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This is what people are asking their iPhones  recently, find me a pest control company in Kansas City.
Of course nothing happens if you don’t try it in Chrome – it is a Google Easter Egg! Therefore special ways are searched for to test language options and still have fun with it. With iOS 6 your Siri digital personal assistant has also become quite the movie buff, able to tell you not only what films are playing at which theaters, but provide you with their ratings and reviews, and even play you their trailers.
Press and hold down your Home button to activate Siri.Ask Siri to find you information on a movie.
You can even ask for movies that haven't been released yet, or movies that are no longer in theaters but are available in iTunes or through other services.
Press and hold down the Home button to activate Siri.Tell Siri which trailer you'd like to see.

If you still need help with setting up or using Siri with your iPhone Contacts, or any other Siri feature, head on over to our Siri Forum and ask away! For example: "Find movies playing in my area" or ask "What movies are playing near me?"Tap a movie to get more information, including cast and crew, rating, synopsis, and the trailer. If a movie is available through iTunes, an iTunes link will let you buy it right from the Siri widget.
This is a great way to go directly to a movie trailer without having to go to the information widget first. If you're planning a trip or going out of town and want to pre-plan, this probably isn't much help. I asked for the movies directed by Alfred Hitchcock, and Siri would only give me the last 25.
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You can, however, override the defaults to find out about theaters and showtimes outside of your area.
Instead I want to tell something about Easter eggs created by developers. Probably you already detected that programmers have a special kind of humor. That humor leads often to strange things – but programmers can laugh about it, even though normal humans might not.

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