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One well-kept secret among Amazon success stories is how much money some big-time authors earn from the Amazon Associates affiliate program. When a fan buys your book on iBooks using your affiliate tracking link, a cookie is placed that tracks all other items the customer buys in the immediate short-term.
There are multiple affiliate tools you can use to generate your links and widgets, such as the iBooks Badge, the Banner Builder, and the Widget Builder. When you want to sell more books from a platform, it’s a smart idea to listen to the people behind the platform itself.
Whether you learned about book funnels from the Self Publishing Podcast or from doing marketing research on your own time, you know the importance of linking to your other books in the back matter of your work. Like Kobo and Nook Press, Apple has merchandising reps who choose which books to feature where on the platform.
It can seem impossible to start from scratch on a new platform after you’ve spent so much time building up your books on Amazon. The Ebook editions are DRM-free, so you can view the PDF file in Preview instead of Adobe Reader.
When compared to its ancestors and cousin the new iPad, it can be immediately noticed that the iPad Mini is lighter, thinner and cheaper. The iPad Mini’s reduced dimensions and weight allow you to hold it with one had making it a more more viable option as an eReader than the larger version. Skype is a great mobile VoIP, video calling and instant messaging app, which utilises both the front and rear-facing cameras on the iPad Mini to enable you to talk with colleagues, friends and loved ones over an Internet connection.
As mentioned earlier the iPad Mini’s size makes it a fantastic eReader and the free app Pocket enables you to save an interesting article or web page that you find and save it for later. The free Flipboard app is the best app for veiwing your RSS feeds, social network activity and news in the same place.
While you might be perfectly satisfied with the native Safari browser, recent updates to the Google Chrome browser app for iPad Mini created more space for web browsing by removing the URL bar when not in use.
Dropbox is a fantastic cloud-storage innovation that allows you to access and edit files on different devices and save them to your Dropbox account to be accessed from anywhere.
The iPad Mini Facebook app allows you to keep up with your Facebook profile and perform all of the core network functions without some of the more annoying features of the social network. Reading a book on an eReader such as a Kindle or iPad has become one of the most used features of tablets.

There are thousands of titles available for free download directly from Amazon Kindle store or the Apple iBooks store. Tuebl is a comprehensive database of book titles with well over 33,000 titles available to download directly from the site. Unzip the downloaded file and drag the .ePub document into your eReader storage to install the book. The program not only provides you with additional earnings if readers buy through affiliate links, but it also returns additional money when readers go on to buy other products.
For example, if a customer picks up your book through the tracking link, and then goes on to buy an app, a movie, and a song, then you’ll get a small affiliate commission for each of those sales.
The number one way that Apple suggests you sell more books is by creating links to the iBooks Store on your website. On a mobile device, simply click the arrow the upper right corner of your screen and select the Copy Link button. The normal iBooks link will send your readers the right page to buy the next book in your series or a related work. They hear the stories of authors making four to five figures a month on the platform, and they wonder what it is that they’re doing wrong.
Outgoing authors who attend conferences and set up meetings with the Apple representatives are much more likely to get their books featured then someone hoping to win the iBooks lottery.
This book walks you through the entire iPhone app development process from start to finish. While some may complain about the lack of a retina screen and the reduced screen size, a majority of users have reported that the iPad experience is not reduced, and in some cases increased, due to the more portable nature of the device. The free Dropbox app allows you 4GB of storage and enables you to keep up with work on-the-go and ensure that your files are safely stored in a cloud environment.
You can take notes, set checkboxes for reminders and add images, which are then synced on your Evernote account to be accessed on other devices.
A simple-to-use interafce allows you to search for videos and then easliy flip between related videos, once you have finished viewing.
The app takes advantage of the screen real estate hiding functions such as the chat feature when in portrait mode, and has effective gesture control for accessing menus. The ability to store thousands of books on one device means that you can have access to all your books and the ability to get more from online bookstores from anywhere you have your tablet.

The reasons for the titles being free are either the copyright has expired which you will find in the case of many of the classic authors such as Charles Dickens, Alexandre Dumas, Arthur Conan Doyle and Jules Verne.
With the works of over 11,000 authors stored here it is odds-on you will be able to find the title which you are looking for and download it for free. When you use these tools in conjunction with the affiliate program, you’ll provide more opportunities for readers to click and more chances to earn extra affiliate commissions.
Many authors do a great job providing links in the back matter of their Amazon books, but they really fall down on the job when it comes to their Apple books. In some cases, the only thing you’re doing wrong is failing to reach out to the right people. The Ebook bundle also includes a PDF version that you can view on your laptop or print out.
The app boasts good organisational functions such as folders, and you can take advantage of its features further by installing Evernote plug-in apps such as Penultimate and Skitch for note taking.
The other reason is new authors seeking to get their work downloaded and discovered to build a following.
The legality of this is questionable although under current guidelines it is said that downloads from Tuebl are legal as Tuebl offers the author the chance to remove the book from the library if they object to its presence there. Spending a few hundred dollars on airfare and lodging, may be worth the expense if you are able to boost your book on Apple for the foreseeable future. Free eBooks can be sourced directly from the online bookstores themselves, or for a greater selection of titles from a number of file sharing sites also the legality of downloading from these sites is questionable. To get free eBooks directly from the store for your device then simply follow the directions given below. As you gain steam, you can look into setting up a meeting and forging a stronger connection with the platform. Build your presence on iBooks brick by brick and you may end up with a tower that’s even taller then the building you created on Amazon.

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