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Il marketing virale e una delle campagne pubblicitarie e di marketing che piu si accosta meglio al web, specialmente a quello 2.0. Nel mondo del web 2.0 questo significa che le campagne del viral marketing possono, anzi forse devono, essere fatte proprio attraverso quei modi che fanno parte del web, ovvero i forum, youtube, i social network, le newsletter, i portali tematici in generale e cose del genere.
Internet infatti insegna che video, messaggi, post e cose simili, fanno preso ad avere una diffusione esponenziale tra i contatti e tra gli amici che il video o il messaggio stesso colpiscono l’utente cosi tanto che vuole rendere partecipi altri di questa scoperta. At the end of 2011 film Rise of the Planet of the Apes, we were shown a very brief glimpse of the viral outbreak as it reached across the globe. The OPHA has provided a number of helpful tips on best determining who is at risk, what the known symptoms are and even has a global projection of what will happen if the Flu goes unopposed. By the way, some of this viral marketing hit Comic-Con this past week, as surgical masks were handed out in the Gaslamp district to protect humans from the Simian Flu.
When you see the latest Epic Mealtime video on Youtube, or a clip of some D-list celeb getting in a brawl at the club – and then you send it to a few friends, Youtube is what grows virally. As this Youtube video spreads, more and more people are exposed or re-exposed to Youtube’s video player. Think you can answer the question “what is viral marketing” yet with certainty? Sometimes on the web, content spreads in a similar way – so marketers adopted the same term. Viral marketing is the act of leveraging your own audience to pass on your website or app to their friends. In a nutshell, viral marketing is a form of direct response marketing where your users are the ones who pass your message on. In other words, what inherent value am I providing my users to share my content with others?
Is the transmission of this content more applicable to a blanket wall post on social media, a 1-to-1 personal email invite, an address book invite – or something different? Are you providing calls to action right when a user would realize the value of passing on your content?

If a user follows your instructions, how quickly can others come to the site, become users, and start inviting others? We’ll get into all of these and more in depth as we go, but this should hopefully set the record straight and get you thinking about viral marketing in a more clear and productive way as it pertains to your site or app. Hit me on Twitter, or comment below, and I’ll be happy to clear up any confusion, help you drum up ideas for your site, and share how we might be able to help.
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Great article and very good advice for individuals thinking about that very point of asking themselves over every piece of content. But while you play with your stable website code, it is always advisable to take backup of your website. A webmaster should often take the code backup of website to avoid any accidental loss of code.
You can take backup of the code, database, email filter configuration etc using this wizard. Select PHPMyAdmin from your cPanel and select all the tables that you need to take backup of. Cron Jobs are great way of scheduling daily task in your Webhosting space which can be configured to run at particular interval of time. Create a folder on the root of your web space called backups (don’t place this in the public_html directory.
Secondo wikipedia infatti, il marketing virale lo possiamo definire come un tipo di marketing non comune che utilizza la comunicazione fatta da poche persone, ma che riesce pero ad arrivare ad un numero sempre maggiore di persone e di utenti. Tuttavia perche il viral marketing funzioni bene bisogna che il soggetto in questione (il video, l’immagine o quello che e) sia di un grande impatto e curiosita su chi lo legge. In preparation for the ensuing epidemic that precedes the upcoming sequel, Dawn of the Planet of the Apes, 20th Century Fox has launched a new viral website for the fictional Office of Public Health Awareness (OPHA). On top of all the graphs and charts readily available, you can also get updates from the public via their twitter feed and watch the PSA video located below.

We’ll stay on top of this viral campaign as it develops, and read the prequel comic to find out even more about what happens between the films. However, usually the content creator is simply using Youtube as a medium of marketing more akin to PR and is not experiencing viral growth themselves.
You’ll likely need to do some manual labor yourself, make calls and do some favors to get things like this populated early on.
The web hosting companies often take backup of the website hosted on their servers, but it is good to keep the backup locally. Lot of FTP clients are available which can be used to connect to a website using FTP and take the backup. You may want to schedule a Cron Job which automatically takes database backup on daily basis. Lo possiamo definire come un moderno passaparola, anche se e molto piu volontario e determinato, questo perche proprio diffondere la notizia pubblicitaria e di marketing al piu alto numero di persone possibili.
Nell’ambito delle immagini, dei siti web o dei messaggi web bisogna tener conto che anche il colore o i colori con cui viene rappresentato il prodotto.
The wordpress installation you are running your website on must be updated regularly to avoid any kind of security threats in older versions of wordpress. Un colore di forte impatto che riesce a tenere bene a mente il prodotto e una delle scelte migliori.
If you want to backup more just copy and paste the bottom section and change info to match that DB.
If you just want to backup just 1 DB then delete the second section of the bottom section of the script.The functions of the script are commented in the script.

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