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Content ratings help you understand the type of content you might find in an app or game, so you can decide if they are suitable for you and your family. If an app or game does not have a rating, it means that it has not yet been rated, or it’s been rated and we’re working to update the page.
If you don’t know much about web design or programming, creating your own web page might seem like a daunting task. Web Page Maker is an easy-to-use web page editor that allows you to create and upload web pages in minutes without knowing HTML. Website Wireframes are black-and-white schematic diagrams that illustrate blocks of content, navigation and functionality of a website design.
NOTE: When creating a Wireframe document, we need to keep in mind that this document can be used to flush out our visual design when we get to it. NOTE: This green box with crop-marks will be important down the road when we use this document to start our visual design. Now that we have created our guide for our live area, we are going to use some of the same steps as above to create our column grid. I am going to start out by making another box that is 860px X 1360px so I will have a margin around my columns of 20px. Let’s notice that I have used a company name and the actual navigation items from my information architecture. If the purpose of a Wireframe document is to show the Client a content layout… You should use the actual navigation items from the information architecture. This way, the explanation of content and functionality will be out of the way of the actual design of the page. We should create these annotations for any part of the design that may require further explanation. Download our free To Do List template to help you, your team, your family, or your organization. The Vertex42™ To Do List template allows you the flexibility to use whatever codes, scales, or abbreviations you want for each of the columns.
Priority: You might want to use a 3-, 5-, or 10-point numeric scale for this column, where 1 is the highest priority. Owner: The person assigned to this task, or the person responsible for seeing that this task is completed.
Notes: Add notes for more clarity or special instructions, comments about sub-tasks completed, problems, etc. Question: Are we, SoCal Wholesale Depot, a member of the Better Business Bureau?Answer: NO! I know many, many people who would rather stab themselves in the eye with a pencil than be responsible for a large-scale content inventory. A content inventory is nothing more than a spreadsheet that captures each web page or content module you’re responsible for creating, reviewing, or caring for.
Before anyone commits to any content at all, a content strategist, information architect, web editor or web writer should conduct a content audit of all current web content.
Ideally, the source content isn’t just being catalogued (quantified) but also carefully analyzed (qualified) for accuracy, consistency, relevance, voice and tone, and so forth.
This exercise gives the entire project team a very clear understanding of what there is to work with, which in turn should inform content strategy, schedule, and scope. As any seasoned web project manager will tell you, the number one killer of both budgets and schedules is usually content.

Web writers everywhere: Do not, repeat, DO NOT begin writing for a website or CMS without a content inventory. If you’re not handed a content inventory by someone on the project team, step up and create it yourself. Then, you can structure your documents using the same labeling or numbering system as the content inventory (which, in turn, should use the same system as the information architecture documentation). Even if you have a big, expensive content management system, it still may be useful for you to maintain a content inventory. I’m with you Kristina, I actually like doing content audits because for me there is no better foundation from which to evolve recommendations for the future state. This arrived at the perfect time for me Kristina, as I’m just about to start a content review myself. I often provide advice for changes in content based on what is known about reader behavior (e.g.
What about using a content inventory as a starter or precursor to a prescriptive content matrix? I’m just wrapping up a contract gig doing a usability review of a company intranet (approx.
As any IA aficionado knows, this is music to few people’s ears but I was pretty confident of selling them on the idea because of all the bonus WINS tied to this harrowing task. I’m very grateful for this and other links about content auditing and a content inventory. I am a Content Strategist and I believe Excel spreadsheets are antiquated for keeping content.
I’m a consultant working with one of my clients to conduct content audits for their 23 business units. It does not indicate that the app was specifically designed for that particular age, or if a certain level of skill is required to play the game or use the app. You should probably start off with a good WYSIWYG editor, simple enough that you don’t need to code anything yet packing all the tools to create good web pages.
If you really know how to navigate and had great idea about what you gonna design this thing is a monster.
We do not encourage or condone the use of this program if it is in violation of these laws. To do so, I will need to click on the rectangle tool and then click down inside the artboard of my Illustrator document. This template is already set up for auto filtering so that you can group the tasks by date, priority, status, etc. For example, you can use the Owner column for assigning a specific person a task, and then email the spreadsheet, or use it collaboratively to keep track of your tasks and due dates. It is highly customizable and requires only basic spreadsheet knowledge to edit or customize.
You can customize the items shown in those columns of the To Do List by editing the values in the Lists or Ref worksheet. Currently, the Priority column uses conditional formatting to highlight "High" red and "Low" blue. If the due date is earlier than today's date, the conditional formatting condition will make the date red.
A company's good reputation or credibility is not determined by whether or not a company is a member of the BBB.

It’s far too easy for the IA to draw boxes that suddenly create nightmarish, impossible content requirements. Simply having all of your web content assets listed in one place can help you see important content attributes at-a-glance, like who owns what, or what still needs updating. Sites that have not conducted content audits or kept their inventory up-to-date tend to be adept at showing the internal company silos all over the web. Could not agree more and wanted to emphasize your point that this needs to be a human process. I can’t tell you how many project proposals have overlooked the content analysis step altogether, and of course, it affects everything down the line.
Web Page Maker is a program that will allow anybody to create a good looking website in seconds. We immediately felt at ease with the WYSIWYG features of the program.
Additional features include built-in color picker, Java script library, image library and built-in FTP client.
Therefore, we will need some way of describing the contents of the animation to our Client.
It takes a creative design to grab the client’s attention long enough for him or her to enjoy sifting through your creative work. We decided not to become a member of the BBB, (they charge a yearly membership fee of over $500) after a major controversy surrounding the BBB put in question their own credibility.
We’ve retired our blog, but never fear … we’ve saved every single post for your perusal and edification. Having a clear list of what you need to create, how it’s structured, and associated requirements will make you a much happier camper. While tedious, getting down and dirty with the content is the only way to have a strong foundation for future content strategy and IA work. I have been thinking about keeping the qualitative audit as a separate piece and only bringing it up on an individual case basis as a result. It is easy to print, so it's nice for people who like to check off or scribble out tasks by hand. If you’re feeling lazy, you can also use one of the available templates and tweak it to your liking. The aim of this post is to stimulate your creativity and inspire you to create your own online portfolio or re-think your existing design. The menu bar has a button to instantly clone pages and a preview button to see how your web page looks in your favourite browser.
You’ll see portfolios from a wide range of fields, including Web design, Painting, Drawing, Photography and even 3D Animation.
Ready-to-use Java Script and HTML code can also be inserted into your web page in seconds. Web Page Maker is a WYSIWYG web editor with a quick hands-on approach and accessible features. So, we now present to you 25 most beautiful and creative portfolio designs for your inspiration.
Although it only offers three types of shapes and the navigation bar feels pretty basic, the program is a great solution for beginners who want to create their own HTML pages without getting lost in technical jargon and coding.

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