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I gave the girls some suggestions regarding the design and made sure the construction was solid enough that the den wouldn’t cave in on them, but aside from that it was their creation. We ended up working on the den several days straight and the girls were excited about the process. Make an outdoor art installation with sticks, like these creative Magic Trees from My Nearest and Dearest. Upcycle old fabrics by creating stick people, like this lovely collection from Danya Banya. Finally, learn about the many ways kids benefit from playing with sticks, or “The Original Wooden Toy,” from Fireflies and Mud Pies! Rain or Shine Mamma 5 hours ago Any parents out there that allow their children to climb trees? You can attract beneficial insects and other creatures into your garden and add to garden biodiversity by building a bug mansion – or even a more humble abode! This bug mansion is based on one exhibited by Cheshire Wildlife Trust at RHS Tatton Park Flower Show in 2005. There are many different ways to fill the gaps in the structure - here are some suggestions.
Dead wood Dead wood is essential for the larvae of wood-boring beetles, such as the stag beetle. Holes for solitary bees Hollow stems, such as old bamboo canes, or holes drilled into blocks of wood, make good nest sites for solitary bees. Straw and hay This provides many opportunities for invertebrates to burrow in and find safe hibernation sites.
Dry leaves More homes for a variety of invertebrates; this mimics the litter on the forest floor.

Loose bark Beetles, centipedes, spiders and woodlice all lurk beneath the decaying wood and bark. Hedgehog house Hedgehogs need a secure place to build their nests in; a wooden box under a pile of sticks and debris in a sheltered corner is ideal. Toad hole Although frogs and toads need a pond to breed in, they can spend most of the year out of water.
Crevices Many garden invertebrates need a safe place to hibernate in through the winter, and cracks and crevices in the mansion are ideal. Lacewing homes Lacewings and their larvae consume large numbers of aphids, as well as other garden pests. Bumblebees Every spring, queen bumblebees search for a site to build a nest and found a new colony. British artist James R Ford, along with his partner Tess, take on the task of completing the official list of 33 things to do before you are 10.
We went to Rhodes Island, in Greece, to get married and were there for 10 days so we thought we might as well get a few of the sand tasks out of the way!
Round up all the blankets, sheets, pillows, couch cushions, and chairs to build a mega fort to hide out in and stay nice and cozy! What may just look like a typical stick to an adult can immediately be transformed to a sword, fairy wand or ladle in the hands of a child. Even though the design is very rudimentary, I imagine that they also learned some basic construction skills. It has also been used for imaginative play and as a quiet place when one of them wants to be left alone.
Carla from Inside Outside Michiana and her research colleagues are looking at tree climbing and resiliency.

To cater for as many of them as possible, site the mansion where some of it will catch the sun but with the rest of it in shade - say partially under a tree or near a hedge. You can make a home for lacewings by rolling up a piece of corrugated cardboard and putting it in a waterproof cylinder, such as an old lemonade bottle.
Sticks are also great for art projects and – of course – for building forts and dens!
We are presently at our cottage and our yard is full of sticks, as we haven’t completed our Spring clean-up yet. If you live in the United States, have child(ren) ages 3-13, and allow your children to climb trees, they would love some feedback! Choose a level, even surface: the mansion may end up fairly heavy, so will need a firm base. You place canes or hollow plant stems in a length of plastic drainpipe or a section from a plastic drinks bottle.
They immediately started looking for suitable branches and dragging them to a spot of their choice. If you place the bottom pallet upside down, this should create larger openings at the ends, which can be used for a hedgehog house.
Although the structure should be stable, you might want to secure each pallet to the one below. See MoreSee Less5 Steps To Raising A Viking Childparent.coHere are five steps to help you raise your own little Viking, Scandinavian-style, through outdoor play.

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