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According to a new poll out by NPR, this is the reality, not the common narrative of the lonely, beleaguered black woman, but of black men who want a commitment more than their female counterparts.
So somewhere, out there, beneath the pale moonlight wanders 43 percent of black men between the ages of 18 and 49 (!) posting MSW ads on Craigslist from their iPhones while wondering why Cupid won’t hit him with his arrow. Second, define “commitment.” Commitment does not necessarily equal “marriage,” which is what I know many of my friends, including myself, say they eventually want.
Third, not a shocker that some women aren’t looking for commitment if they’ve been in this dating environment for longer than five minutes and live in a major, metropolitan area on either coast. Still though, NPR says only 25 percent out of 18-49 of black women are looking for a “committed relationship?” Again, define commitment. I think most people period want a stable long term relationship, but not many know how to maintain one. But overall the myth of all black men being dogs and players is a myth, even though a lot of them are of course.
Recently, I was on a TV programme discussing an interesting topic — what do men want in a relationship? From the responses, I concluded that number one need for men is respect, respect, respect and respect. A man does not want to be dominated by a woman, regardless of his social and economic status.
Male callers in the show said they wanted a woman who openly and confidently asks for what she needs, and not assume that he should know. This is an item that you can pull out year after year without ever having to worry about it going out of style.
A common symptom experienced during menopause is weight gain around the belly area, mostly due to a slowed down metabolism.
Among many other topics in this routine, Dave points out that men buy nice homes, cars, and surround themselves with other material items for the purpose of appealing more attractive to women. Before turning it over to the comment section for response, I’ll address the most common assumption, which I’m sure will still come up today. Although women are the owners of this high demand product, rather than properly assess its value relative to demand, many choose to give it away for less than what the customer is willing to give. For example, the HuffingtonPost recently ran a story about a woman who dated over 100 men in 18 months because, according to her, men kept leaving whenever she revealed she was abstinent.
A number of women will respond that if they don’t offer sex early enough – meaning they value sex and themselves as more than just a sexual object, which for the record is perfectly reasonable – men will leave them for another woman.
In the market place of sex and relationships, exactly what type of “customers” are you trying to attract? If a woman doesn’t demonstrate she values herself and her expectations as a result of this valuation, then how are men responsible for placing equal or more value on something she hasn’t even determined for herself?
Its competition, women are becoming more open and aggressive about sex that even the most self respecting woman isn’t trying to be a Blackberry to the IPhones and Galaxys out here. 2) If women truly value $ex more than men, then why do (some) women give $ex away so easily? But maybe it’s not giving it away easily but simply certain men fall in certain categories. Why do men feel like they’ve been cheated because one man didn’t have to do what you have to do to get inside? Now if your referring to the giving it away easy but looking for more chicks then that’s a different story. The value of s3x is different per interaction and we all need to stop using sexual assumptions as a defense mechanism against heartbreak.
Joe Sargent finallly has some good news from the Michigan sports world to cheer for with UM getting to the Final Four that he feels he can just start throwing shade all willy nilly?
To the extent that women generally put more thought into sex, I’d argue that they do value it more. From a young age, people are exposed to highly sexualized content via the media, and girls and boys alike are taught that this is what people do – get frisky and bang. I been gone for a minute but I see not much has changed and Naija still dropping immense knowledge for free…*smile* I cosign on all this 1000%.
Men let me pose this question to you – Do you know if the women you've had sex with and no relationship came of it wanted a relationship with you? Women tend to desire relationships and love and ever afters, In Addition to Sex more often than men do. Also consider the universal societal double standards regarding sex where men and women are concerned.
Since the beginning of time even in present day US men have had concubines, mistresses, harems, etc etc etc. So to answer the question I think men and women value sex, just in different ways and not equally and for different reasons.
Truth answer whether folks care to admit it or not is this – Men are great at wheeling and dealing and selling. Then of course there are women who are horndogs as much as men and want sex, no more no less.
Truth answer whether folks care to admit it or not is this – Men are great at wheeling and dealing and selling. What I am saying is that many times love and relationships is a game to many and men are the major players, often times women lose. Also, if every woman on God green earth chose not to be with men who cheat and lie more of those women would be single, than not single and the human race would officially begin to die out. Many women end up staying with men that lie and cheat; if not forever for a very very very long time. First of all, as long as their are single non-cheating, non-lying, monogamous men to choosie from, are arguement is null & void.
But when she finally realizes that she ain’t getting him exclusively and she played all her cards, she is salty, and now, the dude who were willing to commit before, want nothing to do with her. Yes, some women need to be taught to play the game better, but usually she is playing the game, she weighed her option & did what was best for her IN THE MOMENT. Lets be real Adonis, many a man will say and do almost anything to get a woman he really wants.
So even when women figure it out and know they aren't the only ones, men say and do things to make them think they are.
A reasonable assumption is that most grown, halfway intelligent women have agency and some better (if less sexy) options.
This is CLASSIC Apex fallacy, where you are looking at the guys who are sleeping with most of the women at the top, and projecting that lifestyle on all men.
Now, post-SR, women who employ an extended waiting strategy are likely prompting an in-demand man to seek, in the meantime, readily available women elsewhere. Personally I feel as though your last paragraph suggest that men places the value on sex for women because men attribute what a woman does or doesn't do with her body to be representative of how she values herself as a whole person.
With so much judgment being placed on a woman due to what she decides to do with her body, i'll say that men probably control the value of sex. Lol first they want to know why we or (a woman) gives it up so easy, then their mad when you make them wait past 3 dates. Both men men and women determine the value of sex, but not in the same time in any given relationship. The woman has to value herself first she has to know that she is worth more than gold, she cant assume it she has to know this.
There are a lot of moving parts, and describing it would take a book, so I just put it in Essay form. And in marriage her intangibles (cooperation, acts of service) is more valued in conjunction with her looks. Every man wants a young Stacey Dash looking chick (complexion nonwithstanding) on their arm. Now, when you are talking about a man’s SMV we take about of his social skills (ability to project an attractive vibe that women are compelled to). I think the reason why women give up s*x easier than past times is simply because it BENEFITS her in the SHORT-TERM.

A lot of middle of the road women (4-6s)*, are chasing after high-value men (7-9s)* (when they are young) & the only bargain chip they have, is the possibility of giving that man s*x. And a lot of women are mate-sharing with this man, with gives him incentive not to commit to any of these women, because he is already getting his needs met. Now, what you’ll notice is that guys can be categorized by which trait is most dominant in them. Ultimately, what women want in men are guys who respond to risk with courage — not fear.
When it comes to their approach to women or dating, they rely on what they’ve been taught to believe their whole lives. And since, today, women have equal opportunities as men for seeking financial security, she can give herself the only thing Nice Guys have to offer. When it comes to their approach to women or dating, they rely on techniques and seduction methods. They try to convince or PERSUADE a woman into liking them with hypnosis, seduction, and techniques. Women sleep with Smooth Guys because they know there will be no strings attached… it’s free s*x.
Still, women go crazy for them because these guys usually don’t look for approval from anyone… they’re not out to please anyone. Then there are the guys who have all these traits integrated into their character in a balanced way.
They have backbone unlike the Nice Guy, they’re creative like the Smooth Guy, and they control their emotions… yet they respect others, unlike the Bad Guy.
When it comes to their approach to women or dating, they decide to give women chances — if they like what they see or experience.
When you ask the Cool Guy about dating advice, he says, “Live your life on your terms. Am sincerely evrytin a woman needs in a man but i find it so dificult 2 make a move of escusin a Lady n askin her out 4 a relationship,am yet 2 find out d reason,but i guess its a karmic problem,08037548533.
A secret from me; Women love men, who are not necesary educated, but intelligent,lively, and, can make them laugh. I dont think if there is any correlation between a person’s character and his atittude towards Risk. I don’t know about you, but I don’t know a lot of people near 50 who can relate to someone barely out of high school, let alone share their dating aspirations. Sure, I have no doubt that there are a-many man who thinks life would be easier if the rent could be split, if sex was easy and plentiful, if sandwiches were made and always abundant while still having that escape clause because nobody has any papers on each other.
So, despite me finding the poll somewhat suspicious, I appreciate it for being a counter-narrative to one that has been beaten into the ground. Won’t you, oh you, footloose and fancy free black woman, stop your running around and give a poor, cat-owning brother a chance before his sperm goes bad? When this happens, it affects his ego and he is likely to withdraw, becoming less engaged in the home. It is crucial and important to men, as they desire a woman of integrity and commitment to the relationship. They do not want manipulation nor do they want assumptions, as they cannot interpret signals. These actions show that men recognize that they must adapt to what a woman finds important in order to appeal to women. Using an economic analogy, in the case of heterosexual couples, women are the owners and men are the customers. In theory, women can set the relative sticker price as high or low as they want, yet  some choose to give it away for free and wonder why they receive little investment from the customer, in this instance, men. I honestly don’t have an answer, so today I have two questions: 1) Who decides the value of sex, men or women?
The irony is that women are indeed the controllers, if they set the standard men will oblige (ie dudes quick to wear a girls thighs like a ski mask now when 6-7 years ago ninjas wanted no parts).
Technically, women decide the price, but that's being overly pedantic with the example. A lot of women feel like it’s a buyers market so, inside of holding out until they get what their looking for they give in for a little bit of something vs. Both men and women decide the value of sex, but this value fluctuates even with a single person. Kids are busy having sex in middle school, way before they can comprehend the potential future implications and set some self-preserving attitudes. Unless they are more career driven and not in relationship mode at all, or focused on something else and truly do choose to be single at that time, or not really into (ie attracted to) the guy, or the sex they're having with him is garbage. I think now more and more men are being straight up and making it clear in words and deeds what they really want.
The others we had an understanding that we weren't in nor were we progressing to a relationship. The expert next level players are the ones who can handle more than one woman and make all of them feel like they are the only woman in their world.
That many women might also want more than this, despite the obvious pretext and faint hope, is neither here nor there.
There are many men who have Nordstrom dreams on a Wal-Mart budget, and hypergamy is always a variable in this equation. In all honesty, if their actions and ease of access to sex provided by men is any indication, then men do not value sex very highly given the fact that they’re willing to give it away so easily. I know the Internet has tangible value, but if you’re offering free content, why is it my responsibility to pay? So while waiting on the perfect arrangement, they get hot, they get bothered, they get hot and bothered (bonus points to anyone that knows that reference). The law of supply and demand says when supply goes up and demand is constant, the price comes down. Women value themselves but because men tend to view us largely by how we use our bodies, and place labels, worth and value on our p*ssies and not us as actually whole human beings with sexual desires just like them, women have to set a standard so we can get something worth while out of the deal. I think as a society we feel that men want chex and women want love so each group should put up a fort on what the other deems valuable. So most likely the man only stayed around to cash in his prize for what he saw was due, and was more interested in the chase and conquest than you as a person. Im so sick of men talking about how they wouldnt marry a woman who is sexually liberated but then complain when their girls dont slob on their know. However, you do have some men who are of a higher value who do not want to wait until they commit to have $ex. And therefore she will attract the type of man who sees her worth and is wiling to wait for her. Now, women value is given to them at birth pretty much, and then after 23-25, her look start to slowly decline, whereas her ability to bear children starts to decline. Now, some men & women are valued more a s*x material, women would never consider him a serious relationship. And naturally there are also three corresponding reasons why women want these traits in men. They have a strong desire to trust in someone who will lead them into emotional charged experiences that they wouldn’t have the courage to go alone. Why do some have loyalty as their dominant trait while others have imagination — or passion?
And the key to figuring out what women want in men is to notice how different men respond to risk.
And even though Nice Guys are the least successful with women, they do offer women security because they’re LOYAL.
So what you are actually seeing is always a clever disguise that covers their perceived weaknesses.
They often take risks for no other reason than because they enjoy it… to put themselves to the test. They are imaginative, but they don’t use it to win people’s approval but to pursue their dreams.

They know what they want and pursue their ambitions, and they have high standards and expect the best.
The article is seems to be interesting, but not convincing enough as a result of failure from the authour to mention any scientific findings supporting all this claim.
Heck, most 25, 30, 35, 40, 45 and older can’t relate to the lovelorn elder teens of this world.
Louis, are pretty much married with children and I’m the one, the one who moved away and travels from pillar to post, is still single.
They do not want to be forced to engage intimately in relationships than they desire, preferring to work at their own pace. Also, the kind of buibui a woman puts on should not be determined by her social class,” she says. If women valued sex (or the pursuit of women) as highly as men, specifically their ability to control the sex they do or do not give away, then why do (some) women give sex away so easily?
If an equitable return for sex is commitment, loyalty, or whatever else a woman deems important, then why give away sex without first obtaining an agreement that these things will be given in return? Regardless of how accurate or inaccurate this estimate, is this expectation set by men or women? After all, why would a woman want a man who doesn’t value her as much as she values herself?
These two stores are competing in the same market, but their value systems clearly show that they are targeting different customers.
2) If women truly value sex more than men, then why do (some) women give sex away so easily? While waiting and saving to pay the price for a new car, she might buy a cheap used car in the meantime just so she doesn't have to wait outside at a cold, rainy bus stop. Sometimes a woman just wants to have sex, but when it comes to someone with potential, she may want to hold out so as not to make hasty decisions based on clouded judgments.
A lot of grown women don’t believe that sex should determine their worth or the potential for a commitment, so they have sex within the first encounter. Its even been stated in previous posts that many men tend to accidentally end up in relationships.
From family members, (including my dad), to friends, coworkers, acquaintances, and ex's. Men who have options (and know it) will soon move on–except in rare cases where they deem the woman a special package overall. Basically men appear to not value something that a number of women are demonstrating doesnt have much value – to us or themselves. If a man is willing to pay $200 for the "new" Jordans, but some place sells them for $150, why pay the extra $50? But then again you have to be a good judge of character, which is where some women mess up, and how we get to this whole easy to easy, wait won’t wait blah situation. So those women who made that commitment feel that this is a good man and they want to keep him so they give it up.
Because a man who leaves you due to a woman not putting out when he gets ready is never worth your time. But figuring out what women want in men is crucial to becoming effective not only in dealing with women, but developing the kind of Dating Life you really want. Women SETTLE for Nice Guys when they’ve either run out of options, or are ready to ’settle down’ because they know they can trust him to provide for her. But who knew a desperate poetic soul existed in the heart of the single black man, sitting along amongst the 15 or so of his pet cats and collection of knitting needles wondering where-oh-where is a woman to make my sandwiches?
That is the fundamental function of the society and institutions which is to promote healthy interaction and relationships. Or as was said in the comment section of a past SBM post, if men control commitment and women control access to sex, why aren’t women as stingy with sex as men are with commitment? I think we can all agree that sex is a high demand item; however, the market is saturated, no pun. Is it more likely that men made this average number of dates up or is it more likely that enough women were willing to have sex with them after three to six dates (or less) thereby creating the expectation? Stated another way, NORDSTROM doesn’t lower their prices to compete with Wal-Mart customers, so why devalue yourself to compete with other women who do not have the same value system as yourself? If she wants any of that she has to epicly work for it if there is even a chance she can get it. So it made sense even for in-demand men to abstinently invest time and resources on a long-term prospect: nothing much was going on elsewhere, anyway. Instead, the current environment and ease of access suggest neither men or women value sex very highly. Once I waited an entire year to give it up to some fool and he still somehow managed to treat me like less than a queen afterward. Love might be on the backburner whether you’re in school, advancing in your career or just trying to make this rent. I’m not who more alarmist surveys scream about when they make every black woman sound desperate. The reality is that what I say for a survey and how I live my life may not be parallel, and herein lies the problem. Case in point, what institutions in other societies are engines for meaningful relationships? A man does not want to be belittled or criticised but wants to be treated with dignity and honour. They don't plan on or intend to or sometimes even want to fall in love, it just happens.
But if the price was cheaper (women would have $ex with men that lives in boxes), men wouldn't pay the higher price because there is no need to. Or maybe if you did it sooner it would have worked so your stuck trying to figure out how much time needs to pass before you give it to him. But this does touch on the reality that when people say 40, 50, 60, 100 percent of black women between the ages of 16 and 90 have never been married (or whatever hoary, alarmist stat is available), they forget that an equal number of black men have also never been hitched. It would be extremely hard for women to band together and get on the same page in a bid to alter the behaviour of both sexes. It’s full of some interesting factoids – from how many African Americans are positive about their own individual futures, are worried about health care and about half feel good about their finances while the other half is scratchin’ and survivin’. Men are an an advantage when it comes to numbers, and a lot of them are stingy with commitment simply because relationships are hard work that they’re not necessarily prepared for. There could be various reasons why we give it up, but at the end of the day it's not unified. But I wanted more details, or at least for the poll to have asked much more pointed questions. Obviously the environment and circumstances plays a big role in how relationships are formed, meaning the club and church ain’t it. Women, on the other hand, generally have more romanticized views of things and make decisions based on feelings. So when I choose to keep it tight, he has options to go to the next chick to get what he wants. Myself and others said as much when we were on Michel Martin’s show, “Tell Me More” on NPR, discussing the poll. You can listen here, but we had more questions than the poll had answers. Or, if a guy has major relationship baggage (bad relationships, daddy issues, mommy issues, OOW children, has been a groupie magnet, and now wants substance over superficial, etc). I could say all day that my cookie is the freshest or what have you but at the end of the day he is going to find someone to give it up the quickest.
No series of exposes in the Washington Post or New York Times or Time Magazine or Essence or Ebony. We aren't unified in how we value ourselves, but if we did I think a whole lot more men would be committed.

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