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Enterprise organisations have flocked to adopt the product, favouring its jack-of-all-trades model over more expensive, specialist products. In reality, that complexity along, with license costs and infrastructure requirements meant, that few small- to medium-sized organisations could realistically deploy SharePoint in any meaningful way, let alone customise or brand their SharePoint sites for their own purposes. The arrival of SharePoint 2013 presents a marked change in direction for Microsoft’s flagship portal and collaboration product. Microsoft have made it very clear that apps are the way to go when choosing how to build new features and functionality for the platform. Apps aren’t the only new feature of SharePoint 2013 to strengthen an already impressive feature set. With Office 365 and SharePoint 2013, small businesses have a real opportunity to access enterprise features that were previously not an option, directly challenging Google’s cloud-based Apps for Businesses offering. Rich has been working with various web technologies for over 10 years, developing web applications and working with various CMS and database products.

They are easy to work with; organised, focused on meeting deadlines and have lots of good ideas.
Our good friend and SharePoint expert Rich Browne shares his thoughts on the future of SharePoint and Office 365. With the recent launch of SharePoint 2013 and Office 365, small businesses can now get enterprise level, cloud-based email and web-based office products at a competitive cost.
The name means different things to different people, but no one can deny its success in the enterprise market place. In fact, they have even provided an online store so that app creators can distribute their products to the marketplace, and consumers can locate and purchase third-party apps quickly and easily.
Microsoft have added a feature called Device Channels which enables easier implementation of responsive website design.
Time will tell whether Microsoft will be successful in wrestling away Google’s share of the small business online office market.

Also, the new apps for SharePoint and Office open the doors for app publishers and consumers to enhance their SharePoint and Office experiences cheaply and easily.
When it was first introduced by Microsoft back in 2001, it was an awkward and clunky document management system. The platform’s complexity means that building a robust and scalable solution requires teams of experienced specialist architects and developers. They have also expanded browser support to include proper Safari compatibility, which will make the legions of iPad business users happy. While their third-party tools are numerous, they are mostly targeted to the enterprise and priced accordingly.

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