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Celestial Spirits (?? Seirei) are magical beings from their own separate universe, the Celestial Spirit World. When a Celestial Spirit Mage receives a key and opens its Celestial Gate for the first time, they have to set up a contract with the respective Spirit.
Celestial Spirits also have different categories of sorts, which fall under the basic summoning conditions from their owner. Summoner: Lucy Heartfilia (former), Layla Heartfilia (former), Grammi (former), Anna Heartfilia (former)"The Water Bearer" Aquarius is a mermaid equipped with an urn. Summoner: Lucy Heartfilia"The Golden Bull" Taurus is a minotaur with black and white splotched skin and dons a nose ring, a black speedo and a gray belt.
Summoner: Lucy Heartfilia, Layla Heartfilia (former), Spetto (former)"The Great Crab" Cancer has a crab-claw hairstyle with six crab legs protruding from his back. Summoner: Lucy Heartfilia, Everlue (former)"The Maiden" Virgo sports a black and white maid outfit, with chained shackles around her wrists.
Summoner: Lucy Heartfilia"The Archer" Sagittarius is a man wearing a horse costume much to Lucy's surprise with a great skill in archery. Summoner: Lucy Heartfilia, Karen Lilica (former)"The Lion" Leo appears as a man in a designer suit with his hair in the form of a lion's mane. Summoner: Lucy Heartfilia, Sorano (former), Karen Lilica (former)"The Ram" Aries is a timid female with horns at the top of her head much like a ram. All these planets are in the sign of Capricorn ruling friendships, groups and your place in society. This is perfect timing to extend your social circle or your business network and get the people on side who can deliver what you ask for. However it’s important to remember that Pluto can negate what it touches so you may find that you’re saying goodbye to a set of friends or a group, club or society in which you’ve been deeply involved. With Pluto it’s as important to acknowledge the letting go process and to ensure that you come to terms with the past before you move on. Having more fun should be high on your list of New Year resolutions with Jupiter, your ruling planet, currently in your fellow water sign of Cancer.
If money’s an issue and holding you back this is also a powerful month to look closely at your financial situation and to see where you can make changes that benefit you.
Mars is urging you to be more assertive with money matters and to do the one thing that will make the biggest difference. Another important date is the 31st when Jupiter is opposed by Pluto cutting across the Cancer-Capricorn axis of your horoscope urging you to rethink your philosophy on life. This is also a key date in the month for love as Venus, the planet of relating, is retrograde i.e.

It’s also a powerful date for those of you who are in a relationship or married and are making an important decision regarding your life together. If in doubt, listen to your intuition and some quiet time will benefit you anyway from mid-month onwards.
After the events last month, I’ve confirmed that yours is the most accurate monthly forecast!
I have been following astrology since 1982 and I can tell that you are absolutely one of the best!
DonateIf you enjoy reading my astrology articles and would like to make a donation to help keep this website going, here's where you can. Media AstrologyIf you're looking for an astrologer to write horoscopes or astrology features for your publication or website, look no further. Some Mages, called Celestial Spirit Mages due to their specialization in Celestial Spirit Magic, are able to summon Spirits by opening their Gates via the use of Celestial Spirit Gate Keys. This contract consists of asking the Spirit which days it can be summoned by the Mage.[2] This simple agreement forms a dedicated and serious bond between the Spirit and summoner. For example, Loke summons himself most of the time without Lucy doing so herself, Virgo also has summoned herself once, as have Gemini and Horologium and if trust between the Celestial Spirit and the owner is not an issue, contracts can be temporarily dissolved. The first falls on New Year’s Day which makes the start of 2014 even more powerful to set your intentions and make a fresh start. This gives the New Year extra punch, words have power and you will feel more determined to complete whatever you begin. It’s about looking into the future, deciding what you want for yourself in 2014 and also the people you want and need by your side. A close friend may be moving away or you may be coming to terms with losing someone dear to you in recent years. Same goes if there are friends who aren’t supportive to you, especially those people who you’re constantly giving to but not receiving a great deal in return. In your chart, this represents the house of entertainment, creativity, children and love affairs. Mars, the action planet, is currently in Libra and the part of your chart that rules joint finances.
There may be compromises that need to be made and you may be acutely aware that you can’t have everything: saying ‘yes’ to one thing means that you automatically say ‘no’ to something else.
The personal planets, Mercury and the Sun, enter Aquarius on the 11th and 20th respectively slowing down the pace of life and urging you to pay attention to your inner thoughts.
It’s your life and getting things right at the start of a New Year will determine how successful and happy you’re going to be throughout the rest of 2014.

Treat yourself to weekly horoscopes & astrology updates every Sunday ready for your week ahead. These Keys are separated into two classes: the more common Silver Keys and the extremely rare Gold Keys.
It also seems that if the Celestial Spirit is strong enough, they can use their own Magic to stay in the Human World, when or if the contract is not in action.
Her Magic utilizes wool abilities to relax her opponents, rendering them incapable of fighting back.
Jupiter’s expansive nature means that this is prime time to explore these areas fully and do more of what you want.
With Mars moving full steam ahead, ask for a loan if you need one or look at other ways of juggling your cash so you can invest in you.
Love and friendship are linked with Venus in this sector of your chart so there may be a revelation from or towards a friend as love blossoms.
Keys for Celestial Spirits are counted in Units (collectively without regard of Gold or Silver), and a Celestial Spirit Mage is noted by how many Units they have obtained.[1] All Celestial Spirits are each named after a different astronomical constellation. The only rule that has been introduced in Fairy Tail so far is that a Spirit may not directly or indirectly kill its summoner under any circumstances.
More sex, getting pregnant, expressing an artistic talent; whatever your goal, be clear about what’s important to you and what you want more of in 2014. There may be clues about what needs to change for you personally on or around the 8th when Mars clashes with your ruler Jupiter. What takes place on or around the 31st is the equivalent of a revelation and a turning point for you. Out of the twelve Gold Keys, ten are owned by Lucy Heartfilia and the remaining two are owned by Yukino Agria, who also holds the key to the "13th Gate" of the Zodiac. When the Gates are closed, it is required from both the summoner and the Spirit to agree upon the Gate's closure. However, Spirits can also be "forced closed" in battle, which means they can be forced back into the Celestial World by the summoner's will, though not every Celestial Spirit Mage is capable of doing that. My libra man never got tired of me, he dated Aries (a compatible sign for libras) girls before me and said that they were too boring.
The thing my libra said he loved about me was that I had many different phases of me and NEVED boring.

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