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Today the card is (or was, at this point) the Three of Mirrors (Cups) from Chrysalis Tarot. I've moved my blog entry on oracle art (below) to its own page to give it room to grow and change and to be also easily accessible.
Ten of Mirrors (Cups), Golden Flower (Temperance), Herne the Hunter (The Chariot) Chrysalis Tarot A fabulous week is promised in this week’s spread, so get ready! After posting today's Card of the Day on my Facebook page from Vision Quest Tarot - The Eight of Water (Cups), I thought of some other aspects I hadn't included. Can't keep away from Chrysalis Tarot too long even though some of my other decks are begging for attention! I am an intuitive counselor and visionary artist who  has studied and worked with Tarot for over 20 years.
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The 8 of Cups is all about walking away from something - often a situation or even a job or place. For the full and updated version go here.I know this is subjective - after all for the most part, taste in art is personal isn't it?
You may be finding yourself holding on too tightly to material aspects of your life - possessions, money, cravings for more.
If you haven't yet, visit my Pinterest board Unusual Tarot Cards with over 1100 images from many different decks. And of course, as always, I love Toney Brook's positive and empowering interpretation in his LWB. It gets me in a good frame of mind, regardless of the card I pull from this deck - even what's considered "negative" or challenging cards become deep and meaningful exercises or thoughts to guide me through my day in a positive way. In the name of variety, I try to rotate the decks I use for my daily and weekly draws, but just couldn't stay away from Chrysalis!
The Keyword I used in my posting is Celebration, and the Three of Mirrors indicates celebrating is in order today - either just for its own sake, or mostly because something good has come to pass. There's so many individual brilliant images out there - though not so many decks that are consistently brilliant all the way through, unfortunately. After thinking about what Vision Quest's LWB discusses regarding this card, I realized it can also be a journey within to a deeper, truer integrity. I hope those who read my daily postings either here or on my Facebook page derive equal benefit from this deck (and my musings). Vision Quest Tarot's Four of Earth shows us a medicine wheel mandala with all lines leading into a still center. A good part of the credit for this is not only Holly Sierra's beautiful artwork with its bright lovely colors, but writer Toney Brooks' accompanying LWB and his weekly blog, which greatly expands his already fascinating takes on the cards. So far I've got just 15 decks on my list that contain enough brilliance to qualify (in my opinion of course). He reminds us not to take our roles too seriously; behind all our masks lies the essence of who we are. That is, realizing what is real and what is a role, what comes from our deepest self and what has been absorbed from without or laid upon us. As an artist myself, I guess I'm especially interested, and sensitive, to the quality of the artwork of Tarot decks. So, I took this card's advice to heart and consciously applied myself to enjoyment today - and then my partner and I celebrated at a nice restaurant this evening.
It is only our false beliefs about ourselves that limits us and keeps us from authenticity and fulfillment. Our beliefs about ourselves, what we hold dear, our values - these are all open to self-scrutiny. I do hate to say this, but I'm surprised at what a large majority of people seem to like in art in general. If we step away from the whirlwind of thoughts and assumptions to the still place within, we will realize the security we seek in exterior things is always to be found there.
Toney Brooks describes her role as Muse, and her sharp, clear vision reveals the larger Truth behind what may appear as random events, confusion and ambiguity.
That burst of excitement and joy early week gives way to quiet contemplation and appreciation. When we feel the sort of malaise that seems to have no clear reason and we find our energy is low though we know we're healthy, have slept enough, etc, then it is time to check in and see what we may be ignoring within. We 4's suffer from an underground river of melancholia, though we can also shine very brightly.

When it comes to tarot art, I read in a lot of Tarot Facebook groups about different decks. Ultimately, it is not our possessions that bring us security, but being in touch with our deepest selves. She may be present in your life early this week as a strong woman with a sharp mind, one who doesn't mince words and cuts through ambiguity to clarity. My Thought of the Day in my FB posting was "What can I celebrate today?" I went out to another glorious morning here by the Bay in California and made a conscious effort at appreciation and joy. If you've been working hard on something, this card is indicating completion is near, though let the effort be its own reward.
Someone or other is always glowing about their new deck discovery or long-time favorite - positively gushing over the "gorgeous" art.
It is the acceptance that change is inevitable and we cannot control it, but even in the midst of constantly evolving circumstances, we find our inner stillness and strength is always present, like the stable spoke of a wheel. She could come to your side in matters that require an advocate who can bring discernment and balance, or be of some other significance as co-worker, boss, friend, or family member who will have an influence in some way.
Not that it's so hard, but sometimes, no often, I rush through my day, pausing only a little to experience the beauty and glory abounding around me.
A stable equilibrium can be achieved, allowing you to experience life’s ebbs and flows in a gentle and peaceful manner.
So, take a breath of fresh air today and step into your light!Toney's interpretation of The Devil shows we are all "players upon a stage" (or in a Carnivale) and the key is to become aware of that, moment by moment. Once recognized and acknowledged, the energy is freed and the lights come back on, so to speak. By focusing wholeheartedly on the work, rather than on the goal, new innovations may be revealed and fulfillment will be yours.
This deck has a definite emotional component to every image, so I really relate to it.I also want to put in a plug for the Vision Quest Tarot, which is certainly not a new deck (came out in 1998 I think), but a deep deck, thanks to the LWB that accompanies it. So, the Eight of Cups is asking us how we feel today and if the answer isn't positive, look at the path out of the downer (literally seen in RWS with the figure walking away). I love the way it handles "negative" or painful cards, putting a spiritual and positive (though not fake) spin on them, making them helpful, rather than frightening or dark. I took my time walking to the gym I work out in most mornings, feeling the warmth of the sun, the breeze, the scents in the air. We can change our costumes at will and try on many others, and in fact, we do wear different masks everyday, depending on where we are and what we're doing.
It's probably time to let go of something, or more than one thing, to allow the energy to move and vibrancy to return.
The LWB has two interpretations for each card - Inner message and Outward Manifestation, and each is compassionate and spiritual.
Often, the art was what I consider simpering, cutesy, childish stuff, or simply had a totally uninspired commercial look - with airbrushed comic book-like figures of heroes and villains and sexily clad women. Give something away maybe, or just step back, take a few breaths and enjoy just being!BTW, I love the Vision Quest Tarot! If you have been considering the implementation of a plan, idea, or project, his appearance is an encouragement to action.
I took my time throughout my workout instead of rushing through it so I can get out that much sooner, as I often do. I wasn't happy to have pulled this card today initially and even considered putting in back in the deck and trying again, hoping for a "better" card. It's not unlike the recently released and celebrated (by me and many others) Chrysalis Tarot in its depth and approach, though Vision Quest is of course Native American-themed while Chrysalis is more Celtic and a mix of other traditions. Sometimes the art was just inept - a completely unskilled "primitive" look with crudely drawn or painted images that might be great in an elementary school class, but certainly not as a tarot deck that is trying to be taken seriously!
I haven't had it very long, or worked with it much, but every time I use it, I find it to be amazingly accurate, meaningful, and magical!
If you find yourself clinging, it might be time to step back, take a breath and pull the mask off for a little perspective. But I felt this would be "cheating" and that Tarot always has a message we need to hear regardless of whether we want to hear it or not. I have done some self-readings with the Vision Quest Tarot and found them to be extremely, even startlingly accurate and meaningful.
These will let you know you're on the right track and will further reveal the connections between all things.
Anything you’ve been working on is certainly moving forward now with your will and energy behind it.

I love its gentle Native American-themed art, and most of all I really like the accompanying LWB. If you’ve encountered obstacles, expect these to be overcome if you continue to keep your eyes on the road and ditch any limiting beliefs that may be keeping you back. I checked in with myself and found I did indeed feel a bit low energy and a slight malaise. Some are out of print and difficult to find, others haven't been released yet, others are easily found on Amazon and elsewhere.
For each card it has two sections of explanation - the Inner Message and the Outward Manifestation. Saturday - Sunday - THREE OF STONES (Pentacles): If you've heard the message of The Green Man and put plans into motion or made a decision recently, the appearance of the Three of Stones is a confirmation you're heading in the right direction. One is clearly spiritual and psychological and the other is how the card's energy manifests in the physical world.
This card further encourages you to keep the momentum going with a promise of new growth ahead.
Lots of positive energy with a bit of Temperance reminder to even out any over-excitement with a little calm and even perspective. Unlike many other LWB that accompany decks, I find this one immensely useful, often adding another dimension to my understanding of cards. Trust that the structure you have created is sound and it is a good time to acknowledge all your efforts and dedication.
If you feel yourself getting a bit ungrounded, just take a breath and gather in your joy, call in any scattered thoughts, and settle into yourself.
The first step was to tune in and feel and acknowledge where I was at and what I was feeling.
I can favorably compare it Chrysalis Tarot's enhanced, spiritual card interpretations; unlike Chrysalis, however, this deck hasn't gotten the publicity it deserves in my opinion. Alternatively, if you haven't yet gotten a hold on the niggling details of a plan or strategy, this card is a reminder to do so.
Focusing on the beautiful sunflower mandala in the Chrysalis Golden Flower card (which was created with this function in mind) can be one way of settling down into a more steady serenity. Right away I felt reality returning -  at least I was now conscious of what was going on. If you're a reader and not familiar with Vision Quest, give it a try – I'd love to hear your opinions! It also lets you know you have all the competence and knowledge you need to achieve your goals.
It's also about partying with ourselves - that is, being happy with ourselves, in ourselves, in our own company.
Just gazing at this card with its bright warm colors will be sure to bring a smile to your face, as it does mine. Good first step!The  more I work with Tarot, the more faith I have in it and the more I love it.
Loving and accepting and appreciating ourselves first and foremost, before we can offer that love to others. The cards are not intrinsically powerful in themselves, in the sense that they are magical. This week, then, is all about manifestation: The Weaver brings clarity, The Green Man encourages the harnessing of creative energy into direction and structure, and the Three of Stones boosts our conviction and confidence by reminding us we already have all we need to succeed - just keep moving!
If we don't have love for ourselves, then we really don't have love to give away to others either.
But they are Keys to the Kingdom and while they sometimes may seem like a Chinese puzzle, with patience, perseverance, will and trust the doors will open. So, the Three of Mirrors indicates it's time to enjoy and celebrate, but the real party starts right here, right now, within us. Everything is connected.Stay tuned, I'm going to review two decks here very soon - The Vision Quest Tarot and the recently released Tarot de St.

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