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By Danielle Page for YourTango When you hear the word “compliment,” it probably makes you think of all the sweet things that men say to their significant others, am I right? Read on for some pretty damn adorable answers from men on the heartfelt compliments that make them swoon when said to them by a special lady. Marriage Struggles: The Partner With The Least Desire Controls SexWe mix up sex, intimacy and desire with disastrous results. Donald Trump, Deray, and Megyn Kelly’s Double-StandardFox’s Megyn Kelly was the type of journalist when talking to Mr. Post-War Machismo – Be a ManBe a Man is teaching young men how to shatter stereotypes.
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5 Skills That Bad Leaders LackLike being in tune with your team and remembering that they are people, just like you. 6 Reasons Some Divorced Dads Check Out Of Their Children’s LivesLet’s take a look at some of the main reasons fathers abandon children after divorce. You Are Being Manipulated All the TimeWhat does your reaction to a hat say about your ability to avoid manipulation? When the Tempest in the Teapot Is YouWhat they have faced is not as difficult as what their parents went through, or their parents before them. It turns out compliments that don’t come from mom or other female relatives are something of a rarity for guys, according to the men of internet hive mind Reddit. So when this Redditor asked guys what compliments they want to hear from girls, naturally the list went on for awhile.

Well listen up ladies: Compliments are a two-way street and as it turns out, men love to hear them, too.
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