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Create a free QR code for yourself using the online QR code generator tool at the bottom of this page.
A QR code is a mangled looking barcode type of square graphic that you can scan using your phone or other mobile devices.
Usually a QR code will contain a website URL and scanning the code will take you to a business website or some special video presentation created for the QR campaign.
Find a domain name for your website using these brainstorming tools to create a website name. Click on the button below to subscribe and wait for a new Facebook message from the TC Messenger news bot. The most impressive thing about Scan is that it, as a humble QR code app, has raised over $1.7 million in seed funding from, wait for it, Shervin Pishevar via Menlo Ventures (leading), Google Ventures, Charles River Ventures, Yuri Milner’s Start Fund, Social + Capital Partnership, Transmedia Capital, Ludlow Ventures and angels Ariel Poler, Naval Ravikant of AngelPool, Jim Pallotta of Raptor Group and Gaga manager Troy Carter. Provo, Utah-based Scan co-founder Garrett Gee finds QR codes as distasteful as the next person, but he believes in exceptions.
To this end, the Scan web interface allows normals to generate QR codes with no prior development experience. Gee views his closest competitor as being QR code generator Paperlinks, but says that his company differentiates itself by focusing more on brand and consumer experience, straddling the line between reader and generator in an easily accessible way. “Although [Paperlinks] also has a consumer facing app, it does not nearly have the adoption, user-base, or name that Scan has with our 10 million in one year.”  Oh and did I mention that it already has 10 million downloads? Gee tells me that he purposefully named the company Scan so as not to limit it to QR codes and has already started to expand into  1D barcodes, NFC and image recognition. Scan connects the real world with the digital universe through mobile scanning technologies such as QR code, barcode, beacon, and other technologies.
Russell Johns can help you plan and execute a creative advertising campaign that leverages the benefits of a QR code. Simply put, a QR code makes existing and potential customers more engaged with your brand, product or service. A QR code is a way of transferring information from an advertising channel (print, online, billboard, etc.) to a mobile phone. A QR code can be placed anywhere to tie advertising channels together and to encourage direct response.
QR Codes are commonly included in advertisements and direct mail pieces to connect print promotions to digital content.
Are you trying to sell a product that cannot adequately be promoted with words and a photo? A QR Code is a great way to interact with your target audience and get them to take action. Below are a few guidelines to make sure your QR codes are effective and engaging in your advertisement.
If you want your QR code to be effective for any amount of time, make sure that you are linking to a page that is going to be online. Target used QR Codes to send readers to tutorials on decorating with their exclusive home collection. Contact a Russell Johns advertising specialist today to learn more about how a QR Code can enhance your marketing goals. Print Advertising is still one of the most trustworthy ways of reaching High Income households.
It is a condition of applying for the vouchers that applicants attend this information session.
Vouchers are available to a maximum value of €2,500 or 50% of eligible expenditure (Net of VAT), whichever is the lesser.
Google Tag Manager facilitates the tracking of visitor interaction on websites without needing the skills of a developer to create the necessary JavaScript code. JavaScript code is still necessary but the difference is that, with Tag Manager, a bank of predefined standard JavaScript snippets has been created which can be drawn upon to create the corresponding Tags.
The tag can then be viewed in Preview mode on the live site to ensure it is firing as intended and debugged if necessary. You can then view visitor activity from the dashboard of whatever product you have chosen from the list above.
Once you start to use Tag Manager you can start to expand it uses and delve into even more detail to identify visitor behaviour, helping you to understand your users better and more effectively target your marketing efforts.
Also, there is no longer a reliance on the development team to schedule in this type of work, which let’s face it, can be rightly or wrongly regarded as minor work by the dev team. Note: While Google states that it has been designed with non-technical people in mind, there is no doubt that some level of technical skill is required to really take full advantage of its potential. If you need help learning about Google Tag Manager or implementing on your site just contact Enhance and we will gladly assist you as we have with many other businesses who have taken advantage of this new marketing opportunity. Recent studies predict that in 2015 there will be an expected 11% increase in online spending across Europe. The IEDR (the Irish Domain Registrar) recently conducted a survey, prior to launching its OPTIMISE Fund for 2015, to ascertain the level of ecommerce readiness of small and medium sized businesses across the island of Ireland. The findings were stark and showed that only 9% of SMEs surveyed could process customer orders online.
Irish business had already been extremely slow to establish an online presence and while 63% now have a website, they are not meeting changing customers needs which are becoming more complex. The first phase of the web (Web 1.0) was characterised by static or brochure-type websites. Another area where many businesses are failing to adapt to changing customer behaviour is in the area of mobile ecommerce. One revealing finding from the IEDR’s study is that businesses seems to have a good understanding of the importance of their website for business.
Also, the Department of Communications, Energy & Natural Resources (DCENR) has launched a Trading Online Voucher Programme and has teamed up with the Local Enterprise Offices to deliver this to Irish businesses. The application process is straightforward but does require some strategic thinking as some of the questions relate to business planning and marketing so it can be a bit offputing for some business owners.
Enhance has assisted many small business with the application process and also developed cutting edge ecommerce applications and websites. How your website performs in mobile searches on smart-phones is quite different to your desktop performance, particularly now that Google have announced it will release an update on April 21st 2015, which will have a significant impact on websites that are NOT mobile friendly.  Read more about this change in this Irish Times article.
In short, a Google search from a mobile device, such as phone or tablet, will yield different results than searching from a desktop.
A mobile friendly website is another term for Responsive web design (RWD), which is an approach to web design aimed at crafting sites to provide an optimal viewing experience—easy reading and navigation with a minimum of resizing, panning, and scrolling—across a wide range of devices, from desktop computer monitors to mobile phones.
We found them professional and more importantly they had a good understanding in what we needed to achieve in the content and design of the website. We had conducted research back in April 2013 looking at the Growth in Mobile from Q1 2010 up to Q1 2014 both in the Business to Business ( B2B ) sector and the Business to Consumer ( B2C ) sector. Enhance impressed us at our first meeting, not just with the concepts they planned for the design of our site but also with the emphasis they placed on online strategies, responsive design, and the importance of leveraging social media and analytics for a strong online presence. We are exceptionally pleased with the final product and intend harnessing some of the technologies, such as SEO, analytics and integration of social media, to market our courses. Its been a while since we posted on this subject, but we are happy to provide this timetable of Online Trading Voucher seminars around the country. To obtain the grant you must register for and attend a local seminar on how the supports can be used and how to best utilise the support. The application may be slightly different for each LEO, but to get an idea of the information you’ll need to supply as part of the submissions process download this application form. The support is designed to improve the over all web performance of Irish business, not strictly for website design, so even if you have a great website, this is a perfect opportunity to explore new ways of reaching out to customers on the web. When optimising a site for search it is very important that the meta data in the source code is examined and tailored to deliver maximum impact.
Two key types of meta data are the ‘Title’ tag and the ‘Meta Description’ tag, which have very important implications for site ranking and click-through rates.
While some basic HTML coding knowledge is required to implement meta data directly, many websites have a ‘Content Management System’ or admin facility which allows this meta data to be generated without the need for any coding. Search engines pay particular attention to title tags when indexing sites as they regard them as very strong indicators of the web pages subject matter. Here’s an example of how Google does it, and you can see the close correlation between the search term and how the title tag is constructed.
Meta description tags, while not as important to search engine rankings as other data, are extremely important in gaining user click-through to your site, offering the opportunity to advertise your content to searchers and let them know you have exactly what they’re looking for. Here is a good example of how the description can be used to entice someone browsing to click through to the site and possibly make a purchase. Many websites are missing a trick when it comes to meta data and not taking advantage of the easy wins it presents. Also, with crowded results pages, making best use of every little bit of online real estate and using those meta descriptions effectively can be the difference between a user clicking on your website or that of your competitors. SEO refers to the various techniques and practices used by webmasters and website owners which help the search engines find their web pages and then get those same search engines to index these pages for relevant keywords and search terms so that the web pages are returned, as near as possible, at the top of the results pages (SERPS)…phew! SEO is one of those web management areas that can often cause a lot of confusion for website owners. As a result of this, many websites were being returned at the top of searches, not because they were the most relevant websites, but because they were able to manipulate the algorithms (calculations) the search engines were using.
The good news for website owners is that while some level of technical knowledge is beneficial with regard to SEO, the main focus now is on creating new and interesting content. This refers to the basic structure of the site and the process of ensuring that it is fundamentally sound, such as making sure the HTML code is clean and conforms to certain standards.
Conducting research to identify the important search terms that relate to your business domain or area of operation and also conducting competitive analysis. The methods and processes which create content such as blogs, press releases, articles, white papers, news and so on. Analytical tools have become really powerful weapons in the arsenal of webmasters and site owners as they provide amazing detail and insights into visitor behaviour. The software technology, engineering and life sciences sectors are the fastest growing sectors for exports by native Irish companies, growing at 15 to 20 per cent per annum.

In the following report we have analysed and reported on essential elements of the sectors’ online representation. When coupled with other recent findings on the number of users accessing websites through mobile devices  standing at over 50%,  leaves the majority of these Irish sites lagging behind their international competition. Facebook has brought what we have known previously as traditional advertising to a whole new level. Let’s say you’re a photographer or Bridal Shop or even Wedding Cake Maker based in Dublin and your business needs to advertise. Regardless of the amount of likes you have, when you post on your page, on average, 10% of your fans or less will see it. Affinity score: Facebook calculates affinity score by looking at explicit actions that users take such as the strength of the action, how close the person who took the action was to you and how long ago they took the action. Edge weight: Every action that a user takes creates an edge, and each of those edges, except for clicks, creates a potential story. Engagement Rate: The more people who like, share or comment on your page, the more of your fans are likely to see it. We have also produced reports analysing the online trends in the Irish education sector in more detail. According to recent studies by Failte Ireland, 30-35% of English language students in Ireland find their school online rather than through international agents.
Up until recently, most websites had been designed for viewing on desktops and laptop computers. The primary goal of any website design is to provide an optimum browsing experience for a visitor.
Many businesses have failed to embrace the idea of responsive design either through lack of awareness or because of the need for investment. The most recent survey showed that 67% of Internet searches are processed through the Google search engine so it’s a good idea to take their recommendations into consideration!
By the end of 2013 mobile devices will surpass desktop as a means of accessing the Internet. Some website owners try to solve the problem of multiple devices by providing two separate sites; one suited for desktop and one for mobile.
You may have heard an announcement in the recent budget 2014 that the Government is providing grants of up to €2,500 for digital marketing services, whether that means upgrading your website, working on your digital strategy or launching a social media campaign. Applications opened on October 21st 2013 and the deadline for the first round of 25 businesses is November 15th.
If you’re eligible for the grant Enhance is happy to support you in the application process so definitely get in touch!!! Sole traders, partnerships or limited companies (does not include not-for-profit organisations or Chamber groups).
From conversations with Dublin City Enterprise Board Enhance has gathered that the plan is to roll the Online Trading Voucher Scheme out to the rest of the County Enterprise Boards in January 2014, but this may change as the scheme is being monitored by the Department of Communications, Energy and Natural Resources, who are providing the funding. The second call for Dublin city applications is February 2nd, so our best guess is that select county enterprise boards around Ireland will be taking applications on this date as well. As you can see, the trading voucher can be used for enhancing your business online by exploring different avenues in digital marketing like Adwords, search engine optimisation, social media marketing or additional website features like booking systems. If your business is eligible, complete and return the application form to the Dublin City Enterprise Board, before the deadline (noon November 15th).
If your application is successful, your business will be issued with an Online Trading Voucher.
Service provider (third party web agency) will issue their invoice to the Dublin City Enterprise Board for payment (up to a maximum of either 50% of the total costs or €2,500, net of VAT). Those who are approved for an online voucher are required to attend a morning training session on who to use and get the best value for money from the voucher on 27th November 2013.
Only Apply if your business address is registered within the Dublin City Council Catchment Area.
Claiming your business allows your location and business name to appear on Google Maps, and in the Places section of a Google search. The aim of Google Places is to make physical shops and locations much simpler to access on the web, and if your business has a physical premises then you really should have one. Google Places allows your business to be found quickly when someone searches for a company in a particular location, for example, “Indian restaurants in Dublin”.
There is a vast number of companies already listed on Google Places, and not including your business might put you at a distinct disadvantage. When it comes time to freshen up your website or create a totally new design for your business it can be hard to know where to start. Thankfully, there are many wonderful online resources we can use to help you find that all important inspiration. Dribbble is show and tell for designers, it is a excellent way of keeping track of what your favorite designers are up to. Excellent collection of galleries covering all aspects of web design including, logos, sliders, ecommerce design, mobile apps, illustration, photography etc. If you are looking for some nice example of responsive design, Responsive Deck does a great job of showcasing lovely designs in a standardised set of sizes so you can instantly see how the designs might look on different devices. Another great resource for responsive design, Responsive Showcase shows you great responsive websites interspersed with interesting articles and helpful tools related to responsive design. Curioos brings you an eclectic collection of digital design from up and coming designers from around the world. Typostrate is a wonderful collection of typography across various media including web design, graphic design, graffiti, tattoos, fine art and anywhere else beautiful typography is lurking! No good startup knows exactly what their business or product will look like 6 months or two years’ down the line. Good software development teams are multi-disciplinary, which means team members per-form different roles & functions on the project. Typically you need some kind of custom app on your iphone or android device and this software will act as a scanner and be able to read the black and white pixel blocks that make up a QR code.
QR codes are becoming very popular as part of outdoor advertising such as on billboards or as part of ads on public transit. If you have an iPhone then "QR Reader for iPhone" is a popular free app to use for scanning. He thinks Scan can go beyond its modest ambitions as a QR code and 1D barcode scanner and make those awkward squares that now serve as hopeful addendums to things like movie posters and conference badges ubiquitous and user-friendly. Social media friendly features like  “Scan to Follow”(Twitter), “Scan to Like”(FB), and “Scan to Check-in”(Foursquare) are also in the works. Our team will review your ad and help you determine the best call-to-action to effectively integrate a QR code into your campaign, enhance the reader’s experience and help you gain more responses.
It works like a barcode that is scanable by a mobile phone’s camera and read by a QR code reader application. Use a QR code in a print advertisement to direct visitors online or place a QR code in your online banner to have web browsers save your contact information on their phone.
Add a QR Code and send interested readers directly to the application screen of your online job listing.
Add a QR code that allows interested readers to automatically add the event to their calendar. Set up a custom url in Google Analytics so you can see how many people are scanning the code. If someone comes across your QR code a few months after your campaign, the same page should still be available. Since readers will be scanning the code with their phones, make sure the page you are sending them to is optimized for small screens, the navigation still works and page load times are not too long.
The reader took an extra step to scan your code with his or her phone because they are interested in what you have to say.
At the session attendees will be informed of the purpose of the scheme, how best to complete the application form, and derive best value from their voucher application. Prior to Google Tag Manager this had been the only realistic way to implement this sort of tracking.
These tags are then used to track behaviour and are set to fire under a given set of circumstances or Firing Rules which are also set as part of the tag creation process.
Once this has been done and the website linked, a unique Container is automatically created. Some of the more popular type of tags would be related to Google Analytics, Google AdWords (conversion tracking) and Event Tracking (tracking PDF downloads, link clicks etc).
To do this, the old GA code should be removed completely from the site – its function will be replaced with the new GA tag.
The UK, our nearest trading partner (and competitor), was top of the pile, with each consumer forecasted to spend an average of €1,635. In addition, only 4% had integrated web analytics to allow website performance to be monitored. Web 2.0, now well established as the norm, has developed to involve direct user interaction and user-generated content.
The high usage of mobile devices (now having surpassed traditional desktop) means that users expect websites to display in a user-friendly way on their devices. However, this is not being matched by action to provide the options for their customers to purchase online.
The IEDR’s OPTIMISE fund is valued at €150,000 and has been provided to help business enhance their existing web offering and benefit from e-commerce functionality. This Voucher Programme allows small business (up to 10 employees) to avail of a maximum grant of €2,500 to assist with helping develop online trading. If you are a business owner looking to avail of opportunities to tap into the potential of the growth in online sales then why not contact us today?
So even if your website is ranked in first place on Google when searching from a desktop, if your website is NOT mobile friendly, you will no longer be ranked 1st when searching on a mobile device, in fact your website may not even be on the first page of a Google search as more and more sites become mobile friendly.
Through structured online campaigns especially tailored for Apache we continue to increase likes by up to 115 per day.

If you are unaware of the new scheme by the Department of Communications, Energy & Natural Resources (DCENR), a select number of Local Enterprise Offices (LEOs) are offering grants of up to €2,500 on a €5000 spend on ecommerce or digital marketing services. Search engines detect this formatted data and use it to deduce certain information about the content and structure of the webpage. For example, WordPress, the most widely used CMS, has a multitude of ‘plug-ins’ to make this process relatively simple.
They use the title tags to match search queries, so it critical to optimise the title tag based on your keyword research. This isn’t surprising as certain interested parties have had, historically, a vested interest in keeping this area shrouded in mystery. They have been able to identify a lot of so-called “black hat” or spurious SEO techniques, and they have begun to punish websites that deliberately engage in these practices. This is what the search engines look for and they have made it abundantly clear that this is the main driver of rankings now.
Also included here is the websites “Meta Data” which search engines use as clues to help “fingerprint” the site. These are the key components to creating your unique content that will hopefully attract the search engines. The level of engagement and the extent of social sharing on the various platforms is now viewed by the search engines as a good indicator of the importance of your content.
This data can identify which parts of your web presence is performing and which aren’t and can provide a basis for setting strategies to continually improve your web presence and general online marketing. This growth provides an opportunity to expand the technology sectors role in building a robust, sustainable and high-value added driver for Ireland’s economy. When you advertise your business on Facebook you get the opportunity to put your advertisement directly in front of people who are most likely to use your product or service. When a user logs into Facebook, their newsfeed is populated with edges that have the highest score at that very moment in time. We have individual reports for the private, PLC & Further Education colleges, which we are happy to share.
Research was based upon a number of criteria and the primary use-cases, which are indicated below.
However, with the growing popularity of mobile devices, it has become apparent that, oftentimes, these websites do not provide a satisfactory user experience. However, there is no doubt that having a responsive site will give a business a competitive edge, as well as providing an element of future proofing. With a change in the user landscape of this significance it would be foolish for businesses to ignore this trend.
While websites designed primarily for desktops may have served a business well over many years, it is surely time to review its suitability and effectiveness across all devices. The initial roll-out begins now for the first 25 SMEs who apply and get approved in the central dublin area. We will post here when new information comes in so check back in early January for updates on the countryside roll-out. Users can also visit your Places listing to view more information and reviews about your company. In some instances, businesses listed in Google Places take up to 70% of the results displayed on the first page of a Google search.
You’d like to create something beautiful with great content, something your users can connect with, identify with, and have a great user experience with. Have a browse through and get your design juices flowing to help inspire your next web project! Of course you are not limited to your favourite designers, you can browse any contributing members artwork and discover many, many, many (yes, that many) beautiful website, app, icon, logo, print and illustration designs from designers across the world. Thier extensive range of professionally written, top notch articles is second to none on the web.
Hopefully by browsing through the websites above you will get a sense of the latest trends in the web design industry and can get inspired to create your own piece of web deliciousness. Each team member should have years of experience working with an array of different industries and can provide valuable guidance and in-sight throughout the project.
Any place where people are on the go with their mobile devices or cell phones is a prime creative place for QR code ads. Companies can easily use Scan's tools to create these custom experiences for their customers. A QR code can lead viewers to many different types of information: your company webpage, contact information, video, or downloadable file. However you choose to use a QR code, remember that the keys to success with QR codes are to provide added value for the reader or make responding to your campaign easier. If you are unable to set up a custom url, sign up for an account with to create your codes. For recruitment, QR codes can send readers to a job description, just make sure that once the job is filled, to redirect the page to your careers home page instead of deleting it. Engage, entertain or inform them and take advantage of receiving this attention with some creativity that they will remember and share.
Mistakes happen and you want to make sure that before you submit a QR code to be included in your advertisement that it is working exactly how you expect. It has primarily been developed to allow Marketing personnel to take control of this area as it is a key aspect of digital marketing activities in general. This is a one-time piece of code that must be placed on every page of the site where visitor behaviour is to be tracked. This encompasses a wide range of platforms – social media, blogs, live chat, customer reviews and, crucially for online retailers, ecommerce. The IEDR study discovered that only 46% of SMEs have a websites that is optimised for viewing on a smartphone and tablet. This can include building an ecommerce site, digital marketing, search engine optimisation, training etc – any activities that help a business achieve this goal. Last month Apache Pizza was one of the fastest growing retail food pages according to socialbakers. While this data is not visible directly when viewing the page, it is shown in search results (see below).
This was compounded by the fact that SEO was often driven by the use of technical tweaks and tricks that happened behind the scenes, so a lot of technical know-how was required to achieve success.
A key aspect in this potential growth is how effective these industries represent themselves online.
Facebook Advertising offers you an alternative approach to driving traffic and the results have shown just how effective this approach can be. Would you like to receive interesting posts, competitions, resources or would you rather be bombarded with the sale, sale, sale?
To obtain one of these reports, you can contact us via the form on this website or give us a call on 01-8512800. The chart below outlines research conducted by the Enhance team into website performance in the Language School sector in Ireland. For instance, text or links can be too small or the user may have to scroll across the screen to see information. In addition, there are available other less expensive options to choose from other than a full redesign. After all, the experience potential customers have on a site will be a major factor in their decision to purchase. For those businesses not in the dublin city council catchment area this scheme will be rolled out to other areas of the country in 2014.
To be successful it is very important to be both clear and concise about what you want to spend the voucher on and that you are receiving good value. Once it is set up, Google outlines a simple verfification procedure which can be via a PIN sent by SMS, or by post to the business location. It’s worth getting your company listed simply for this reason alone and it is a relativley easy way of improving your SEO. This collection of resources are being updated on a regular basis so should always keep you up to speed with the latest in web design. In the beginning of every project there is a discovery phase, but this does not mean that discovery stops once you are into design and build!
Your account will track some basic but very useful information like clicks and referring sites so you can see how often your code is being scanned.
This reduces the amount of code physically placed on the webpage and this can help page download speed. This two-way interaction is expected as standard now for users and businesses which don’t engage in this way and provide these sort of options may well find they are losing lots of potential or even established business.
It doesn’t explicitly state how many of these optimised sites are actually optimised for mobile ecommerce but it could be reasonably assumed that the number is very low indeed.
Some of the companies provide good advice in initial conversations and they really seem enthusiastic about the idea.
Worse still, new information has come in through your research so you’ve had to ask for additional features not in the original project plan. On top of this Google recently announced that it will give preference to mobile friendly sites in its mobile device search results.
You’re over budget and the product experience is lacking somehow, which you’re not quite happy with.  What went wrong? But if you decide you need a fixed price then this means a fixed scope, which means consciously ignoring new information until the product is built. This is not an option for most startups, whose primary advantage over established competition is usually their ability to adapt to change.

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