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AnonymousJanuary 3, 2014 at 2:46 AMThis is so freaking accurate and true down to the T that its crazy!! If you’re looking at matches that benefit each partner then you could do a lot worse than a match between these two signs.
Relationships that become retarded just focused on physicality, emotional co-dependence or an emotional manipulation may last a long time.
In terms of Scorpio woman and Taurus man love compatibility is the possibility of reaching that higher form of love is much higher than other match ups. In maximizing Scorpio woman and Taurus man love compatibility can definitely help towards those ends. The secret to Scorpio woman and Taurus man love compatibility is a mixture of Taurus stability plus Scorpio intensity. Again, I’m not talking about each partner trying to extract the personality essence from the other partners so they can become a better person.
When these people get into a relationship, that’s the relationship that changes them instead of each other. Because if you are expecting the other person to complete you, you are putting the responsibility for your happiness in the hands of another person. Irresponsibility is all about giving up your personal power over making changes in your life in the hands of circumstances and in the hands of people outside of your control.

If that person cheated on you, betrayed you or had sex with your best friend or your sister behind your back, you will still be able to love that person because your loyalty is to the relationship.
I truly believe that my gift of psychic ability and insight is a blessing to me and if I have a responsibility to use my God given gifts to help others.
For good reason, you have to understand that when you go into a relationship, it shouldn’t have anything with what you can get out of the other person. People go into that relationship because they can get sex, emotional completion, so on and so forth. This is love that really goes to the essence of the human experience and really separates you from a bug, dog or a frog.
They eventually lead to higher forms of love and these are the relationships that are worth being in.
I know this may sound interesting coming from an astrology adviser, but that is the point of astrology and philosophical schools throughout history. This is why they make for the most loyal friends, the most powerful lieutenants, the most devout followers and also the greatest enemies. But you can also bake that mud through the challenges that normally face any relationship into solid bricks. When I visited the Roman Coliseum, I was dumbfounded by the fact that when you peel back the outer plaster, it’s actually made out of bricks.

The more couples there are that are truly in love (such as Scorpio and Virgo couples), the better the world will be. I’m talking about something different about getting into a relationship and having that relationship change you. But if you want a real relationship that transforms and lead to real love, you have to believe in the redemptive power of that third party: the relationship. It’s hard to do evil when you are feeling grateful, loving and happy towards your fellow man and towards the people in your lives. They are capable of such immense love and loyalty; and it really is a tragedy to betray them because all that love is dissipated and turned into the worst form of bitterness.
This great mix of seemingly contradictory personalities and destinies can often lead to something solid and worthwhile and something not just mutually fulfilling and loving but benefits everybody else around you.
He’s all about what other people think about him because he knows that security often flows based on your social status.

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