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Certain things make guys horny and we totally get it: naked people, pictures of naked people, moving images of naked people, being naked, being touched by a naked person, being touched while naked.
Type 'relationship advice' in Google and you'll find a ton of sites with articles on that topic. Jennifer Lawrence went on The Tonight Show and something happened: she had a booger in her nose that was disturbing and distracting her. Not one to shy away from the camera, Seolhyun brings out the puppies and puts them on display at a red carpet event, and she did it in a very classy manner. Taylor Swift’s new December Cosmopolitan cover is unfortunate, mostly because the magazine set out to highlight her (now-defunct) relationship with Conor Kennedy. Though an article about Taylor Swift’s love life turns out to be pretty boring, we do like the way Swifty was styled for the shoot.
That song that takes him back because it was playing the first time he had an orgasm in the back of a car. Everyone has that song (or songs) that gets them in the mood. Catching a glimpse of his naked body in the mirror and realising he's looking pretty great today. People love being naked.

Getting in a tickle fight while you're still in bed on a Sunday morning. This is technically a fetish, but it's an incredibly common one. Getting into bed with some new clean sheets on it. If you love sliding into a freshly changed bed, you're not alone. When you throw on his dress shirt in the morning. ?There's something really sexy about a woman wearing one of your shirts. Maybe it's a pulsing techno anthem or a rock song that feels sexy or a song that was on in the background when he had the best sex of his life. And although you might not admit to it, you've definitely caught a look at yourself on your way to the shower on a particularly good day and thought, Yeah, OK. Known as "knismolagnia," it's part of the reason you get into tickle fights with your partner.
It's supported by science (Thanks, science!) but fear doesn't actually arouse you in a direct way like other things on this list. There shouldn't be any reason a beautiful woman putting our own clothes on turns us on, but here we are.

If someone walks by who happens to smell like his partner or former lover, he's definitely wondering why he's so hot and bothered. It's really a "misattribution of arousal." Basically, fear and arousal share certain elements in common (shortness of breath, a rise in blood pressure). Taylor covers the magazine in a silky tank and fitted skirt that come courtesy of Kelly Wearstler; inside, she wears jeans and a white blouse as well as a dress by one of her favorites, J.
So while not everyone might want a side of orgasm with their slice of cake, he probably has a food or two that does it for him.

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