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After enabling the web server on the controller, you will need to deploy the settings and reboot the controller for the server to become active. Then, highlight WebServer:Configuration, place a check next to Enable Web Server and press OK. On the VI located under your FieldPoint bank in the Project Explorer, go to Tools»Web Publishing Tool to create a new web page. Problem: When I am trying to view a VI remotely using LabVIEW, I enter the IP address and the VI name in the Connect to Remote Panel window, but I get the message Requested VI is not loaded into memory on the server computer.

Solution: When LabVIEW connects to another VI across a network or across the Internet, it uses the IP address and VI name to remotely connect to the application.
The VI on the server machine is not in memory: A VI is considered to be in memory whenever it is open on the server machine. The VI Name entered on the client machine is incorrect: The name entered must match the VI name on the host machine exactly, and there are many caveats to ensure this criteria is met. The name of the VI is not case sensitive, but it does require all spaces and characters to be accounted for.

If the VI is part of a LabVIEW project, you must include the project name and the target in the VI name field. If using a real-time target, you can find the name of the VI that is currently running on the target with the Real-Time System Manager.

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