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Set in Canada and the Philippines, Ang Pamana:The Inheritance is the story of the fears we carry and the ones that refuse to be left behind. Based on traditional Filipino folklore,such as duwende (dwarfs), manananggal (winged, half-bodied vampires), aswang (blood-sucking monsters disguised as humans), kapre (tobacco-smoking giants). Wowwwwwww this is a masterpiece whoever the director and the story writer was, I salute you guys. One of the best Asian horror movies of the decade!To those who feel there were practically no special effects, that's the point. Watch Ayos na ang kasunod Pinoy Movie Onlinewatch filipino movieswatch tagalog filmsStars Fernando Poe Jr. I\'VE BEEN LOOKING FOR THIS MOVIE FOR YEARS NOW, AND UNFORTUNATELY ITS NOT RELEASED IN MY COUNTRY IN PHILIPPINES.IM LOOKING 4WARD TO SEE THIS,THANK U SO MUCH!!

I didn\'t even want to watch it but now with all the good comment\'s I kinda feel like I have to.
A definitely must watch, specially to all Filipino\'s out there, this movie is something to be proud of.
Blair Witch) - and the platforms for fear are lighting and mood rather than overt.And to those who claim this just copies other countries' horror, actually it's one of the few uniquely Filipino movies (despite being co-produced in Canada). Starring Lito Lapid, Eddie Garcia, Dencio Padilla, Ruel Vernal, Beth Bautista, Jimmy Fabregas, Julio Diaz, Bomber Moran, Ding Salvador, Mario Escudero, Pons De Guzman, Sabatini Fernandez, Bong Dimayacyac, Mia Prats and J.C. If they\'re going to do a film about vampires, dwarfs and giants, they should have at least shown them. With the exception of the white lady ghost (which is pretty much a pan-Asian phenomenon), the other creatures are culled from uniquely-Filipino folklore.Oh, and yes, they did show a couple of the creatures, albeit in a strategic (and IMO more effective) way.

This is so nice, you guys might think that I\'m just exaggerating on what I\'m saying ,but really the movie was great, so original, and totally not a trying hard foreign film. This is a junk piece of crap and I didn\'t even finish the last 15 minutes because it sucked.

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