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I'll try for more DVD's next week but in the meantime, check out my Film and DVD reviews at Strange Impersonation and anything else I'm thinking at Pretty Poison.
Have you ever seen the original British ending to "Witches" where the kid stays as a mouse at the end of the film? Having been in a couple of them, I can assure you that May-December romances get a bad rap.
Anyway, my dear Kim, I think you should do a Top Ten List, or at least Top 5, on the subject - with that horrible Richard Gere-Winona movie at #1, not that I will ever see it. As a final step before posting your comment, enter the letters and numbers you see in the image below.
Okay, we know that beefcake is supposed to be filled with shirtless guys—and we deliver!—but with the cold weather making us all hunker down into our jackets and scarves, it does make us appreciate a man who looks good in his winter clothes!
Set in 1940s rural Tennessee, the book follows a young man (Hutcherson) who goes to work building a honkytonk for a charismatic and diabolical bootlegger, unaware that the man had murdered his father 10 years earlier.
We expect Franco to also star in the film which he’s producing with Vince Jolivette and Jay Davis of Rabbit Bandini. The Eyes Without a Face (a movie that still shocks me) re-tool The Blood Rose, the comedy Blades of Glory (yes, I find the movie amusing, and yes, I enjoy ice skating) and the original 3:10 to Yuma (directed by Delmer Daves) with Glenn Ford and the fantastically named Van Heflin, whom I revere, especially in The Strange Love of Martha Ivers. Breezy (1973)  I have this small fascination with May December romances, especially when they border on highly inappropriate.

He runs into more trouble when he falls for the young woman the bootlegger is grooming to be a prostitute. But, to quote Woody Allen, who said (perhaps selfishly) “The heart wants what it wants.” So after recently watching that bizarre-o ,kind of horrible, but compulsively watchable bit of underage love called Twinkie (starring Charles Bronson and Susan George—and directed by Richard Donner! Fun, frightening, sad and perfectly weird, it’s a kid’s movie that doesn’t talk down to them—it knows they know about good, bad, evil and whatever else in between. Directed by Nicolas Roeg, the master who made both the infinitely more adult fare The Man who Fell to Earth, Walkabout and the brilliant Don’t Look Now (a movie that puts me in the verge of a nervous breakdown in its final scene), the film features a nine-year-old boy who finds himself stuck smack in the middle of a witches’ convention. For one thing, old guys are more patient and worldly lovers, it's a beautiful exchange of youthful radiance and elder wisdom. The High Witch (played by a deliciously evil Anjelica Huston) reveals her master plan to turn all children into furry little animals. Instead of frowning on it, older women should and younger men should take a lesson - they do in Aborigine tribes! With the help of his grandmother, who just happens to be a good witch, they battle the dark ones’ nefarious plans. Breezy is named for its title character, a teenage hippie chick who leaves her hometown of Intercourse, Pennsylvania (yes, that’s the name of the town) for Los Angeles, only to be hassled by a pervert while hitchhiking in Laurel Canyon. Filled with unique special effects, impressive, scene-chewing acting and creative use of mice, The Witches (which maintains the darkness from Dahl’s classic children’s story) is subversive and frighteningly fun.

After evading the creep, she’s wandering the Hollywood Hills and comes upon an older professional (much older) played by William Holden. She charms him, beds him (in his fantastic house) and then attempts to get a relationship out of the guy, but the cocktail hour vs.
Aside from the fact that these guys are brilliant musicians and songwriters (especially Rick Nielsen), they're also the original freaks and geeks. Two hot cool boys tailor made to be rock stars who start a band with two nerds (the coolest of nerds) equals magic. When you think about it (or when I do anyway), Cheap Trick is like a beacon of light in our narrow minded snobby hipster world.
Nevertheless, here’s an early 1977 look at “He’s a Whore” from their brilliant debut album.

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