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Any relationship that’s real will not be perfect, but if you’re willing to work at it and open up, it could be everything you’ve ever dreamed of.
In your experience, what are some good signs you’re in the right relationship?  Any other relationship tips you’d like to share?  Leave a comment below and share your thoughts.
I stumbled into the website and as most awesome discoveries are, how I wish I had learned so many of these lessons at the beginning of my dating life let alone seeing my marriages fail.
I recently started getting to know this guy through a marriage website, well yeah sounds lame, but in a place where i live frnkly not much options.
I feel very strongly in this current relationship but it isn’t going very far, sadly. The part about sharing the love when person is 20% and then the other gives 80% is something we’re missing. One more important thing is that I don’t feel like I can talk to him about the little things I am interested in without feeling embarrassed still. For me, if the relationship with the person helps me grow and shine, it is the right relationship. I had fallen deep in love with a boy, soon to find out his mindset is far from what I want to surround myself with.

We live roughly an hour away from each other and have relatively busy schedules but we always make time for each other on the weekends and we constantly communicate through out the week on almost a daily basis. I have chosen to surround myself with people that build me up and help me reach my full potential.
Reading article and commentary are both refreshing and encouraging and let me know there is hope, desire and plenty of life still to share together in its fullest. Over the past year we’ve begun to talk about moving in together and eventually get married. We haven’t really argued but I have expressed some jealousy over someone he is friends with. I was so emotionally attached to him, but my heart was telling me that I needed to get away from him. My husband and I would fight a lot when we were first married because I was raised in a women’s lib atmosphere.
He is playing his own games and you can either get caught up in the net of his crap or steer clear and keep walking.
He says he loves me but despite how strongly I feel I can’t shake the idea we have to go our separate ways.

When I bacame a Christian I read about God make the man the head of the household unless he’s unable or unqualified such as drugs or injury in a way that hinders his mental ability. I like talking to her about our issues and she is very forth coming but I can’t help but wonder why her concerns are never brought up when we are together but days after the fact after she has sat on it for a day or so. When this happens I tend to get defensive because one day I was told everything was great only to find a day or so later that something was bothering her. Recently she has told me that she needs to time for herself and that she wants to be selfish and that she would call me when she was ready. This happened two days after she told me how lucky she was to have me in her life and that she loved me very much. I’ve tried to respect her wishes to give her the time she has asked for and to lay low with no contact. And because of this i love her with all my heart and soul, and i try, every day, to make her feel as loved as i do.

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