is too. Medical problems can cause lost pounds, but not being able to cook healthy meals can be the reason as well. Balance and walking can be hard as people age, and this can lead to falls causing serious injuries. Losing interests in hobbies or activities he used to enjoy could be a sign of depression that can lead to many other problems. It can be easy to forget to pay a bill from time to time, but if it becomes a habit, it might be a good idea to have someone help with going through mail and managing bills. Kendall Van Blarcom is a licensed marriage and family therapist providing personal consulting to seniors who need someone to talk with to improve the quality of their lives.

After just shy of a week I was contacted by a care seeker with a wonderful attitude despite her illness. A senior care worker can provide transportation and encouragement to attend all medical appointments.
With someone in the home, your loved one can get the assistance needed to get into the shower and out of it to keep him clean and feeling refreshed.
Since it can be difficult to cook when feeling tired or lacking energy, someone in the home can make sure that he has meals ready or set up a meal program that gets food delivered on a schedule.
Have someone there to lend an ear or explain something that doesn’t make much sense can calm the anxiety of your loved one to improve his quality of life. Having a caregiver provide support and encouragement can help your loved one feel better or get the mental health he needs.
This is one of the services that senior care workers provide in addition to helping with other daily tasks.

Having someone by your loved one’s side most of the day can help minimize the risk of him hurting himself. I very much like the flexibility of making my own decisions such as rate of pay and hours I want to work.
The following are some of the most common signs of someone who is in need of a nurse or senior caregiver.

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