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TMZ has reported that The Hoff reckons he doesn't have enough money to keep paying his ex the cash he has been of recent times. It is estimated that The Hoff is actually worth millions given the success of shows such as Knightrider and of course, Baywatch. Chris Evans has revealed he really wants to cameo in the upcoming Spider-Man: Homecoming AND Guardians of the Galaxy sequel. Robert Downey Jr will already be taking Iron Man to the much-anticipated Spider-Man movie – so who knows, perhaps Steve Rogers could turn up too?
Wonder Woman & Aquaman - They’re both royalty, and Aquaman has admitted to having a thing for Wonder Woman over the years. Wonder Woman & Batman - The Dark Knight and Diana have dated in the comics, but their romance was more fully explored in the Justice League animated series. Batman & Batgirl - Although romantically entangled with Robin (Dick Grayson) in the comics, the animated version of Batgirl ended up having a relationship with Batman. Wolverine & Storm - Storm and Wolverine have been hooking up since the ‘80s, following Storm’s divorce for the Black Panther.

Wolverine & Mystique - Something definitely went on between Wolverine and Mystique at *some* point in their unnaturally long lives. Wolverine & Squirrel Girl- Squirrel Girl is one of the happiest superheroes in the Marvel universe.
Deadpool & Black Widow - Wade once fell for Black Widow, but not the one we know from the films – this was Yelena Belova, not Natasha Romanova. Daredevil & Black Widow - Matt Murdoch has a thing for dangerous women, so unsurprisingly he became rather taken with Natasha. Black Widow & Winter Soldier - While Black Widow was becoming an assassin, she had some training under the Winter Soldier, and there ensued some extra-curricula activities.
Ultimate Scarlet Witch & Ultimate Quicksilver- In the Ultimate Marvel universe, Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver have sex. Professor Xavier & Jean Grey - Professor X reveals he has a thing for the underage Jean Grey. Tony Stark & the Iron Man Armour - A messy combination of lightning, Ultron AI and Y2K bugs made Iron Man’s armour sentient, and madly in love with Tony.

Well, not according to the man himself who has claimed that he has less than $4000 cash to his name. The two are locked in a bitter spousal support war, with Bach receiving $252,000 per year from her ex-husband.
But a recent European tour was shortened due to lack of interest and reports suggest his latest reality show, Hoff The Record, is not as bankable as he might like it to be. He forces himself to bury his true feelings, at least while he’s “the leader of the X-Men & confined to this wheelchair”. But this could be an undervalued amount, devised as a ploy to escape the claws of his ex-wife, Pamela Bach.

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