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According to a new app from Captain Quizz that has been making its way through your Facebook feed, my true soul mate isn't my girlfriend. Now, don't get me wrong; I do love my mom and wouldn't deny someone who tried to call me a momma's boy. My mother joined Facebook about six months ago, which means she has probably Liked or commented (or both) on every single photo and status update I've had since then. The quiz promises to match you with a soulmate a€” chosen from your Facebook friends.A It's a not-so-sneaky way to get you to post the quiz to your page, and it's working.
But contrary to what the word "quiz" suggests, there are no questions asked or grades received. Visual Features Editor Christian Storm was matched with Digital Culture Reporter Kim Renfro. Deputy Editor Julie Zeveloff was told Business Insider's Graphic Designer Skye Gould was her match. Is it probably just the person you've most frequently or recently interacted with on Facebook? Is it bizarrely fun, reverting us all back to the emotional mindset of a seventh grade girl? You can refresh the quiz to see if you get different results, but every time we retook the quiz or asked others to take it, surprising results popped up, including distant acquaintances and even close relatives.
Even though Captain Quizz may not exactly pair you up with your “true soulmate,” it’s fun to take the quiz regardless.
If you prefer to live a life without awkwardness, you probably shouldn't take the latest viral Facebook quiz.

Apparently, the soul mate quiz doesn't mind matching users with family, exes, or even inanimate objects! Yet another breathless ALL CAPS 'security' warning has been let loose on Facebook and is going viral across the network. The message warns users that a 'who is your soulmate' post, identified rather vaguely as being 'from a quizz company' is in fact a virus that will send the same message to your friends on your behalf and entice them to call a certain number to 'clear the screen'. But, the would-be warning does not identify which of these many soulmate quizzes it is referring to. However, having run this quiz through its paces, I can report that it is in no way malicious. As noted, there are a number of such quizzes on Facebook and it is certainly not impossible that one or more of them may try to trick people into installing rogue Facebook applications or visiting websites that contain malware.
But, in its current form, the message is simply too vague to have any real merit as a warning. To be worthwhile, security warnings must contain accurate, up-to-date, and actionable information that allows recipients to clearly identify a perceived threat and take steps to avoid it. According to this email, which claims to be from the 'Support Department' at 'Information Technology Services', your internet capacity is 70% full and you therefore need to contact support to avoid problems. Message being distributed across Facebook claims that users can receive free coupons from American retailer Kroger just by sharing a message and visiting a third party website to claim their prize. Hoax-Slayer debunks email and social media hoaxes, thwarts Internet scammers, combats spam, and educates web users about email, social media, and Internet security issues. You have the option to limit what info you give the app access to, but then you simply click a button, and it gives you your result! So the social network should be pretty good at analyzing my data to figure out who my "true soulmate" is. So it's no huge surprise, given my mom's ability to Like my status moments after I post it, that I was paired with her.
Powered by its own proprietary technology, Mashable is the go-to source for tech, digital culture and entertainment content for its dedicated and influential audience around the globe. The quiz was created by CaptainQuizz, a company that offers dozens of "quizzes" that just analyze a bunch of stuff from your Facebook page and then give you a result. Well, Mashable's Brian Koerber was matched with his mom, and I was matched with my best friend.

But out of everyone who took the quiz at Business Insider, no one was matched up with their significant other. A new site called Captain Quizz analyzes your Facebook friends list and can find out who you’re destined to be with forever based on information from your friends’ profiles and your own.
When you get to that screen, you can simply click on the blue button that says, “Find out who your true soulmate is,” and you will instantly get results.
So in theory, your soulmate should be the person with whom you have the most in common when it comes to Likes, comments, and other factors on Facebook. Asking the age-old question, "Who is your true soulmate?," the new game made by Captain Quizz seems innocent enough, but plenty of social media addicts are finding themselves in uncomfortable situations after pressing play . Whether this often-hilarious flaw in the quiz led to its popularity is unclear, but you're very likely to see friends posting their results on your feed. Such quizzes are quite popular and, at any one time, several of them may be circulating on Facebook as users share their quiz results with their Facebook friends. Some commentators have suggested that the message is talking about the 'Who is your true soulmate' quiz, which is just one of many quizzes offered by the company 'CaptainQuizz'. The quiz simply asks you some questions and then checks your Facebook profile and identifies a Facebook friend as your possible soulmate. None exhibited any overtly malicious behaviour and none forced me to call a number to clear my screen (whatever that means). THERE IS A POST BEING PUT ON PEOPLES FACE BOOK ABOUT WHO IS YOUR SOULMATE FROM A QUIZZ COMPANY. But does 'clearing the screen' mean that the computer's files have been locked as in a ransomware attack? PLEASE, PLEASE IF YOU SEE THIS ON YOUR FACEBOOK, DELETE IT IF YOU CAN, BUT DO NOT OPEN IT AND TELL YOUR FRIENDS THAT YOU HAVE NOT SENT SUCH A QUIZZ TO THEM.
Do those responsible demand money to 'clear the screen' or is the number just a telemarketing scam?

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