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A basic, small business brochure website where you can talk about your services and include a contact page through which your customers can reach you. Anyone building a website within this price range is likely looking for a custom-coded web system (otherwise known as “web application”) with lots of powerful features. WordPress can still work to some level of success with the above 4 systems, but the functionality might be a little limited.
Well first things first, WordPress is free and open-source, just like its counterparts Drupal and Joomla. Maybe your primary concern after learning how cheap it is to build a website this way is whether you can really hack it. The whole process starts with a 3-step installation of WordPress on your domain from your cPanel account (after you purchase hosting). The bottom line is that a typical brochure or portfolio website could cost you anywhere from $1,000 to $3,000, whereas a fully decked out CMS website like a WordPress blog with a membership forum could range from $2,000 to $10,000. DashBurst is part of the Small Business Trends Publisher Channel and is an open content network for creators, marketers, designers, bloggers, small businesses and brands and covers the latest in social media, marketing, technology and design.
What is the average cost for a website, if you go through all the business websites created in the United States of America? Founded in 2003, Small Business Trends is an award-winning online publication for small business owners, entrepreneurs and the people who interact with them.
Together with hundreds of expert contributors, Small Business Trends brings you the news, advice and resources you need. You are trying to get a quote for a new website for your business so you google a few terms you think will hit the mark.
What you get quoted is dependent on the approach each web designer takes when building a website. The first diagram below shows a few approaches to building a simple small business website. You can see that quotes might vary from $500 - $2500 or more but the amount of work and attention to detail varies dramatically.
In the cheapest scenario a stock template is used and you are paying for the time to add content only. You will notice in the diagram that this scenario lacks a planning phase by the designer or planning is minimal.
Getting a custom design as opposed to using a template is going to get a website that better fits your business and the content you want to display. When the designer puts time and energy into helping you plan your website and lay out your content in a way that will increase sales or enquiry conversions it takes time in the planning, design and development phases. Some designers also put time into making your website search engine friendly which means researching keywords for your business and applying best practices while building the site. The amount it costs to support your business is wholly determined by the size of your business and the type of website you have working for you, as well as the way your company utilizes the site.
Making the initial investment for webs support is the hardest step, but the benefits will come back multi-fold.
However, there is always a range we can work with and that range depends on the requirements of your website. The real concern for most business owners or individuals looking for a site design is almost always – you guessed it – cost. Although not static in nature, the amount of time taken to set up a blog is relatively little while additional resources needed to set it in motion are also minimal.

There are many development hours going into such a project, which should involve two or more developers working on it together. Take nothing away from it though, because chances are that whatever site you’re looking to build falls in the first category, and can be successfully implemented with the CMS. You don’t need a course to learn how to work with WordPress, so the development costs = $0.
Looking at it again, the price is going to be just under $200 on the high side, mostly attributable to the hosting fee. Cast those doubts aside, because anyone who can use a web browser can build their own website with a CMS; specifically WordPress. You will then be able to log in to your administration backend where you can add your themes, plugins and content. However, you can buy older aged domains, typically ranging from hundreds to millions of dollars, depending on the traffic. Small blogs can usually get away with using cheaper shared servers or virtual private servers (VPS), while larger sites and enterprise applications use powerful dedicated servers in combination with cloud technology. Finally, an eCommerce site like a mom-and-pop small business website will likely cost from $3,000 to over $10,000, depending on the number of pages needed, along with other advanced functionality. The amount of time and attention to detail that goes into a website is strongly influenced by how much time and energy you (the client) is prepared to put into the project as well as your budget.
The typical first website for small business has pages such as home, about, products or services with an image gallery and a contact page.
If you are on a limited budget this approach can work well, but your content must fit the template design.
Sometimes it happens this way because the client is organised with their content and have a strong idea on what they want the site to look like using other websites as examples.
Another advantage is that updates to your site will take less time when the designer has coded the site rather than used a template.
This process does not guarantee you magically land as the first result in google but is a neccesary first step towards decent placement in search engines. You have a business to run, which means you have to find the right website support to meet your needs.
There are plenty of independent contractors who are well-trained in IT support and Website support who work from home, and can be called out to help out anytime your company in a bind. Many of the same digital marketing companies that design websites and manage social media marketing strategies also provide affordable website support, tailored to your company’s needs. You will no longer have to worry about what your website is and isn’t doing, and it will flourish as if by magic. If you hire a developer, you will be paying an hourly rate – the more complex your website needs get, the higher the fee.
Building your own social network app to compete with the likes of Pinterest, for instance, would cost you this much.
If you have zero to minimal coding skills and would rather not re-invent the wheel trying to figure out how websites work so you can code up your and learn how can I make a website on my own, then you’ve found a capable solution in WordPress.
All you need is some basic knowledge on how to install it on your server and how to add plugins, themes and some content.
The same might not be said for Joomla, Magento, Drupal or other popular open source CMSs, but WordPress just excels at user-friendliness. The task isn’t really daunting as it seems – all thanks to an intuitive dashboard interface – but if you ever get stuck, there’s always the reliable forums to look up to for help.

But if you’re not the DIY type or an experienced Web developer, you may want to hire a professional Web design firm. It is a highly-frequented independent publication online that focus on social media and Web culture. When your prospects see a poorly done website they will end up buying from your competition.
Now if you are in the early days of planning your website and you don't have some sort of brief to give to the web design business on the other end of the phone you are going to get a lot of variation in costs quoted for your new site. It gets more complicated when we introduce further site functionality and using a content management system for a website so if that sounds like your website projects check this article - how much does a website cost? The standard of stock templates is quite good but still best chosen by your designer to match your content and business.
Sometimes the lack of a planning phase occurs because the client has not had time to gather or write sufficient content becase they are busy with the day to day running of their business. This is the most costly of your website support options, but if you can’t afford to have any website glitches, you have unlimited access to support.
For example, at Kaufer DMC, we offer a multi-tiered package option that begins with FREE website support and works its way up to accommodate small, medium, and large business’s needs. But if you decide to go solo and make your website with a CMS, the costs are, to say the least, minimal.
Designers will put more or less time into the various steps and consequently this sets up some significant price variation. If the designer has to modify the template too much to fit your content you might end up exceeding your budget on variations and spend more that a custom design. It is difficult for the web designer to collate and organise content into a website with a few paragraphs of text in a word document. In that case, in-house website support provider may be worthy of their own salary and benefits package. You may pay by the hour, or many independent contractors have packaging options to help lower your overall expenses. When you work with a company who specializes in website support, you are guaranteed to have someone at the ready when you need them. According to the US Department of Labor’s Bureau of Labor Statistics, Web Developers enjoy a median salary of just over $75,000 a year.
This option is really only feasible if you are a very small company and can afford to wait from time to time if the web support contractor is busy with other customers when your site is having problems. Plus, your site will also be enhanced by the upgrades necessary to keep up with digital marketing trends.
One thing to consider: if the independent contractor is more attuned with the technical side of things, and less in touch with digital marketing strategies, you may not benefit from the types of updates and upgrades that will keep your website performing well in search engine rankings. That being said, they will also be trained to work as IT and network security specialists so, for larger companies, this option is often more affordable than working with smaller website and IT support specialists on a constant, as-needed basis.

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