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June 28, 2007 by Jeffrey Kishner 10 Comments Advertisement: Live Astrology readings – Compatibility horoscopes and reports available NOW! Your female interest is highly mutable, meaning that her Ascendant, Moon and Sun are all in signs known for being mental, disseminating, flexible. Uranus, the planet of sudden change and independence, just stationed in Pisces (apparently stopping its forward motion to move backwards in the sky) this past Saturday. You’re going through a period of awakening and revolution throughout the year, with this outer planet challenging you to shake up whatever has been stuck in your solar self-expression. I would advise you to just give her time and space, and see if she comes around after Uranus runs its course.
Im a Lesbian Sagittarius and I find with my ladies they complain alot about me either being ALL IN or ALL OUT. Please remember how independent Sagittarius likes to be, and while she may feel a strong emotional attachment (your sun to her moon) this may be freaking her out. Jeff’s right…ignore her and her antics for a while and she will most definitly come back for a cool drink of water! Feel free to leave a comment below, or scroll down a bit to comment using your Facebook identity.
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What a Sagittarius man looks for in a woman is a complex issue because the archer has a multi-layered personality that's often masked by his positive, easy-going attitude. Beneath a Sagittarian man's gentle, fun-loving facade, beats the heart of a diehard romantic and fierce lover. A Sagittarian male can see beyond a woman's outershell and wants to find that depth of soul inside her. The ideal exchange of giving and receiving is epitomized in a Sagittarian, so his partner should make sure she's a worthy lover. Never mistreat anyone - For example, Sag's partner should never be rude to a sales clerk or waiter.
Never participate in vicious gossip - Sagittarians are genuinely interested in other people and enjoy getting to know others, but they don't appreciate people who belittle others.

Suggestions such as maintaining good manners and refraining from nagging are fairly universal in their application. Things were going good and she suddenly changed and didn’t want to be bothered with me anymore.
Mutable signs are not stubborn like fixed signs, nor or they ones to take initiative, like cardinal signs. Your highly mutable friend may have Uranus transiting all three points — her Ascendant, Sun and Moon.
The Gemini and Sag don’t mix well with either your Cancer Ascendant and Moon, or your Pisces Sun. He is a licensed mental health counselor and has been doing astrological counseling since 2001. And when im ALL IN its the adventure and mystery Im stickin around for and when Im ALL OUT I found that it is usually the LACK OF that pushed me away.
For a Pisces this may not seem like the way to go about this, but Sagittarius is all about bluntness, honesty, and truth-seeking. So in that aspect the fact her moons in Pisces means you maybe irratate her without even realising back off and She will come running. If you want to avoid having to enter your name and email every time you post, create an account.
However, this star sign is definitely discerning and can see all the way into a woman's soul.
A woman must understand that thid man won't tell her he's jealous or upset; he'll keep it inside.
However, he won't feel his partner deserves his loyalty if he's denied the basics such as intimacy and genuine enjoyment of sex. Here are a few tips for any woman who wants to build a lasting relationship with the archer. Chances are he's late because he was trying to find the exact shade of peach roses he wanted for her. Sagittarians have a fine sense of social manners and are easily offended if their partners act poorly, especially in public and toward other people.

She should simply tell him what she wants in a straightforward but pleasant manner that he can appreciate. However, certain zodiac signs are far more forgiving of specific character flaws than others.
This could bring on such a level of instability and recklessness that predictability will not be her strong suit.
I must be a little similar to the woman you are speaking of since our sun and moon are the same. I could be jumping to conclusions as well because I don’t know exactly what is going on. He will share his positive emotions, but he'll hide feelings he deems negative or unworthy. He also has a social conscience and is constantly caught performing acts of kindness for others. The generally warm and affable nature of a Sagittarius man is highly sensitive to shrewish and negative behaviors.
I thought it was all fine” you may be surprised at how readily she tells you exactly the truth to that question without shying away as some might to such directness.
He is one of the most attentive and skilled lovers in the zodiac, and he makes everyday life romantic with all the small things he does that show just how thoughtful and considerate a lover he is.
Having a polite, inviting persona is key for any woman who wants to attract this fire sign's attention. If a woman can exhibit the aforementioned characteristics while still being true to herself, she won't need to wonder what a Sagittarius man looks for in a woman because she'll know. Treat it like a pursuit for truth, and she may even help with the search to uncover this mystery with you. SHE MAY HAVE JUS LOOKED A FEW DAYS AHEAD OF U AND REALIZED SOME NEW FOUND REASON SHE WOULD NOT FEEL THE SAME AS U.

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