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In the last post, I talked about getting started with Visual Studio and creating a web application.
Split view in the Visual Studio editor enables you to see both the markup and the result at the same time. The initial markup of the a webform with a master page simply has a Page Directive line and ContentPlaceHolder controls that correspond to the ones in the master page. The above screenshot shows the new Default.aspx page in split view with the Toolbox tab on the left side of the IDE expanded.
The Toolbox on the left of the IDE contains a long list of available controls that you can use on webforms and it’s a good idea to take some time to explore the different sections in this list.
Toolbox controls can be placed on the page simply by dragging them from the Toolbox onto either the markup or the design view. Place the cursor inside ContentPlaceHolder1 (the main content area) and hit Enter once or twice to add a couple lines. Find the Textbox control in the Toolbox and drag it onto the page under the text that you just typed. The textbox should appear in both the Design and Source views and you’ll notice that it has resizing handles that you can adjust.
Again, as you make these changes in the Design view, you’ll see the properties added in the Source view. Now that we have a completed starting page, we can run the application on the local computer.
On the toolbar at the top of the IDE, you’ll see a Start button with a browser name next to it. From the Debug menu, you can chose either Start Debugging (F5) or Start Without Debugging (Ctrl-F5). After you close the browser window, you might have to press SHIFT-F5 to exit the Debug mode if you chose to run the app in that mode. The red line number under the control name indicates that the IDE does not recognize the reference. After you have some quotes entered, you can simply refresh the page or click on one of the page’s Home links to select a new quote.
If you really just want to see the application in action and don’t have time to work through the example, you can download the entire solution to examine it on your machine.
My first rule for deciding on hosting is this – unless your website is directly earning significant money for you in some way or providing a time-sensitive point of contact with your customers, shared hosting is probably enough to start with.
There are a couple of disadvantages with shared hosting that cause some web design professionals to shy away from it. There are some really bad shared hosting companies out there and, while it is economical as a rule, it’s possible to go too cheap even in this area. If the hosting company is really large and has less-than-stellar protections against DDOS attacks and other hacking attempts, your site could be a casualty when the company’s servers come under attack.

Still, despite those possibilities, before you spend hundreds of dollars a year on your site, you should consider at least starting with a good shared hosting plan.
Another option is Microsoft Azure which is Microsoft’s a la carte cloud services platform. Once you decide on a hosting service, you should receive a user name and password to upload files via FTP or another web deployment method.
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Web authoring programs such as NetObjects Fusion will automatically create a hierarchy for a typical public Web site and let you edit it however you wish. In this post, we’ll continue building the sample app and look at some options for publishing it to a hosting service.
You can make any page the starting page by right-clicking on it and choosing Set as Start Page from the menu. You can also add the MetaDescription and MetaKeywords settings to include SEO information for this page. There are extensions to Visual Studio that will add even more controls but you’ll probably find that the basic list is more than enough to start with. You’ll probably find it easier to drag them to the design view at first and edit the properties there. Now select the textbox control and look at the Properties panel which should be showing on the right side below the Solution Explorer.
Visual Studio 2013 enables you to run the app in any browser you have installed in order to test in different environments. Clicking on this button will run the app in the browser of your choice in Debug mode, meaning that it will stop in any breakpoints. After that, every time the page refreshes, it counts the number of quotes in the file, generates a random number between 0 and the number of quotes minus 1 (as the list of quotes is indexed starting at zero) and then selects the quote record matching with a matching index number. Chances are, you will see some cases where the same quote is selected two or three times in a row but this will happen less with more quotes entered.
If one of these domains turns out to be less than reputable, a porn site or a site known for malware for example, system protection software could start blocking your site by association and your listings on Google could be affected. Switching to a another hosting plan, if necessary, is relatively easy and can be done without your visitors even noticing a blip in your site’s availability. Azure offers a range of services including website and SQL database hosting, virtual machines, cloud storage and more. Publishers can take advantage of our full-service, professional media-planning experience and profit from the highest converting offers on the internet.
This time, select Web Form with Master Page from the Add New Item dialog and name it Default.aspx. If you ran the app in Internet Explorer, Visual Studio might stop debugging on its own once you close the browser.

If you select the ErrorList from the View menu, you can see a list of any errors before trying to run the application.
It then combines the quote and the author name into one string and pops it into the lblQuote control. It’s still important to investigate a hosting company before throwing down cash, however. Putting together the right mix in the most cost-effective campaign will maximize your results as will as your advertising dollars. When you click Add, you’ll be asked to select a master page and you can navigate to the one that you previously created. Any controls or content you want visible on this specific page can go within the ContentPlaceHolder controls.
This window enables you to change all of the available properties for the control and also to add code to respond to events the control might generate.
For local operations, Visual Studio comes with its own miniature web server that is limited to operations on the local machine and isolated from the Internet.
If you want, you can even save that XML file as Quotes.xml in the root directory of your application and the app should read from it.
You can direct your domain name to the company’s servers and it will resolve to your site.
Azure offers a free trial of approximately 30 days, after which you could pay as little as a $2 – $3 dollars a month to start, depending on the needs of your site. Our expertise and balanced approach to media planning to engage your target audience, optimize campaigns tailored to your marketing budget using detailed planning, strategic execution and measure its performance.
You can even enter text in the textboxes and click on the Save button, although nothing will happen yet other than for the page to refresh. You’ll probably have a bunch of other services such as e-mail and database storage included in an inexpensive package. These books will take you further into the process of designing professional websites and coding with C#. We help you to grow your business through employing unique media optimizing strategies tailored to maximize your advertising dollars reach.
When you publish a site, Visual Studio compiles all of the code behind down into DLL files. We target the right places using the right timing and with the best creative has proven itself and is the driving force for superior results.

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