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Crypto-currencies such as Bitcoin, differ from traditional currency, as no central banking system is used at any point during a transaction. The Bitcoins are created and held electronically, so nobody actually controls the currency.
When Satoshi Nakamoto set up the Bitcoin algorithm, a finite limit was set on the number of coins that could ever be released. Records of each Bitcoin transaction are kept, allowing currency holders to keep track of who owns what.
A hash is created using data from all transactions within the block, as well as data from the previous block, which assures legitimacy and that it’s in the correct order.
As time goes on, Bitcoins become rarer to discover, and far more valuable, hence the huge increase in value seen over recent years. In the past, Bitcoins have been an underground form of currency, used only by tech-lovers and lovers of the alternate.
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It’s founder, Satoshi Nakamoto, is still unknown, with many believing the name to be a pseudonym for a whole group of people. In truth, the idea of mining is confusing to many, which is why most leave the theory and application to the more mathematically minded. Traditional fiat money systems are subject to inflation, and currency devaluation, as governments and treasuries can simply print more to help ease national debt. Specialist software is used to create a hash, with the successful user receiving 25 Bitcoins. Recently, after an explosion of popularity, the currency has expanded out and is now used by mainstream civilians. We show bitcoin and cryptocurrency related jobs and jobs that are full or partially paid in Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies. We show bitcoin, Blockchain, Ethereum, Ripple and other cryptocurrency related jobs and jobs that are full or partially paid in Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies.

Instead, they’re produced by a network of computers worldwide, which work to solve complex mathematical problems, essentially turning electricity into actual currency. Currently, 12 million Bitcoins exist, which means around 9 million are still left to be produced. To ensure that the list stays unhampered with, all information it contains is run through a mathematical formula, giving it an entirely different appearance.
It’s possible to use the form of payment to buy Subway sandwiches, a hair cut and even casino credits. Gox anyone?) for storing and exchanging your BitCoins, BitCoin will have a long, painful road to travel.

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