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Like it or not, the Holiday shopping season has begun and, trust me on this ladies, your man has no idea what in the hell you want for Christmas. To see our content at its best we recommend upgrading if you wish to continue using IE or using another browser such as Firefox, Safari or Google Chrome. If I know anything about Liam and Noel Gallagher, it’s that the only thing they hate more than Adele and popular music is each other. This all happened on Twitter, which makes sense, since Twitter is basically the internet’s unsupervised fire pit. I assumed we were done with this mess as soon as hillbilly peacemaker Miley Cyrus chirped up on Instagram pleading for everyone to try to get along, y’all.
In a clip from tonight’s episode, Tori admits that when Tori gets drunk, she turns into Terri. Sean Penn talked to Charlie Rose for 60 Minutes to defend his hilarious and ridiculous train wreck of an article on El Chapo for Rolling Stone.
For the past two months, Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton have been working their post-divorce rebound love like the rent is two months overdue, and I naturally just assumed those predictable bitches would save a pregnancy rumor for sweeps week in February.
Oh Instagram – forever holding up your reputation as the drama-loving shit-starting troublemaker of the social media world. So while the rest of us spent the days leading up to Christmas getting lit on Nasty Nogs (vodka and eggnog-flavored vodka enhancer) and practicing our surprised face for when we opened our stockings and discovered the homemade heavily-Photoshopped Jon Hamm 2016 Dick-A-Day desk calendar we slipped in when no one was looking, Madonna was in court.

Madonna’s 15-year-old son Rocco Ritchie wanted to spend Christmas with his dad, Guy Ritchie, in London.
Garage sale Barbie Stylin’ Head turned gold digger turned Bravo reality trick Kim Zolciak once said that she came out of the womb chasing dick. Kim really, really cares about having a space between her thighs that’s about as empty as her sense of dignity.
In other news, I think this might be the first time a Kardashian used a four-syllable word. Leave a comment below about a a gift that most girlfriends, wives, and mistresses would be happy to find under the tree this year. The Independent isn’t sure what set Liam off, but they think it might have had something to do with some positive comments Noel received during a recent Gigwise interview about his upcoming third solo album. And that reason has to do with the fact that I now have a mental picture of a sloppy Tori Spelling popping a squat and using her living room carpet like a litter box assaulting my brain.
No word on when Gwen will announce this completely true and not-at-all manufactured in the marketing department at The Voice news, but I’m sure it will involve a spinning red chair, with Gwen revealing the gender during a public FaceTime call at Disneyland. You drop hints all year, you leave clues, sometimes you even directly tell your guy – but, and we are sorry about this, us fellas still have no clue what we should get you. You can pull a Mariah Carey and softly fan the hot coals of hate by continually refusing to acknowledge said person you’re feuding with.

Because he’s such a sweet, supportive younger brother, Liam decided to congratulate Noel by coming hard for him and his producer David Holmes. Sean Penn had words to say about the reporters who hated on his article and the news that his meeting with El Chapo led to the capture of the murdering drug kingpin. A few of her followers have accused her thigh gap of being as fake as everything else about her and said that she’s using tricks like Photoshop and pigeon-toed posing to give herself one. Yesterday, Kim let the thigh gap conspiracists on Instagram know that she’s always had one. Katie Price (Rebecca Farnworth), Wayne Rooney (Hunter Davies) and Victoria Beckham (Pepsy Dening) to name but a few.
Last year, Safaree farted on Nicki in a song about their 12-year relationship, to which Nicki responded by slapping at him repeatedly on Twitter.

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