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Customers can make free call to any mobile number across the country for up to 20 calls per day. Web based free SMS provider , Site2SMS has announced recently free calling service for customers of India. To use these calling service new users have to register with Site2SMS before they start using these service. Brijesh Gohil is the founder of Tech Brij, A popular Tech Blog which is focused on Tech tips & Buying Guides. Subscribe to TECH BRIJ NEWS LETTEREnter your Email address and receive regularly updated Phone, Tablet and Laptop Buying Guides directly in your inbox!

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Using this service customers can make 20 calls per day to people across the country which will be 100 % free.
All you need to do is provide your phone number which is registered with your name that is what site is utilizing for making calls.

These 20 calls can be of maximum 2 minutes , after 2 minutes your free call will be automatically disconnected.
To make the free calls you have to enter the number of person to whom you will like to talk and than that person will get the call from Site2SMS and it will connect you with that person which will be free.
Do remember the maximum call limit will be 2 minutes and 20 calls per day , you can make another calls by following the same procedure.

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