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This DESIGN PAGE will deal with both the design and construction of the paper pattern for the War Club.The first two photos are taken off the Web, and show us what a true Indian war club looks like. To really see the connection I have found in the way a weapon like a Bat'leth is used in battle, and the way the Gunstock war club is used, rent the movie- The Last Of The Mohicans, where the Gunstock War Club is used in many fights on screen.This is my first try at making the war club look more DaQo'tah-like. Star Date: November 27, 2001 Hi, I have decided to keep a construction log of the creation of this new type of DaQo'tah weapon. As always, I find the hardest part is getting started, and the first idea is the hardest to find. This shows up in the fact that many times I have not had the chance to have photos scanned and uploaded yet. I was doing some web searching for different weapons when I saw this photo of an American Indian Gunstock war club.
I thought that I should add some different looking sharp points in places.In this drawing, I have added some interesting ideas to the design. You will also find places where I have added text that is almost unreadable due to numerous spelling and grammar errors. I drew a second handle opening at the top of the weapon that looks much like the Bat'leth handle. To help you better understand the real battle that is involved during the creation of such a new weapon, I will write down the days events dealing with the war club, as well as any interesting stories about the different problems or victories that I might incounter.
I did some reading about this type of old Indian weapon and learned it was seen in many different parts of America, Even Sitting Bull had one such weapon. I will also try to list the amount of money that this weapon will take in tools and supplies, to complete. I decided that I would like to design and maybe make a more DaQo'tah looking Gunstock war club for my own. As you have read by now on the previous page, the design of the War Club took a bit or work to finish.

With the 2 photos I had downloaded from the Web as a guide, I started to draw out my ideas on the kitchen table. I have also added a blade at the lower end on the war club to make it look like some other weapons that have sharp points at each end.At this stage I decided to add another edge at the top of the weapon. I was thinking that such a edge would help the war club look more DaQo'tah-like.The moment I drew this design, I fell in love with it. I had hoped to find a leftover piece of steel for free, but they just didnt have the size I needed for this weapon. I took a tape and measured the length and with of the paper pattern before I went down to the welding shop.
I got a bucket full on warm soap water and washed one side of the sheet of steel real good. The reason I do this is that I need one side with no greese or oil on it so that my paper pattern will stick useing spray adheisiveAfter I had washed all the greese and oil off the sheet of steel, I stood it up , whiped it dry and let it air dry totally. The Middle blade has some saw teeth (very cool), But now the darn lower blade still looks like it's just not right yet. I'm still trying to keep most of my top blade's shape that I like so much, and yet change it enough to look less leg-like.At this point I as well started to think about the leather for grip on the handle. It's much like the one above and shows how I was starting to look for a different way to make the Gunstock war club look more wild.
Well, ok, that didn't really work, but it did give me some good ideas for my next few designs. I started to knock around the idea of using some of my knife design elements on this new type of weapon. I started to think that maybe the top blade should be a knife, like the middle blade is.This design shows that I have returned to the very cool looking middle blade design from before.
I had now everything just the way I thought I wanted it to look,,,yet it just didn't look like a Indian Gunstock war club anymore,,,,nor did it really look that wild yet.

I was about to close up and turn to a different weapon design, when, out of the blue, I thought of a new way to draw the blades of the knife edges.The thing that saved my design was when I got the idea to turn the base line of the top edge. The moment I did this I changed the whole look and got rid of the "Leg in high heels", problem that had so troubled me. With this last design drawing I have come to the end of this stage in the creation of this new DaQo'tah weapon. I love this design I ended up with, I love the top and middle blades now, they look so cool.
I also smotheed the points of the pattern down too, If during the drilling process the pattern starts to come of, its likely to come off first at these narrow ponts of the knife blades.The last thing I did tonight was to find a place where I could set the steel do dry thoughtly undisturbed for the whole night. This weapon if completed, will be the only one of its kind,,maybe the first of its kind too! This line will help me arrange photocopied inlargements later.I decide how long I want the weapon to end up at, and use the straignt line to indicate this.
I got the type of drill bits that have threads on each end, so really you get 2 bits for the same price as one.
What you end up with is a series of photocopies of your pattern design, each showing a bit more of the design than the next.
If my pattern is not stout enough to take that type of beating, it will most likely shread or singe from the heat.

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