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In order to be a great designer, you need to be on top of the trend before it becomes a trend. With advances in technology, I think it’s safe to say one of the trends to look forward to are animated web designs. There are many theme parks that have websites that normally just tell you about attractions and how to go about purchasing tickets. So, of course an online game is going to have animation, but of great importance is the technologies used to create this little project. Kikk is a digital festival that takes keen interest in creativity by figuring out what’s so artistic about some of the newer digital technologies. You know when you’re out late at night and you’re walking down the strip and all the places you pass have crazy neon lights? When you have a lot of information and statistics to share, it’s often important to present them in the best way possible.
Much like the Blacknegative website, Werkstatt has utilized some great animations and interactions for us to really get lost in the website. Carpooling is one of those things that should catch on, but hasn’t really gotten popular. It’s the beginning of 2013 and lots of experts are telling us what to and what not to expect from web design.
Join our 746,498 subscribers and get access to the latest tools, freebies, product announcements and much more! Nearly all clients, upon seeing a mock-up of their potential new website, ask this question.
If you want them to visit your website more than once, they are here to see new content (we can help you with that). When you ask your developer to make your website logo bigger, ask yourself – Is this the best possible way forward for my website?

By making your website logo bigger, headings, sub-headings, some associated graphics and page text will also have to be adjusted.
When one considers that the average time spent on any web page is about fifteeen seconds (link to Times article) can you really afford to have that third news item or product special drop off the bottom of a laptop or tablet screen?
With the volatility in the real estate market these days, many agents are looking to stabilize their business by getting online. Being able to have this sense of what’s going to take off is key in creating a wonderful product.
It can, however, be tough to keep up with trends because they come so frequently and you never know what’s going to stick.
Of course, they’ve utilized a lot of programming knowledge to do some crazy things inside. It’s extremely clean and to the point, so the movement is used as a means to entertain and draw you in. Here, someone has decided to essentially make a list of the games they played as a child in Singapore. The idea here is to create excitement with what’s given and to show off her skills as a web developer.
This InTacto group utilizes this technique to show use a wonderful story on their history and their work.
It’s an event that took place the end of last year, but fortunately, we have the ability to still see this website.
The content and design and layout are absolutely amazing and stand for one of the best portfolio websites I’ve ever seen. I think the only way you can romanticize this idea of riding with strangers via design and Weroll has done that. While many of these sites were created in 2012 and 2011, I think it’s safe to say web design is going a more dynamic and entertaining route.

Web designers are effectively modern vanity publishers and people like seeing their name (or logo) in all its glory. If it affects the position of more important site content, pushing your latest items below the fold (the bottom of the monitor) they may miss important parts of your site. By having a web presence, they realize that there is great opportunity to rise above their competition, as well as build a establish themselves as a community-driven agent. This extremely minimal movement and animation on this site is especially intriguing from an artist perspective. Fortunately, Adventure World has added a bit of excitement with their extremely animated website. In the meantime, they’ve added on great video and animations to make this site even more interesting. This consumption guide does a good job of using infographics and a bit of animation to really make this thing interesting. The subtle animations in the header keep you interested and playing with it (if you have a short attention span like me). The bigger your logo, the more insecure your company looks – especially if the logo is detracting from (or even dictating) website usability. Today, I’ve found 20 web designs that use minimal to dramatic amounts of animation in their design. I implore you, if you haven’t already, to scope out every inch of this super-amazing website. The only reason why anyone returns to your website for a second time is to see what’s new.

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