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EditorsThe original author of this tutorial is superc, but it has also been edited by Stefan, Sareana, k_marie, Kestrel, kleinevos, rueeverdeen and BFF66. Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. By learning How to make easy friendship bracelets after today’s instructions, you will grasp two kinds of old knots tying ways: Carrick Bend and Alpine Bend.
The Process of Pandahall Handicraft Making How to make easy friendship bracelets out of Carrick Bend and Alpine Bend By learning How to make easy friendship bracelets after todays instructions, you will grasp two kinds of old knots tying ways: Carrick Bend and Alpine Bend.
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This post aims at demonstrating how you can make handmade beaded bracelets in a simple way while introducing some of inexpensive jewelry making materials into your crafts. Both knots can be used in your friendship bracelet as their easy to do and undo, and meanwhile difficult to slip and fray.

After you have secured the bar firmly, trim off all leftover cord ends and melt them using a lighter. Keywords: how to make easy friendship bracelets, where to buy friendship bracelet, friendship braceletWho doesnt love friendship bracelet? In the next, repeat the same processes alongthe inner of yellow ones with two 90cm long redthreads.3. Though the jewelry making materials are just common acrylic beads without a splendid gloss and a delicate cut, the final results are amazingly fabulous and amusing! The center Carrick Bend, in the friendship bracelet, just rightly symbolize two hand-in-hand person; and the Alpha Bend, which can be tight steady even there is only one of it, just show the forever love between you and your friends. Hold the above half tip of thread ? to weave throughthe existed thread sections over and under according thediagram shows;3. You are done with one half square knot.Step 3Now, you shall do the same again, but mirrored.

Take the string to the right, put it over the string in the middle and below the string to the left.Step 4Take the string to the left, put it under the middle string and out through the loop that the last string created.
Pull tight, and you are done with a square knot.Square knot bracelet with beadsHere is how you make a square knot with beads. You will need 4 strings (all the same color looks best) Take the two strings on the outside to the side and the two in the middle together and tape them down to your work area. Take your bead and put it on the two strands in the middle.Step 2Take the three strings closest to the right and set up the strings where they fall like the two on the outside and the one in the middle. There is one string left over so don't get confused.Step 3Repeat step 4 only using the three strings closest to the left.

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