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Thousands of websites are being hacked everyday and the news of Google being hacked in december shows that no one is immune, hackers can target anyone from big corporate websites to personal blogs. Hackers are very clever and some hackers will get into your site and hack it without you seeing anything is wrong, this is often by hiding spammy content so it can only be viewed in the source code. It seems since Google got hacked themselves they ahve realised the importance of helping website owners identify a potential threat and will be providing “Message Center Notifications” to identify and inform you of any hacking or abuse to your site. This is good news for website owners as it means they can be informed of a potential hack much quicker and resolve it quicker as well.

A new web design tool has been released to help web designers in the conceptual stages of the design process. This can make owning a website a very scary time but how do you know if your site has been hacked? This means most users won’t notice a change but it will be obvious to Google as the Google robots crawl the code to view your website. Having your site hacked is not the end of the world and the sooner you can get it fixed the better.

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