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Signing with MCA Nashville Records, McEntire took creative control over her second MCA album, My Kind of Country, which had a more traditional country sound and produced two number one singles: "How Blue" and "Somebody Should Leave". Reba Nell McEntire was born on March 28, 1955, outside of Kiowa, Oklahoma to Jacqueline Smith and Clark Vincent McEntire. As I bounce around Philippines, Hong Kong, and China, I so constantly run into single Filipino mothers working to support their children and family.
Bartender in Wan Chai I met, she is 22 years old, computer science degree in Manila, has a 2 year old son, father left after she got pregnant, she now works 6 days a week night shift in Hong Kong, with a 2 hour commute each way to her home.
I can go on and on with stories, my friend MikeMo works at Western Union and the Philippines is one of the top countries to receive money from overseas workers….
Also in the airport yesterday, I met a European woman, Esther from Samaritana that supports Filipino single moms that become prostitutes to pay for their baby and their family.
The Philippines is primarily a Catholic state, forbidding abortion and after morning pills. In Asian culture, there is no choice, you need to support kids, family, whereas in Western culture, its a bit more of a choice or financial condition circumstance.
And where extremely high potential people can drop down to basic stuff just because of a lack of money.
I had never truly understood why people (men and women) would work hard in other countries just to send the majority of their money back to the motherland. My parents struggled while I was growing up and there was no extra money to send back – so I never experienced this part but, I have seen people (from other countries too) do this. I’m not saying all Filipino are lazy but sad to say most are lacking initiative, no plans except for the day and most are just conscious about their cute looks, buying papaya soap to make themselves white and to look cool among his friends to find a sexy gf that earns more than him. Help im depressed about my situation im 25 yrs old from Philippines a 6months pregnant no work, no money, sometimes not eating properly cause of no budget for the food, living with my siblings. I grew up in the Philippines but my brothers and sisters never had to do any type of chore. I am not from philippines, am an asian guy and have chat on social sites with many philippino (pinoy) girls, among the girls i have chat, 98% are single mother and looking for foreign boy friends or husbands so that they can live better life in future.
OK, maxen57 but why did u have sex unless being sure that ur lover will not just misuse u and he is the one whom u would like to live with forever ? American internet dude living in China (since '07) helping western companies leverage Chinese social media for business. She began her career in the music industry singing with her siblings on local radio shows and rodeos.

The album brought her breakthrough success, bringing her a series of successful albums and number one singles in the 1980s and 1990s.
She has since starred in the Broadway revival of Annie Get Your Gun and starred in her television sitcom, Reba for which she was nominated for the Golden Globe Award for Best Performance by an Actress in a Television Series?Musical or Comedy.
Her father and grandfather were champion steer ropers and her father was a World Champion Steer Roper three times.
I’m not sure where this happens in the upbringing or educational system in the Philippines, but the men mostly work general contractor construction jobs or manual labor. I worked in several call centers women are mostly the top performers, nowadays when a straight Filipino guy dates a girl first thing he ask is she earning well, what’s her course, if she’s nursing jackpot! We had been married for 20 years and have 3 lovely children but he broke my heart and trust. Love international business & connecting, and working on ways to give hard working people global opportunities. As a solo act, she was invited to perform at a rodeo in Oklahoma City, which caught the attention of country artist Red Steagall. McEntire has since released 25 studio albums, acquired 34 #1 singles, and 28 albums have been certified Gold, Platinum or Multi-Platinum in sales by the Recording Industry Association of America. She has sometimes been referred to as "The Queen of Country", having sold 41 million records in the United States and more than 56 million worldwide. Her mother originally had plans to become a country music artist but decided not to pursue that professionally and worked as a schoolteacher. But im sure there are so many Filipinos really wanting to have decent lives for their family.
You are so irresponsible without knowing how Ur future going to be you just became pregnant, I really pity the young kid who is going to suffer because of your childish act.
I know this cos my friend was in this situation and had to pay child support for his son in the Philippines. Why should the mother be stuck with the child without support from the father, either physically or financially? I go to school full time, I have a full time and a part time job at night while taking care of my 3-month old daughter. He brought her to Nashville, Tennessee, where she eventually signed a contract with Mercury Records in 1975. Her album For My Broken Heart broke ground for female artists in country music, as it was the first album recorded by a female in country music to be certified double-platinum by the RIAA.

In the United States, she ranks as the seventh best-selling female artist in all genres and is the second best-selling female country artist of all time. Philippines government must do some thing about it otherwise it would be very serious on future. She released her first solo album in 1977 and released five additional studio albums under the label until 1983. On car rides home from her father's rodeo trips, the McEntire siblings were taught songs and learned their own harmonies, eventually forming a vocal group called the "Singing McEntires". Consisting of her brother, Pake, and her younger sister, Susie, the group sang at rodeos and recorded "The Ballad of John McEntire" together. I try making money from internet programs but my child is in kindergarten and what I make is not enough. He even refers to her as his wife and she calls him her husband even though he swears to me that they were never married. My only consolation is that my son is the 2nd smartest in class, and that he makes everything better, making me want to push on and dream of a better future for the both of us. I still love my husband very much and willing to forgive him for him for his transgressions.
In 1974, McEntire attended Southeastern Oklahoma State University and intended on becoming an elementary school teacher.
There are many women who are like me paying for our mistakes, but the only mistake I’ve made is that I have no savings. That same year she was also invited to perform the national anthem at an Oklahoma City rodeo.
At the rodeo, country artist Red Steagall was impressed by her vocal ability and offered his help in making McEntire a country artist in Nashville, Tennessee.
After recording a demo tape, she eventually signed a recording contract with Mercury Records in 1975.

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