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We'll begin by creating a 245 by 296 pixel and 204 by 257 pixel ovals using the Ellipse Tool (L).
Select both ovals and use the Align palette (Shift + F7) to center vertically and horizontally.
Select both ovals and in the Pathfinder palette (Shift + Command + F9) click on Minus Front. Open the color panel (F6) too and click on the panel option (in the top right corner of the panel) to verify that Grayscale is selected from the list.
Use the Pen Tool (P) and draw a shape as in the picture (1), fill it with a grayscale of 65%. In this step we are going to work with the Mesh Tool (Menu > Object > Create Gradient Mesh). Use the Reflect Tool (O) to create a copy in vertical reflex, place it next to the other shape.
Select both shapes and open the Align panel (Shift + F7), then click on Vertical Align Center.
Then select the indicated anchors points as shown by the images and paint them with established colors: 3. Use the Pen Tool (P) and the Rectangle Tool (R) to create the shapes shown selected by the bottom image. Many people who are making good money online usually have many small multiple streams of income, which come together to make up their high earnings. With Google Adsense you can place ads on your website with several options showing only text ads, or image ads, or both. If your website has some decent traffic for example, more then 10.000 page views a month, then it may be a good idea to think about placing ads on it to make money. The market is always looking for means of doing or producing things better, faster, easier and cheaper. Click on the default grayscale gradient and add two sliders in the middle of the gradient by clicking twice anywhere between the two sliders on the color strip. Draw the red shapes as in the picture and fill it with a grayscale of 100%, except the shape 6 that should be filled with a grayscale of 10%.

Fill the biggest shape with a grayscale of 50% and the narrow shape with a grayscale of 78%.
With the shape selected, create a gradient mesh (Menu > Object > Create Gradient Mesh) with 2 rows and 2 columns (2). Place the 2nd oval on the 1st oval, align them vertically and horizontally, then move the 2nd oval 2 pixels to the right (a). With the shape selected, open the Gradient Mesh Tool panel (Menu > Object > Create Gradient Mesh) and introduce the following values: Rows = 3 - Columns = 4. Draw too similar shapes as those selected in the image, and fill them with a grayscale of 55%. Select both ovals, open the Pathfinder panel (Shift + Command + F9) and click on Minus Front.
Create a 187px by 25px rectangle, select both shapes, open the Align panel (Shift + F7) and center them vertically and horizontally. Select all, open the Transparency panel (Shift + Command + F10), then click on Opacity and introduce a value of 75%. With the oval selected, open Menu > Effect > (Photoshop Effects) Blur > Gaussian Blur, and apply a Radius of 5 pixels. Place the oval at the back of the base: open Menu > Object > Arrange and click on Send to Back ( Shift + Command + [ ). All shapes will be filled with a grayscale of 100%, but shape 3 has a transparency with an Opacity of 15%. Create a shape as shown by the image with the corresponding values and put it in the same place shown in the image.
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Place the 3rd oval on the 2nd oval, then align them to the right horizontally and to the center vertically (b). We are going to divide the base in parts and work on each shape as shown in table A, separately. Copy and paste it in the same place (Command + C and Command + F) and move the top oval 26 pixels up.

Select both shapes, open the Align panel again and center them vertically and horizontally.
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Create on the central anchor point a 3px by 5px rectangle and fill it with a grayscale of 100% (4). As long as you don’t give up and keep learning and trying there will come a day that you’ll find your way to make money online! No part of this material may be reproduced, translated, transmitted, framed or stored in a retrieval system for public or private use without the written permission of the publisher. Add a stroke to the oval (Command + F10) with a Weight of 1pt and Stroke color of grayscale 40%.
Select the top oval and fill it with a grayscale of 20%, move it 3 pixels to the right and 2 pixels up. Group the two created shapes and be sure that they are placed in the bottom of the mirror. Slider1 Grayscale 50% with Location 0%, and Slider2 with Grayscale 0% and Location 70%, and Slider3 Grayscale 50% with Location 100%. You can choose how much you ask for an ad space on your site, but it’s a good idea to check prices of the other websites.

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